Monday, January 31, 2011

Obamacare is Void

The story, also known as, Activist judge from Florida knows no bounds!

Take that socialism! I'm sure Obama right now is plotting to kill grandma in some other vile and twisted way. Also too, birth certificate.

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McCarthy was a Wuss

Krugman on the GOP's modern intimidation:

What the GOP wants is to make people afraid even to do research that produces conclusions they don’t like. And they don’t stop at trying to undermine the research — they go after the researchers personally. The goal is to create an environment in which analysts and academics are afraid to look into things like financial-industry malfeasance or climate change, for fear that some subcommittee will either dig up or invent dirt about their private lives.

McCarthy had nothing on these guys.

It's how bullies act on the playground only these bullies are corporate owned and overly tan.

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Ninja Thought


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Get Your Dunkin Monday

It's Trans-Atlantic Throwdown day! Apologies for releasing the episode so late in the month (literally the last day), it's my fault. I had to get all sentimental and busy by proposing to my lady. LOL. It happens, but don't worry we won't make a habit of it!

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We hope your weekends all went swimmingly. Full summary of the Best of Lists can be found on our website, Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Blog.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the 5th Day

More protests in Egypt. It seems Mubarak will be defiant till the end. The Huff Post has a direct feed from Twitter where most of the updates are coming from. I think it's still unclear what may come of this, however we are witnessing in many forms of media and technology what happens when people have had enough of their ruling elite (h/t Karoli).

Also too, Freedom Canisters.

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Friday, January 28, 2011



Since We Rule The World

I get depressed by the fact that whenever there is a major event somewhere in the world few people can manage to go past the question of, "What should we (the US) do?" I know that things are a bit more complicated, and our being involved in everything already complicates them further, but the answer, mostly, is "nothing."

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Manchester Orchestra Release Date

Is May 2011. The album will be called "Simple Math."

Track listing:

1. Deer
2. Mighty
3. Pensacola
4. April Fool
5. Pale Black Eye
6. Virgin
7. Simple Math
8. Leave It Alone
9. Apprehension
10. Leaky Breaks

An acoustic performance of the single "Simple Math" below:

I'm looking forward to this one as you might expect.

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Ninja Thought

Rush to the rescue racists

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

What a long week. The lady and I are excited to take this weekend chilling...for the most part. Tonight will be a pork chops and brussel sprouts w/bacon kind of night. I'm thinking some kind of dijon sauce...mmm my mouth is watering already. Saturday is Fight Night! I have to find some nearby bar to watch the Bradley v. Alexander fight. It isn't often two young champs decide to throw it down in one of the deepest divisions. I'm hoping for a good scrap. Other than that not much which after a busy past weekend and week, I'm quite alright with.

Here are your highlights:

Emanuel on the Ballot

Growth is growth, real GDP up 3.2%


When Political Ideology is Religion

Still a crisis, still escalating. Egypt in disarray

With new members in the GOP Senate and House we're beginning to find out how right wing they really are...Fear the Brown People is in full swing. For Constitution lovers these guys really have a distaste for the Constitution. Arizona is a lesson in how bad it can really get state to state. It would be nice if someone acted like a grown up in the Republican Party...I don't see that someone emerging anytime soon.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

From the Mix Tape - Sleigh Bells

One of the best songs of 2010. (h/t Absolute Punk)

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Ninja Thought


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Everyone is saying it:

"If Shanahan wants to take a shot at him and still has a high opinion despite this subpar year -- I'm being kind when I say subpar; against college defenses he wasn't able to get it done -- then maybe Jake Locker could go there. But I gave them Cam Newton.

"I gave them Cam Newton because I think that's the kind of quarterback that can be molded, and he has all the potential, all the upside you could want," Kiper said.

I'm still not sold that getting a quarterback in the draft is key. I know I'm "crazy", but who is going to protect him? Also too, 3-4 defense needs help.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The lady and I finally saw the Social Network. Last night I trekked through the tundra known as Chicago to Blockbuster and picked it up. Review: Two Thumbs Up! Perhaps not as spectacular as everyone says, but a fine film. I still believe Inception was the best film of year...but in the 2010 recap episode of Trans-Atlantic Throwdown we cover that. Speaking of which after much delay it will be out tomorrow for your listening pleasure. It is my fault that's it has been so behind...I got engaged and all. So tomorrow be on the look out, write us and review!

Here are your highlights:

The Politics of Emanuel's court hearing

Finally no more color coding. DHS getting rid of stupid, idiotic threat levels

Study finds oil dispersant lingers in Gulf

More and more in Egypt

The Bailout Worked. Thank Obama

Consulate in Pakistan or American James Bond...YOU DECIDE!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Enjoying some Damrak Gin at the moment. I've passed by it many times at the liquor store, but always picked something else for whatever reason. This gin is a winner solely because of the bottle:

It's beautiful and quite functional. I'm sure the fiance will have me keep it around perhaps to use it to serve water.

I decided to go by a recommendation here and have it first in a Gimlet. It's refreshing, but doesn't give me a good sense of the gin itself. From what I've gathered after a tasting, it's light and leans more to the London Dry gin family. Martini will be next...or on the rock depending on how sassy I feel.

