Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comedy on the Matthew Filipowicz Show

I appear on the latest release of the Matthew Filipowicz Show. Take a listen as we mock the media...I'm looking at you Chuck Todd and Luke Russert.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Woah, Fox battling Jon Stewart still and losing. How can people remotely take this seriously? And thanks to Jon Stewart for yet again explaining comedy and satire to the Right. It's not THAT difficult. We head off to OBX in a couple of days. Can't wait for that trip. I know I LIVE by the beach, but it'll be my first time back since freshmen year of college. It's like one big family reunion. I love that about that.

Here are your highlights:

China open world's largest bridge

LAPD using the internets and Twitters to communicate about the 405 closing

Wet Sponge Battle!

Mark Halperin and his colorful language...Obama "a dick"

Those who frequent this blog know I'm a die hard Redskins fan, so this post makes me not only laugh, but I agree with it completely; Heath Shuler In Talks to Suck Somewhere Other Than Congress


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ninja Thought

Your branches are broken

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

(congrats to the us women starting it off right)

Well I went through my first Hollywood experience yesterday. Met producers, did the "we will judge you thing", it wasn't for anything I planned on doing while out here, but glad I did. Also too, that's all I can say. LOL. Oh the Hollyhood. In more important news, the president is holding a press conference. Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah Republicans are sociopaths, political football, yadda yadda blah blah least he started it with how to get jobs. Albeit, not bold enough as to be expected. You can stream it live here!

Here are your highlights:

Speaking of deficit, U.S. cost of war

Reality has a media bias

The Republicans still playing games with appointments

Muslim woman sues Abercrombie for being ridiculously discriminatory

Before people start annointing, Cuomo is no liberal hero

Our elections, they are trying to be bought outright.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Big things today? Not sure. Maybe...okay...yes! Can't say much, but I'm headed to the mysterious world of Burbank today. Cross your fingers folks, I'm sure I'll be saying that many times whilst residing in California. Thanks to those who already listened to the latest episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown, if I get time I'm going to try to tweak the audio a bit. I'll let you know if there's a repost. In an aside, welcome Crooks and Liars readers, thank you for the linkage Wolfrum you dashing fellow and the post you are looking for in particular can be found here. Let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Republicans set phasers to destroy economy

Little reminder about David Frum

Hero of N.C. State's '83 Championship Killed in Bus Crash

Prosser, the judge alleged to attack Justice Bradley in Wisconsin, the UNION MADE HIM DO IT

Economic sloooooow doooown

The small tent ideals of the current Republican Party is threatening any reason they have left. Lawmaker who voted to legalize same-sex marriage in New York being harassed by his own party. It's a sad spiral they've gone down.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Ninja Thought

We deserve her, my head is numb from the slamming on my desk.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well it was a fun and a relaxing weekend. The lady and I went to the beach, did some basic shopping and watched a ton of Travel Channel on Netflix. Bizarre Foods, No Reservations, Dhani Tackles the Globe and one for the lady Bridget's Sexiest Beaches...I didn't mind. This week is full of meetings, random trips to the DMV (don't get me started on that hell hole) and hopefully gigs. Next week we will be on vacation in North Carolina for my cousin's wedding. Dude. Gonna. Be. Epic. Don't forget we posted Episode 8 of TAT, take a listen we'll be back in a couple of weeks with more!

Here are your highlights:

Karl Rove still the shadowy corrupter will begin bashing Obama to the tune of $20 million

A win for the gamers, Supreme Court strikes down violent video game ban

Yup Drudge still hates black people

Holy Armageddon! Asteroid to barely miss Earth

Pitchfork Bon Iver Review

In one of the oddest stories of the professional sports year, Dodgers file for bankruptcy


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wisconsin Justice and Wanksta of the Year Nominee- Moe Lane

Hand wringing a woman's neck?


Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is now publicly accusing her fellow justice, David Prosser, of putting her in a "chokehold" in her chambers in the presence of other justices during heated discussions over the controversial state law that limited the collective bargaining rights of state workers.