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For duty:

In October, we revealed, through a document obtained from Koch Industries, that Scalia and Thomas had attended secret right-wing fundraisers organized by Charles Koch to coordinate political strategy. ThinkProgress has now discovered more events attended by conservative Supreme Court justices.

Read the rest, something is awfully rotten in the Supreme Court.

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Ninja Thought

Suck it Sputnik

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Welp there was a speech. Although most of the time of the Drinking Liberally crowd were too busy counting the standing ovations. Midway through we were interrupted by a self-proclaimed socialist who thought we were all fools! FOOLS! And he stormed out in his designer winter jacket. As I said yesterday from the excerpts of the speech I knew it was going to "Meh." I for one thought he did a good job doing what he planned on doing...declare the center. More of this will be coming, but I did like how Obama did mention clean energy, education, and jobs. Putting people to work is still the most earnest of our problems. In other news I still enjoy being engaged, I'm sure that won't change!

Here are your highlights:

Hope in the State of the Union

The responses that weren't. Little Munsters

Hard to argue with Obama's State of Union address

Egypt protests and the "smashing"

More on Bachmann Overdrive

Insightful analysis from David Gergen, man I wish I made this, it's hilarious


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of The Meh


President Obama will call for a five year freeze on non-security discretionary spending in his State of the Union address Tuesday night, White House officials said, in a bid to help reduce the deficit and counter public perceptions that he spent too freely in his first two years in power.

Obama will also discuss plans to find budget cuts wherever he can, the White House said. The military, for example, isn't covered by the proposed freeze, yet Obama will advance a separate five-year plan, drawn up by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, to achieve $78 billion in savings, the White House said.

Obama is also expected to make job creation a main thrust of the speech, his second State of the Union address since taking office.

I know I'm supposed to take this seriously, but I can't. If job creation is your "main thrust" you'll have to spend some fuggin' money. No doubt, the Free Market Fairy is Obama's guest of honor. She'll swoop in over teh lot of Congress and bop RECOVERY! We know austerity is stupid, so what is this but a word salad to appease the Village? Also too, we need more tax cuts and less infrastructure spending. Somewhere Hoover is smiling knowing vacuums will soon be named after Obama!

Shorter Obama SOTU: I'm the center of centrism. (still hopey that it will be a great speech that stands for something...mesh of Arizona and his speech on race, but the more we hear the less confident I am)

Collective *Le Sigh. I don't know about you, but I'm getting hammered tonight. We're screwed!

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Who The...?

Fugg watches the rebuttal? After the shellacking Huckleberry Jindal received, why would anyone dare to embarrass themselves on the national stage like that? And yes I don't think many people tune into the rebuttal. It is normally weak and nobody likes watching the equivalent of a child's "nuh-uh."

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Ninja Thought

Courage to inflate one's ego

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

All right like I said I'm still on Cloud Nine. The lady and I are overwhelmed by the amount of love and support we've received from family and friends. It's unbelievable and we couldn't be more grateful. Thanks to those of you who reached out. This little blog here has been a passion of extension if you will. Sooo, I'll definitely be posting about the decisions we make and heck we'll need a lot of recommendations as well. The only odd part right now is everyone wants to know the date. We don't know. Also too, we are not sure where it will be yet. In the meantime we will simply be enjoying being engaged. It's a lot of fun!

Here are your highlights:

Judges who ruled against Rahm have Chico ties, gotta love the machine!

AZ Senator Fail, it's not the guns it's the video games and tv that promote the GUNS!

Eric Cantor leading the economy backwards

Vermont to get Single-Payer?

About those Social Security changes, even the Tea Party doesn't like them

We joke about this till then end comes...


Monday, January 24, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday - Special Edition

Well I'm back from Santa Monica. I was able to make it on the standby flight and arrived two hours earlier than originally planned on Friday. It turned out to be a great idea as it allowed me to settle in and meet up with my lady and her friends. Let me first say, Santa Monica was beautiful. The weather was perfect. The actual city, although commercial had more character than I expected, overall we both had an amazing time.

On Saturday we started out with breakfast at Huckleberry which came recommended. It was a lovely bakery, brunch spot. We followed that up with a walk around the city to get acclimated with the people and environment. Oh did I mention the weather was perfect? Santa Monica just as any place has its own quirks, but was rather charming.

Later in the afternoon we met up with Paddy K's younger brother and his girlfriend. We decided to get some eats at Blue Plate Oysterette. It is not like me to visit either coast and not get seafood, so of course we got seafood. We then ventured to get some happy hour drinks at a local gastropub called The Yard. It really was fantastic catching up and laughing (lots of laughing oh and the lady was educated about what constitutes Screamo and not Screamo) with the two of them.

After hanging with them we decided to head back to the hotel to prep before dinner. And here is where the weekend will forever remain special. As the lady was distracted getting ready, I brought out the laptop and told her to watch a video I had made. As she watched, it chronicled the last three years of our relationship while being accompanied by one of her favorite songs. Midway through the lady began to realize what was happening (you could say she was crying..a lot). As the video concluded, I got down on one knee and proposed.

Yep, I'm engaged!
(the ring was my grandmother's on my father's side. the only item i've ever had that was hers, the lady was deeply moved.)

We ended the night with a lovely dinner at Jiraffe. The staff was kind enough to accommodate us in every way which made it a perfect bookend to our spectacular weekend.

So needless to say this is a special edition Dunkin as Frank is now Frank the engaged. I'm certain I'll post randomly about updates regarding our plans and new adventures. Honestly, I have to say I am the luckiest man alive. We're excited as can be and so are our families.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. Hope your weekends were rockin, I'll probably be on Cloud 9 for quite some time! We couldn't be happier.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

California Bound

I'm so old I remember when this song wasn't an annoying opening track to a West Coast version of Dawson's Creek. Heading to Santa Monica to hang out for the weekend with my lady. Apparently it's almost 80 degrees there...YES (even if it's for one day). Also too, pray that I get the standby flight. BEAR DOWN!

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Ninja Thought

UnSpokaned Word

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Rush Limbaugh Speaks Chinese
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>Video Archive

You know how I was complaining about the cold? Well see what happens when I open my damn mouth? 0 degrees with windchill -10. I've been in the office for almost 45 minutes, my feet are still numb (note to self wear your damn boots even if you're traveling to Santa Monica). Well. At. Least. I'm going to Santa Monica today! I'm hoping to get on an earlier flight...cross your fingers for me. I can't wait, even if it's for only one full day, to get to sunny California. I need a quick vacation. The Bears play on Sunday. BEAR DOWN!!! I will be heartbroken if the Packers make it to the big dance. CUTLER PROTECT THE DAMN BALL!

Here are your highlights:

Rahm Emanuel is running away from the pack

TEH GOP is serious! Serious about their bigotry that is...

Asian-Americans slam Limbaugh for ‘childish’ mockery of Chinese

Next after the HCR Repeal, Abortion

About those isolated incidents...there seems to be somebody who needs to tone it down

Gabrielle Giffords to travel to Houston for rehabilitation - the main target of a madman's plot, is recovering and showing the nation what strength and character she has.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


For essentially what is a one day trip to Santa Monica is harder than if I was staying the week. Normally I would throw in my go-to shirts, socks and etc, let the chips fall as they may. Boom, I'd be done. Not so much right now. What I'm saying is, is it okay to pack three outfits for one day? I'm not sure what is on the itinerary, but I feel it is necessary to have something for the morning, day and evening on Saturday. Yes, I think this hard about such things and I do care too much about my appearance. We all can't be perfect.

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America The Expensive

Bonddad nails it:

Here's the real answer, ladies and gentleman: if you want a nice country, you have to pay for it. That's the bottom line. A country the size of the U.S. requires an expansive infrastructure. We need solid roads, schools, court houses and the like to operate. These things are not free. Yesterday I noted that m home state of Texas is cutting school spending to the bone -- again. This will hurt our competitiveness in 20 years -- long after the idiots and yahoos who made the cuts are out of office. But that is long-term thinking (actually that is thinking in general regardless of the time frame over which we are projecting the intellectual results) which is beyond the pale for most of our culture.

The reality is the U.S. is an expensive country to run, plain and simple. If you want a nice country, you have to pay for it.


I'm sure this advice will lead to more tax cuts and deregulation. Also too, high speed rail. Man, forget about becoming an Idiocracy we already are one and many embrace it.

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Ninja Thought

Blog Life

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I'm in cold Chicago. The lady is in warm and beautiful Santa Monica. How fair is that? Well I get to join her for a day this weekend. I CAN'T WAIT. The worst part over the four years I've resided in Chicago is the first months of the year. It is cold. Sometimes brutally cold. And it lingers with little to no sign of getting better. I swear if you want to shoot an apocalyptic movie in a city. Chicago's your site. In fact I might be working on that next...

Here are your highlights:

Now you're getting it Dems! Pelosi hires marketing guru

Social Security. Don't Mess With It.

We're losing because we're choosing to lose Atlas Mugged

Being Bold and Jobless

Want to know why a lot of shit sucked? Larry Summers

House GOP Repeals the Affordable Health Care Act
, an act against the people and simply theater. So much for serious. Also too, the honeymoon is official already over.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Motherfuckin Rush Limbaugh

Still isn't funny:

It's a damn shame a bloated-ego-maniacal-old man, who has literally added zero to intelligent discourse in this country, influences an entire political party. But here's the thing:


I'm not bothered by your cheap race baiting. I feel sorry for you. I do. Aside from your self-inflicted poor taste in decor, unsuccessful trips down married lane, obvious weight and health issues and well your overall demeanor, I do feel sorry for you. People keep saying China is getting ahead of the United States and the more you ramble the more people realize it's because of you. In the name of patriotism, you do nothing, but destroy the fibers of what makes this country great. Unity. You thrive off divide. You thrive off the sick, the poor and the hungry and that's not a role any grown man would envy.