Bradley's accusation came after a local news report yesterday first revealed details of the incident, which allegedly happened two weeks ago. Neither Bradley, a liberal jurist, nor Prosser, a conservative, would comment for the original story. Prosser has also now issued a statement denying the allegation.

There's a lot of hazy information out there, but leave it to RedState to keep it classy.

The award for "blame the victim" goes to...MOE LANE!!

Moe "Lady's First" Lane:

It was first reported that Prosser put Bradley in a choke-hold – whereupon most of the Online Left dropped their pants and started typing blissfully angry screeds about how the crime of one Supreme Court Justice attacking another Supreme Court Justice could only be made right with an immediate resignation – only to have it later come out that other reports had it that Bradley had actually charged Prosser with fists raised, and that Prosser was merely defending himself against a larger and younger opponent. Complicating all of this is the minor detail that no charges were apparently filed*, and Bradley has only now come out with a rather belated claim accusing Prosser of the choking, while not explaining why she is not pursuing a criminal case. Which is very possibly due to the fact that there’s at least one witness apparently who told Bradley at the time that no, she had not been choked.

Note, by the way, that all of the people involved – participants and witnesses – are Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices. You’re going to see some fascinating dissents from these people for the next few years.

Congrats on being the douchenugget who fails miserably trying to justify a man putting his hands around a woman's neck! You see, Bradley is "larger", so she had it coming. Get it, you don't get it? Well it's because it's an unfair fight; it's the frail, misogynistic and abusive old man versus the larger, younger, Leftist liberal! Judge Battle Royale! Ohhh and Moe had to add how "fascinating dissents" will play out for years to come! Aside from attempting to downplay the serious allegation of a justice with a history of anger issues attacking a fellow justice, we get WWE like justice throw downs in Wisconsin. WHAT AN IDEA MOE! FASCINATING! Can't wait for the ladder match where justices climb to decide who gets the pain; teachers or teachers AND STUDENTS?!

There you have it, Wanksta of the Year nominee, Moe Lane, folks.

Just to put the cherry on stop, Moe wants to remind you; if you threaten a woman and attack her...well she had it coming...or something...also too, Lefties are always wrong:

In this scenario, both sides have valid reasons for keeping their mouths shut: the Left doesn’t want to lose one of its judges (which, by the way, groups ThinkProgress and Talking Points Memo will absolutely have to call for, if it turns out that Bradley attacked first), and the Right doesn’t want to have to explain why one of their judges didn’t just sit there and let himself get hit by a woman (yes, in fact, that would be an issue).

Is it me or does Moe think choking a woman is All-American? In the dark and twisted fantasy of Moe's paramecium brain, he can, to apply his own words, use "uncorroborated anonymous reports to vicariously convict" Bradley of attacking first and call foul for Lefties being huffy and puffy if a man CHOKES A WOMAN! (Moe's fantasy goes like this, Bradley flailed and judge Prosser defended himself boldly by putting his hands around Bradley's neck. Self-defense for bargaining rights!) Real freedom, real equality you see involves a man's ability to choke a liberal "large" female justice *hackspit Uhmerika! IT'S HOW THE FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD HAVE WANTED IT! At least Moe admits Prosser is one of the Right's judges. Nice standards you got there, Moe. Wanksta.

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Update: Minor, but forgot to add "bolding by me", but I'm sure you already figured that out by now as you're smart people.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

From the Mix Tape - Explosions in the Sky

Their first music video ever. Hard to believe. This album is my writing partner, I thank it for the late night accompaniment. (h/t Wired)

Explosions in the Sky's site.

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Hooray! New York Passes Marriage Equality Bill

A little more sense in our nonsensical world:

The New York state Senate has approved the marriage equality bill by a vote of 33-29.

An amendment to the bill, which carved out exemptions for religious groups, passed by a vote of 36-26.

The New York Assembly had passed the amendment earlier Friday evening by a vote of 82-47. There was a lot of suspense leading up to the vote in the Senate, as only 31 lawmakers of the necessary 32 officially announced ahead of the vote that they would support the bill if it was taken up.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) had been negotiating with legislators all week over the language of the bill, even though the legislative session was supposed to have ended Monday. The negotiations centered on a number of Republicans who were pushing for amendments that carved out more specific exemptions for religious groups. Friday afternoon an agreement was reached on the final language.

The Gaypocalypse's second stage is now in effect! Over a thousand opposite marriages failed last night after the announcement of the bill's passing. New York is only the beginning of the end. STORM HAS BEEN BROUGHTIN!

If you read the Right's response it sounds similar to other civil rights battles they lost, they can't admit it to themselves...Or they sound down right off their rocker. Poor Gwenny Weynolds wants teh gays to have assault rifles and lower taxes...or something. Somebody was having a Kevin Bacon marathon last night and had Tremors up his thigh. Oh Gwenn we all know your assault rifle is barely a pea shooter.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday - Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Episode 8

And we're back! After a two-month hiatus due to a cross-country move by Frank and various scheduling conflicts -- damn you, time zones!!! -- we bring you more rage-tastic banter on drinks and tunes. No politics this week as both Frank and Paddy are burned out on the non-movement and broken systems in which they live. Drinks and music are helping ease the pain! Frank discusses Death's Door distillery and the art of sipping -- yes, sipping -- a pint into which you've just dropped a shot of liquor or coffee. No high-fives, no pounding the Jaegerbombs. Paddy talks beer tourism in London and discovers an excellent IPA from Buxton called Axe Edge and then moves on to another one of Cooley Distillery's revival whiskeys, Connemara Peated Single Malt -- smokey! Moving right along to music, the dudes discuss new tunes from Panda Bear, August Burns Red, Touché Amoré and Bon Iver. All this and more in episode 8 of the Trans-Atlantic (and Continental) Throwdown!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, and "like" us on Facebook. Discuss! Laugh! Rock the fugg out!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taking the Day Off

Went to the DMV this morning...nuff said.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Guests! We have so many! The lady's parents are in town and now one of her friends from college. We're playing host all week. Unfortunately she has to work, so mostly we chill at night get a bite to eat and what not. It's all in all a grand time. We really do enjoy company this early in our Santa Monica lives. Makes the transition seem easier. I think we're still adjusting, even the most simple of actions such as grocery shopping seem foreign. I'm sure we'll find our spots. It all takes time.

Here are your highlights:

The Republicans want to cause more economic pain for political gain

No apology needed, Jon Stewart was right about Fox viewers

Let Her Fade Away

A poll the White House and Obama should be paying attention to, 44% of Americans Worse Off

Some Sweet DC kicks

California Lawmakers Won't Get Paid Until Budget Is Balanced - led by California Comptroller John Chiang who is simply following the demand of voters. Enough with the hijinx they say!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ninja Thought

Is anybody listening, anybody?!

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

As you can see below Paddy K and I recorded TAT yesterday and it was a smashing good time to be talking again. I hope to have it wrapped up sooner than later, but with guests and future in-laws being here it's all up in the air. (I know sad excuse Frank!) We're excited to share it with you, the format is going to be a bit tighter going forward and a little more free form. And this of course means more selling out. I'm okay with it, that's what people do when they relocate to Cali, they sell out.

Here are your highlights:

Obama to unveil withdrawal of some troops from Afghanistan
, shouldn't have taken this long

Cool stuff, the Origin of the Good Humor Bar

Enjoy Your Mass Extinction

Mormons they are saving those who didn't ask for it, famous and all

Chart of the Day, Medicare for All you stupid Congresspeoples

This is a story many of you know, the Long Path to Citizenship for Asian-Americans. This article is more personal, but it's good the US is recognizing they have a major communication and systematic roadblock


Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting TAT at It

Paddy K and I just recorded episode 8 of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown. I'll hopefully have it up this week for your listening ears. Thanks for your patience as I've adjusted to moving and getting settled in here. We promise it'll be more frequent in the future!