This fried rice eating. This chopstick using. Bad at math. Over six foot. Farmer's daughter dating. Not your stereotype RAGIN blogger. AND Fluent English Speaking Asian-American does more for America on a daily basis then you will ever do in your lifetime. That's sad, especially considering the size of your audience. And why is that? You are the lowest common denominator.

I'm not mad atcha because soon enough, sooner than you would like to admit. You know, deep down that you'll be obsolete. A pathetic blip in history known as the last man who didn't realize America had changed.

And Rush, America, the one the rest of us are living in, has no use for a sad-bloated-ego-maniacal-old man like you.


Frank "We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep." Chow

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Fiscal Irresponsibility

James Kwak has the breakdown of the two parties in contrast:

The bottom line: As a party, the Republicans who will be railing against fiscal irresponsibility and threatening to block a raise in the debt limit are the irresponsible ones themselves who created the need to raise that debt limit. The Democrats can claim to be somewhat less irresponsible; more to the point, perhaps, insofar as they did vote to raise the debt, at least their current behavior (assuming that most support the administration and vote to raise the debt limit) is at least consistent with their past votes.

Of course, it’s more fun looking at an individual level. And the only people who can claim not to be responsible for the national debt — at least not via any of these five bills — are the newly elected members (except Rob Portman and Pat Toomey, who voted down the line to increase the debt as Congressmen) and Tom Coburn, who joined the Senate in 2005 and voted against both the stimulus and the 2010 tax cut.

By contrast, Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl each voted for $2.3 trillion of debt (75 percent), yet will somehow try to argue that the need to raise the debt ceiling is not their fault.

The hypocrisy runs rampant. Now will anyone in teh media call them out on this? Highly doubtful and thus the Elefuggs can continue their "hawkoprite" ways. Read the whole article for data, sources and revealing analysis.

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Ninja Thought

Buried Because Terrorists Can Only Be Ferners

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Holy burrito! Last night was entertaining to say the least. The lady and I went out to a later dinner before she flies out to Santa Monica and down plops a "couple." A special "couple." The dude looked like a minor league hockey player; meathead, hockey mullet (by choice), and his shirt unbuttoned one too many. The woman looked like a cougar from a bad comedy; too much make up, wig?, cocktail dress and black boots. Immediately the woman sits down and asks for a big margarita. AND THEN! DRAMA! Lots of it. Quote of the night, the dude in response to the female asking why he didn't commit to her, "I was escaping my own reality." WOOAH! As the lady and I exited stage right they were still going at it. In a restaurant known for its margaritas. A.MAY.ZING.

Here are your highlights:

Bernie Sanders tellin' it like it is on Social Security

Criminals, everyone of them, Banks Overcharged Military Families

Isolated Incidents

Nothing to see here: Housing it's not getting any better

Republicans start their faux-repeal of Health Care Reform and of course it is chalk full of hypocrisy. Nice benefits you got their Mr. Speaker! They also are intent on rewriting history about the economy. It'd be nice if the Democrats spoke the eff up...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"With Conditions"

Comcast has been approved to take over NBC Universal. So when does Chelsea Handler take over for Keith Olbermann?

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Ninja Thought

The Free Market Fairy will bop us on the head

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Too Much Stupid To Regulate

You know it'd be nice if the President instead of conceding falsehoods, spent more time getting the jobless jobs. And some of us remember that a lack of regulations let predators "eat what they killed."

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I have a fully loaded day of presentations with zero debauchery. In other words TEAM NO FUN! Let's do this already.

Here are your highlights:

Giffords could be released sooner than later

A lesson in numbers, Health Care and Jobs

Nike celebrates the "Year of the Rabbit"

Toxic Tea? If Marco Rubio has aspirations, probably shouldn't team up with the wilting Tea Caucus...

Dontcha Know...The lady doth protest too much!

Behind Loughner's Mugshot - a haunting dive into the killer and his deeply disturbed persona


Monday, January 17, 2011

View from My Skins Seats

Over the holiday I was able to attend the Redskins v. Giants game. The lady and I had a great time, despite the loss and surprisingly cold weather. There's nothing like hearing the band play and having a ruckus crowd hyped to see the home team.

I have had season tickets now going on three years. It has given me some unbelievable memories, however with an upcoming change in my life I need to part ways with them. If you or anyone you know would be interested simply email me. I can transfer the tickets (Club Level Two seats with an Orange Parking pass, tons of perks including the heated, comfortable Club Section lounges) for the next three seasons. I wish I could keep em', but I'd be more than happy to transfer them to a fellow fan. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

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Ninja Thought

Growing up without MLK

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow gotta love the NFL! Only one game went as I thought it would CRAZY! Also, why I don't gamble. GO BEARS! This weekend was packed and I woke up today completely spent. I really am tired. Like super tired. Thank Jeebus I gots my Dunkin. This weekend I'm going to California for a day trip. Can't wait to feel 70 degree weather. Chicago cold, although not as bad as previous years, is finally wearing me down.

Here are your highlights:

Happy MLK Day
, it would be nice if everyone had the day off *cough cough

The Black Jimmy Carter, Obama's numbers on the rise

Ricky Gervais killed it last night on the Golden Globes

Sad to hear this, When a Victim Struggles

While We're On Good Ideas That Very Serious People Hate

A lesson in taxes. Illinois Wakes Up, a lot of clamoring and jockeying has been going on around the Illinois tax increase. However it was the right thing to do and more states should follow suit.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bear Down

Hoping the home team fares better than my picks from yesterday. Damn the Packers and Steelers, two of my least favorite teams in the NFL.

Raves- Steelers: The second half was a complete FLACCO FAIL. Yes, there were two drops, but two drops doesn't negate a terrible game; fumble, interception, 16/30 125 yds and wilting at the end of the game. Wasn't this kid known for his arm? He threw weak passes until the fourth down ball to TJ and that ball arrived late. He didn't show me he had the mettle to be a top quarterback in the league AND I'm tired of commentators protecting quarterbacks reputations. The kid didn't play well all game. Just say it. Total meltdown by the D as well on the 3 and 17. Great helmet catch!

Falcons- Packers: The Packers have the swagger they'd been missing for most of the year. They were an early pick by some to go to the Super Bowl. Now that Rodgers is healthy, It wasn't even close. I've never seen a playoff stadium empty so fast.

As for the home team
, I think the game will be closer than I'd like. The Seahawks pose a lot of match up problems as they proved way back in the regular season. Let's hope Cutler protects the ball and Forte gets going. BEAR DOWN! (Oh and the Patriots will win today, despite the Jets resorting to head games).


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

NFL Weekend

Finished recording the first episode of 2011 of TAT, a fun look back at 2010! Can't wait to share the lists and our highlights.

In other news it's another NFL playoff weekend. I'm picking the Ravens for the upset (p.s. can't stand the Steelers) and the Falcons to move onward toward the next round. Should be fun to watch...would be nice if the Redskins could manage to the make the this lifetime. *Le Sigh.

We're going out tonight, remind me not to drink more than five gin & tonics!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

From the Mix Tape - Jonsi

This is how I get through the week. Put this on and block out the nonsense.

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Ninja Thought

Not the Wild Wild West

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Dr. Peter Rhee, Surgeon of Giffords & Navy Veteran

Much has been said about the heroes on the day of the Tucson shooting. The surgeons, of course, have been mentioned for their quick assessment of Giffords and their expertise. However, I had not heard about Dr. Peter Rhee's vast experience as a Navy veteran till this article and it's a fascinating read.


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, gunshot wound through her brain, was fortunate enough to be wheeled into the emergency room of a uniquely qualified surgeon: Dr. Peter Rhee, a 24-year military surgeon who has treated "hundreds and hundreds" of battlefield injuries during stints in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rhee, 49, chief of trauma at University Medical Center in Tucson, said his work in the Navy tending to injured soldiers and Marines and teaching the next generation of battlefield medical personnel unquestionably played a role in his ability to treat Giffords and direct care for the 10 other victims who began arriving in his unit Saturday morning.

"There's no doubt," he said. "I was in the Navy 24 years, and I trained to do nothing but battlefield casualty care. When I did go to Afghanistan and Iraq, I wasn't in a hospital. I was in very forward surgical units, so I was very accustomed to working with very little gear and people and personnel, very little resources, with wounds that are very different than civilian injuries," Rhee said Sunday. "Did it prepare me? I would say of course it did. And that makes it so that when we have a mass casualty of 11 people here, it's really not as bad as it can get."

Rhee said he handled "hundreds and hundreds" of battlefield injuries in two war deployments beginning in 2001. He was one of the first battlefield surgeons to be deployed to Camp Rhino, the first U.S. land base in Afghanistan, located in the remote desert about 100 miles southwest of Kandahar. In 2005, he served in Iraq.

"This doesn't compare," he said of his university hospital environs. "This is not really a mass casualty. I have all the gear and people I could possibly want. This is luxury for me. This trauma center, this is about as good as it gets."

There are so many elements to this tragedy that are exceptional. Dr. Rhee's story is another highlight, Asian-American, Navy Veteran, and Surgeon. It's amazing how through such darkness we are introduced to such light.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Update: Apparently I'm behind on this, Alpha Asian and Disgrasian posted about it earlier in the week. Sorry I don't read West Coast papers as often...

Get Your Dunkin Friday

We made it! It's Friday. This week and last week have been hellish. I'm not starting out 2011 right. What happened to chillin? I mean come on! So this weekend, we're recording the first TAT episode of 2011. Last minute suggestions are welcome! We are excited to chat up best albums, movies, booze and food as well as what we're looking forward to this year. Ex. The Decemberists. Also too, Bear Down.

Here are your highlights:

Tucson pauses in grief for youngest victim
, Christina Green

Chicago here comes Bill Clinton!

Whitewashing History, the conservative way

Apparently Kate Middleton's ring is a knock off dream

Scary, Greta Van Fox wants internet ID's. Cuz everyone knows it's the anonymous bloggers and commenters and not the people on the teevee and radio every day who spread hate speech....