Rock on.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

We're back with a car! Success! After a 3 hour train ride to San Diego, a weekend in the sunny and chill town and then a traffic filled ride back. We have a car. FINALLY! I can now start sending out my resume and hopefully I'll get work...please god daddy needs a new pair of shoes...we have guests all week so today is my real last day to get a ton of work done. Wish me luck!

Here are your highlights:

Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace Sunday Talk, great debate and amazing revelations by Stewart

Welp, John McCain has officially turned into your crotchety racist neighbor

Same-sex marriage in New York on the wire

Culture of Real Corruption, Clarence Thomas

Boxing Weekend Review

Representation...not really happening in Congress these days. 68% of staffers are men, 93% are white


Friday, June 17, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Friday!! The lady and I will be heading to San Diego for the weekend. Yesterday was a heckuva a time and I wish I could tell you all about it. Nevertheless, lots of fun. And the biggest moment of all time in the history of the world and forever, we get our car! So that means I can finally be a Californian, you know the people who drive one block. The people who brag about their rides, check out our Ford Fusion foolz! The people who blast club music at 10am. Yup, you could say I'm getting used to the California lifestyle. Enjoy your weekend folks!

Here are your highlights:

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes the budget

Dear White House and Congress, the people want MORE GUBBAMENT

Economic outlook, not a double-dip, still really depressing

Buzz and Woody get the realistic treatment, Toy Story Awesome

Cartoon of the Day

Mitt Romney, GOP presidential hopeful, "Feels Your Pain" makes a terrible joke about the unemployed. Currently being one of those unemployed Mitt Romney can kindly take a giant leap...


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

(Congrats to those representin Chicago in the Just for Laughs Festival)

Well through some networking I have my first official sit down for an audition today. It's not ideal, but should be fun. Of the various forms of advice I've received before and since landing in Cali, one stood out to me, "say yes." At this point, I'm nobody, nothing, not a blip on the screen and so in the beginning, I'll have to audition and set up meetings for gigs I never would think of, such is the case today. I'm excited. Never been to a studio. Never sat down with producers and the like, yup I'm green in this here city, but with time I'll be another old, craggity, seasoned actor. We are planning on visiting San Diego this weekend. The lady's parents are meeting business partners they have the car. CAR COME TO FRANK! Once the car is here I can start this whole plan in motion, LA needs real public transit for realz.

Here are your highlights:

Most Intentionally Offensive Ad Ever

Riots in the streets of Greece

Debt negotiators focusing on Medicaid, hurting children is a-okay as long as we have tax cuts for the spoiled and privileged!

Dems still don't get scandals, Weiner to resign

10 Of The Craziest Things Michele Bachmann Has Ever Said


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ninja Thought

Vouchers 4 life

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Issalittie Bit Over the Top

Read about Rep. Darrell Issa's extreme approach to government hearings. Amazing how if you have a differing opinion or one that doesn't support Issa's right-wing agenda, he'll just strike it down.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I'm lost in my days. Honestly. I woke up today and had no idea it was already June 15th! I've been so caught up trying to get ready to find work and make connections that I haven't taken the time to look at the calendar. I made probably my final "home sweet home" purchase and got Apple TV. Thus far it's already been an amazing investment. We've listened to music, podcasts and tv shows from my computer. Thanks to Sterno for the recommendation. Now if only I could get the antenna I bought from Radio Shack to bring in basic channels. Anyone know how to get it to work...maybe not buy stuff from Radio Shack?!

Here are your highlights:

Represent Chicago Drinking Liberally! Netroots Nation kicks off tomorrow

The Media Can't Report the Facts

Win for teh gay

Payroll tax cut, used to be a bipartisan thing, what's bipartisan anymore? Nothing

Sometimes Floyd Mayweather isn't as bad as people say

Miserable Failures
, news flash the banksters blew up a stable economy, yet those are the guys still sitting fancy.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to the Real World Sean Duffy

Where you can't doctor video to cover your own asshattery:

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) is in hot water again thanks to YouTube.

A few months after a county Republican Party in Wisconsin attempted to scrub the Internet of Duffy's contention that he struggles to pay bills on his $174,000 per year taxpayer-funded salary, his staff pulled down another YouTube clip of Duffy after a local station in Eau Claire, Wisc., said Duffy's staff "doctored" it.

A Duffy spokesperson told TPM the video has been removed at the request of the station and says no substantial changes were made.

Guess the congressman was under the impression that his reality show math wouldn't be treated to real world standards. You know the real world where the Tax Cut Fairy hasn't bopped the economy on its head. The one where you can't go back to the tiny room to tell your side of the story of how you and your party continually keep sleeping with corporations and the top 2% (dang they looked hot in the club last night). It's amazing $1740,000 can't buy a fake show congressman a clue.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I'm starting to get anxious. We're going to San Diego for the weekend to meet my lady's parents and pick up the car. Once the car gets here I can start sending out packets to agents and looking for part-time work. I thinking promotions or production work, strictly for the flexible schedule. I'd like to be able to leave on a dime if I get an audition. I've got my reel almost done, still waiting on some last minute footage and my voice over reel is set. So I'm ready to go, but I know deep down this is a long long long process. I just have to be patient.

Here are your highlights:

A functioning country is what's "Politically Impossible"

Wait, he wants to "boost the ecomomy"?!!! Obama is a socialist!!!


First Listen, Yacht

The saddest thing about the GOP presidential debates last night, Michele Bachmann looked like one of the sane ones...not really...but that's not good enough to win.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Ninja Thought

Listen all ya'll it's a SABOTAGE!

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well, it's our third week here and we're loving it. Yes, we miss family, luckily there's Skype and of course thus far the biggest adjustment has been getting used to the people. LA is no Chicago. Not as friendly especially in the area of customer service, however I don't think either of us will be able to dramatically shift this glaring LA flaw. For those of you who have never been, they just don't give a Saturday we got a unique experience, we attended a movie showing in a cemetery. A friend of my lady's and her bf ask us if we'd like to go and of course we jumped at the creepy opportunity. The event run by Cinespia was held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and proceeds were donated to help Japanese Disaster Relief. It was quite an interesting experience, BYOB, blankets, lots of weed (by others) and a classic movie, in this case it was Treasure of the Sierra Madre starring Humphrey Bogart. It was unlike anything I had experience before, it was eery, fun and something I can say I'd happily do again.

Here are your highlights:

Privacy? What privacy? FBI get to snoop around your basic rights...

Take the money Barack, while you still can

Only white straight judges can be without bias and rule fairly

To Fox Pawlenty is probably not their go-to candidate

US Cotton

Wall St. finds a way, they always do. The Dodd-Frank Bill might be a Dud already. MORE TAX CUTS!!! FREE MARKET FAIRY DO YO MAGIC!!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jesus Saturday

Hilarity on a Saturday by Rory Scovel a comedian buddy of mine from my early days doing stand-up. The lady and I are rockin out our apartment a little more today. Finally getting it complete. Tonight we'll be watching a movie in a graveyard. Yup creeepy. Should be good times. I'm starting to like this place.

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Friday, June 10, 2011


I think I'm going to spend the rest of my day outside. Enjoy your days ya'll!

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Last night was good times as I made chicken tacos for Paddy K's younger brother (I'd say little but the guy is over 6'5"), we shared stories, music, watched the last episode of the Walking Dead and enjoyed a martini or two. I did, however, wake up this morning exhausted, so in my unemployed world it made ideal sense to sleep in. Hence the late Dunkin, this weekend the lady and I will be organizing our last bit of stuff. We have visitors coming next week (already?!) YES! This of course means, we'll probably be painting hanging stuff up and mellowing out to Bon Iver.

Here are your highlights:

Lieberman "Wanksta 4 Life" kindly STFU about Medicare

A relic of the past, Soviet Superplane that got the CIA's panties in a twist

Weiner showing some testicular fortitude (couldn't help myself)

NBA FINALS, Where.Is.Lebron?