Fame Through Assassination, an amazing piece by NPR and how over the years those who attempt assassinations crave attention. They also can be influenced on who to target based on news cycles and the amount of attention they would receive. Haunting. In the topic, John Cole points out the Other Dodge.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loan Sharks

First they come after your money, then you and your your family. I wish I was being hyperbolic, but at this point I don't think I am.

HAMP has been a complete failure. Time to actually do something instead of hoping it all fixes itself and goes away. Things aren't exactly hunky dory.

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Wisconsin Rigging the Game

TAPPED on voting requirements the newly red state Wisconsin wants to impose and who they are targeting:

Some basic numbers: Eighty percent of men and 81 percent of women in Wisconsin have a valid ID, but:

* 23 percent of people over 65 do not have a valid ID

* only 45 percent of African-American men and 51 percent of African-American women have valid ID;

* 54 percent of Hispanic men and 41 percent of Hispanic women have a valid drivers license; and

* 47 percent of Milwaukee County's African-American adults and 43 percent of the county's Hispanic adults have a valid drivers license.

So the target of this measure becomes clear: young people, including students, African Americans, the poor, and the elderly -- coincidentally, groups that have traditionally voted for Democrats.

If you just suppress voters before they can make it to the voting booth, it is soooooo much easier to WIN WIN WIN!

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Ninja Thought

Olive branch

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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I don't have much to add. It was the right speech at the right time. One of President Obama's finest moments. And I listened. It's times like these that you recall why we elected the man. Could you imagine anyone other candidate pulling this off so eloquently? That's neither here nor there, at this point. Let the people of Arizona, the people of Tucson heal. The line that stuck out to me the most was when in reference to 9 year old Christina Taylor "I want us to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it. All of us – we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations." I believe that says it all. We also received the remarkable news Gabbie Gifford opened her eyes.

Here are your highlights:

As We Mourn

The odd reaction by Michelle Malkin and some on the Right

Brazilian Mudslides kill at least 300

2nd BANANA conference date announced!

In Illinois the Death Penalty Repeal is in Quinn's hands

aren't so quick to think Obama has opened up a new line of discourse. Considering the other side and well, self-righteous Congressmen who want an excuse to swing their dicks. For others it was moving and exactly what we needed.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grand Theft Issa

From the hilarious brain of Matt Filipowicz:

Steven Benen has more on Issa.

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Ninja Thought

Get rid of the ceiling

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Firefly Solo

Han Solo was a regular on Firefly. *Nerdgasm

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Hello Hump Day! This weekend Paddy and I are recording the next episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown. We'll be looking back (yes Obama we look back) at the highlights of the year. Music, movies, politics and of course teh booze. You still have time to get your two cents in, send us an email, comment here or at our site. Last night was Drinking Liberally and we had a fun filled time. Apparently after drinking too much gin I started pronouncing nuclear incorrectly. Damnambit! Who knew? It was more of a chill DL considering all that is going on, but still great to see everyone and meet new people. I can't wait for this weekend...

Here are your highlights:

Giffords showing signs of improvement
, doctors are confident

A little late on this, but interesting read, Euna Lee Shares Her Incredible Story of Captivity in North Korea

It's called tactless - Joe "You Lie" Special Edition Guns...BOTH SIDES!

Booman wonders out loud about our current judicial and political system

Illinois passes an income tax increase from 3-5%. It's called being an adult, unlike our papers who call it 70%!!! INCREASE OMG!!! TAXES TAXES TAXES!!!!!!

Obama will face one of his more daunting roles. The Consoler in Chief. He will be visiting Arizona and will have to find a way to unite our country in a tumultuous time.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


view from one of the office windows where i'm hunkered down

I, too, would prefer being in teh Bermuda.

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Ninja Thought

Armed and stupiderous

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

What a game last night! Well the parts I saw. I had to get up bright and early for work today. On top of that my lady wasn't feeling well, so I stayed up to watch the end of the third quarter. May the football gods forgive me! Congrats to the Auburn Tigers after their big come back win against Alabama this year...they earned it (pun intended). Today will be another busy day at work. Apologies for the sucky blogging. Not sure when it'll slow down, perhaps when I quit?

Here are your highlights:

Wikipedia turns 10

A word to the wise, Wall St. will get their fuckin money or else

Green Hornet Marathon

Holy crap, it's GODZILLA

Pima County GOP doesn't get it, so Paul Waldman at TAPPED explains it. (h/t Angry Black Lady) Eventually someone on the Right has to be grown up. I won't hold my breath.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Rep. Danny Davis Received Threat After Arizona Shooting

Raw Story:

After Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot on Saturday, Congressman Danny Davis' (D-IL) office reportedly received a threatening email warning that "Danny Davis is next."

Davis, a Democrat from Chicago's West Side who has represented Illinois's 7th congressional district since 1997, said he would normally ignore a threat such as this, but thought he should take action in light of the recent shooting.

"You know some things are cranks, some things are pranks," Rep. Davis told The Chicago Tribune. "Some things you simply don't know about, but I think in this climate it pays to be as cautionary as one can be."

Davis is my representative and the suspect has a history or has been known to do this before. Doesn't make it less serious or frightening. Although unlikely, let's hope there isn't a copycat out there.

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Ninja Thought

Book 'em Dano!

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Ovie is sick ya'll!

It was roller coaster of a weekend, not personally, but across the nation. We're still trying to gather all the information, we're still trying to get over the initial shock. I'm sure this week will reveal a lot about the Arizona Tragedy. I for one am exhausted. I haven't slept well the past week or so and a certain neighbor's loud as all hell clock kept me up all night Saturday. The lady and I enjoyed our weekend. Went out shopping, dined at Blue 13 and did the normal weekend errands. Last night I made fried eggplant, scallops and pasta. Big hit. I think I'm getting a hold on this ole cooking thing! National Championship tonight, who is everyone picking?

Here are your highlights:

Greg Sargent on the media's role

I'm starting to like this Harry Reid post-election guy

Tone it down

Don't this will work out for him, but he has a point. Jeb Tries to Push Back on the Nativists

Decemberists New Trailer

Agreed. Turning Point for Palin? The Hell It Is - she's a sociopath

Tales of Heroism Amongst Tragedy
, who knows how anyone of us would act in such a horrific situation. I'd like to believe we'd all emulate the heroic acts of Daniel Hernandez and others. More importantly I hope we all never have to experience anything like Arizona.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona Tragedy, Time to Rethink


As the authorities attempted to piece together what prompted a troubled young man to go on a shooting rampage here that killed six people, including a federal judge, and gravely wounded Representative Gabrielle Giffords, they called for the public’s help in finding a possible accomplice who was still at large.

Ms. Giffords, 40, an Arizona Democrat, was among at least 12 people wounded in the shooting outside a supermarket where she was meeting with constituents on Saturday morning. She remained unconscious and in critical condition Sunday morning at the University Medical Center in Tucson, where she had been operated on by a team of neurosurgeons.

Among those killed were John M. Roll, 63, the chief judge for the United States District Court for Arizona, and Gabriel Zimmerman, 30, who was the director of community outreach for Ms. Giffords. The others who died were identified as Christina Green, 9; Dorothy Morris, 76; Dorwin Stoddard, 76; and Phyllis Schneck, 79.

Darci Slaten, a spokeswoman for the medical center, said the congresswoman’s husband, the astronaut Mark E. Kelly, was with her, as were her parents and two stepchildren. Four other victims of the shooting were in critical condition at the hospital and five others were listed as serious on Sunday.

Two witnesses at the scene tackled the gunman, who was arrested and identified as Jared Lee Loughner, 22. And law enforcement officials on Sunday morning released a photograph of a second man being sought as a possible accomplice.

Here's a lesson to be learned, if you spent most of the day defending your screeds or redirecting criticism you're part of the problem. Taking down website content or memes, confusing basic metaphors, calling someone left-wing or an atheist as if one attribute clearly makes the shooter a liberal, telling people over and over "both sides do it"; you're part of the problem. And if you're a party that says "we won't change" you're part of the problem. This act was done by a clearly disturbed individual, perhaps two.

A nine year old girl died yesterday. Nine year's old, if that doesn't jar you into rethinking part or all of your violent rhetoric, regardless of political affiliation then you're lost. Simple "RIPs", "thoughts and prayers" won't cut it. Something has to change, some accountability has to occur and an apology is where to start. Perhaps, a retraction of a long history of ramping up a foaming base for short term political advantage?

Our nation has to admit we foster such horrific acts, that we are all a party to this. When guns go unchecked, when mental health facilities aren't funded, we have to look back and wonder, what could we have done differently?

I've long spent post after post on this blog attempting to hold accountable those who rally their base over heated and violent rhetoric. It will continue with and without snark. We have to restore a piece of our integrity, it seems some are not ready to do that.

The glimmer of hope, Daniel Hernandez.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blue 13 Tonight

On a lighter note, the lady and I are returning to Blue 13 tonight for dinner. We're rather excited. How could we not be? I mean the Chef Chris Curren is inspired by Weezer and other indie/punk bands, how cool is that? Can't wait to have my Ransom Old Tom Gin and enjoy an evening out with my better half.

Hope you have a splendid evening. Hold the ones you love a little closer tonight.

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Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Others Shot

Talking Points Memo, MSNBC, Huffington Post and many more have updates. A federal judge John M. Roll has been killed many others are injured or in critical condition.

AP reports the shooter has been identified:

People familiar with the investigation tell The Associated Press that the gunman held in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and others has been identified as Jared Laughner.

Little information is known immediately about Laughner — such as his background or a possible motive in the attack.

U.S. officials who provided his name to the AP spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release it publicly.

Thoughts and prayers with the victims' families. More to come once I hear more, we've known for some time this could be a possibility, doesn't make it less tragic.

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Update: I want to clarify, it's too soon to be throwing stones. There's a lot going around about this guy, don't know if a clear picture will ever appear. One thing is for sure, till we realize we have a problem with rhetoric in this country (one side continually ramps it up) and that language has consequences, we will never be unified or able to have honest dialogue. Murder is the most base of evil in our society. That doesn't need a party affiliation to be rejected and condemned. More info here.

Second Class Citizens


We told you yesterday about the State Legislators for Legal Immigration, a group of conservative state lawmakers who want to force a Supreme Court fight over the 14th Amendment, by passing state citizenship laws that are sure to be challenged.

But there's another prong to their attack. They also want Congress to allow states to mark the birth certificates of children born on U.S. soil -- that is, U.S. citizens -- who are born to illegal immigrants. This would create two categories of certificates: One for those whose parents are citizens or legal immigrants, and one for those whose parents are here illegally.

Now the "State Legislators for Legal Immigration" say it's not about making second class citizens, but really is there any other way to interpret this? It's a group of bigots under the veil of American patriotism purporting Fear the Brown People.

And it comes as no surprise that this is from the party that supposedly wants to uphold and protect the Constitution...well just the parts they like anyway.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Headslamondesk Defined

Steven Benen finds another Obamacare hatin Patriot who wants his own gubbament health care:

Now, we have another example from the same freshman class, Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), who also ran while railing against health care reform, and who now wants his taxpayer-subsidized insurance.

[Grimm] pledged to pursue his party's top agenda item in one of the most polarized political fights -- repealing health care reform.

And he flatly rejected Democratic charges that taking government-funded health care with his new job is hypocritical when he wants to repeal reform meant to give care to millions.

"What am I, not supposed to have health care?" he said. "It's practicality. I'm not going to become a burden for the state because I don't have health care, and God forbid I get into an accident and I can't afford the operation. That can happen to anyone."

Right about now, I'm trying to figure out how to type the sound of me slapping my hand against my forehead.

Let's put this in a way Grimm might understand. I'd like him to imagine what would happen if he and his buddies successfully gutted the health care system. For the tens of millions of Americans who'd get screwed over by such a move, what, are they not supposed to have health care? Is it not a "practicality" for them and their families?

What happens if, God forbid, someone gets into an accident and can't afford the operation -- a scenario that "can happen to anyone" -- and this happens after Grimm and his cohorts have scrapped the entirety of the Affordable Care Act? Should they become "a burden for the state"?

What we're left with is a politician who's absolutely convinced that, after a couple of days on the job, he's earned government-subsidized health care coverage, and equally convinced that it's his job to deny similar coverage to you.

It's amazing these guys get elected.

*Headslamondesk indeed.

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What's Left is Right, What's Right is Right

Greg Sargent sorting out the bodies, tries to explain why Obama's agenda wasn't the Leftist champion of Leftonia:

Maybe it's true that "the left's agenda" has not won the support of a majority of Americans, but that claim has nothing to do with the agenda Obama actually pursued during his first two years.

This is a matter of simple factual reality. Obama and Dems passed a smaller stimulus than many on the left wanted. Obama and Dems jettisoned from health reform the core provision liberals sought, and embraced solutions once championed by Republicans. Wall Street reform was not as ambitious as the left had hoped. The Obama administration has escalated in Afghanistan and justified it with rhetoric that Republicans wholly approve of. Obama has embraced many Bush policies on civil liberties and terrorism that the left despises.

Obama, in other words, embraced a mix of liberal and Republican solutions to the crises he inherited. While his agenda was undeniably the most ambitious in a generation, the general ideological complexion of his approach can at best be described as governing from the "center left" -- precisely what Daley chastised Obama for allegedly failing to do.

Sargent has more and it's worth noting. The Village would like everyone to believe Obama went "too far left" when in a lot of instances that is absurdly false.

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Ninja Thought

Firehose of stupid *wish I could take credit for this one

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Man it feels like the 90's again. Now I was a youngin back then, but I remember there were rules about the 90's. One was everything and anything Republicans said or did was legitimate. They weren't zealous. They weren't wasting tax payer dollars. They weren't witch hunters and McCarthy's. They were reasonable fiscal conservatives attempting to thwart the Clinton's from destroying the fabric of our very nation. And he got a blowy! A blowy! So it comes as no surprise that when the CBO says the health care repeal will make the deficit worse, the Republicans can merely say "Nope" and are able to dismiss it out right. CBO, pffft what's that? A SOCIALIST GROUP OF CALCULATORS...P.S. Obama is a Muslim. Gonna be a fun two years, congrats Uhmerika this is what you have to look forward to! Facts don't matter. Math is for nerds. Deficits don't matter if you're a Republican. Hooray all is Right in the world!! *Slamheadondesk This weekend should be chill. A nice day out, dinner at Blue 13. I am glad the first week back to work is almost over.

Here are your highlights:

Unemployment, 9.4% isn't great news, but anything that's positive at this point is encouraging

Bill Daley is the new White House Chief of Staff

The Evolution of the Batmobile

The season is over, but Redskins keep the hits coming

The Great Middle Class Swindle - Must read, the rich get richer

RIP Hmong Leader Gen. Vang Pao, a leader and patriot for his people. Hero is the right word to describe Pao. A true hero. May he rest in peace knowing the good he did helped families across the world.