Interview of blog buddy, Byron of BigWOWO over at 8Asians

Dear White House, You'll lose not because of the deficit, but because of the lack of jobs. It's always been about the economy, no matter how many Bin Laden's you kill.

Chow !

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newt My Problem

It seems the Newt's presidential bid is imploding from within. Ole Newt didn't want to do the actual work to be president. How presidential!

Greg Sargent is shrill:

All these lemmings, clearly, were unable to grasp that his candidacy was something historic; something profoundly transformative; even something Messianic. Imprisoned by their inability to comprehend that the force of Newt’s ideas alone would be enough to propel his candidacy, they walked.

Of course, you really can’t fault Newt for seeing things this way. Commentators and Republicans have been telling him that he’s one of the GOP’s intellectual deities for at least a decade now. Why wouldn’t he believe them?

In all seriousness, it has been plainly obvious from the start that Newt never had any intention of running a real presidential campaign, and that the whole thing was an exercise in Messianism. Why is anyone even surprised by any of this?

Somehow Newt will most likely gain more credibility amongst the Village, he always does...

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Listen to Bon Iver

The new Bon Iver album is streaming at teh Times. We're all indie now.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Thursday is here, man time is flying. I'm busy now unpacking and hunkered down working on getting my stuff together. Also too, acting connections and such. I finally received some footage of the most recent project I worked on in's fuggin amazing! I can't wait to share it with peeps. And maybe if you're lucky I'll share it with all of you...maybe. I've been mulling over since moving out to Cali whether or not to remain "anonymous." For some of you, I'm not and for some you, you know me strictly on teh internets. I started this anonymously to protect family members, future family members and to keep my professional ties, well professional. As time has moved on, I've become torn especially now since I've relocated to LA. It may hurt, it may help. As you can tell, I'm simply just sounding off. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcomed!

Here are your highlights:

Which country spends the most on its military?

Umm good luck with that, I guess, the "UnCollege" movement

AFL-CIO push recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren

The GREAT, COURAGEOUS, SAVIOR Paul Ryan says not raising the debt ceiling is no big deal

Koch goes

Congrats to the immensely talented TNC who is now a columnist for the New York Times. His first installment is a brilliant/nerdy/heart-felt piece "You Left Out the Part About..."


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ninja Thought

How high Cain you build it?

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Our stuff is here!! It pretty much went without a hitch sans a dent in my desk and a missing mirror and painting. Our stuff made it halfway across the nation into our arms...boy did we miss it all. Then the friggin unpacking began. Suffice it to say, we are tired. We do have stuff still lingering around, pictures to hang, dvds in boxes and such, but overall we have most of the stuff in it's proper place for future Mrs. has a tendency to want to flip and move our stuff every three months or so. Not sure why that is, but it does make for an entertaining weekend. I'll be spending most of my day hunkered in trying to piece together my crap. We've already agreed we won't be moving like this for at least a couple of years. Phew.

Here are your highlights:

Oh California and it's silly budget problems

More trouble in Syria

What happens when you have bad taste in movies and decor?! THIS!

It's just a stupid, cynical game

Gene Yang's latest graphic novel with art by Thien Pham, Level Up

Pawlenty FAIL


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday - I'm Back!

(despite the cheesiness of this video, this place is around the corner from our apartment and it's really as amazing as it looks)

That's right folks, we have the internet, our stuff arrives today and I'm back to my ragetastic daily Dunkin, Ninja Thoughts and overall sucky blogging! Yesterday I even took to Twitter! Yes, I'm feeling good after living off an air mattress and out of suitcases for over two weeks, we'll finally get homey in this new home of ours. As for the job search it continues. Sadly not one bite and I think it could be because my Cover Letter clearly states "Hey I want to be an actor, hire me part-time, so that I may pay bills and enjoy your employee discount." So truth be told, we are loving California life thus far and look forward to hitting up the rest of the West Coast this year!

Here are your highlights:

House Republicans want to Privatize Social Security since the privatize Medicare gig went over sooooo wellll

The only way they'll notice, show them your penis

E3 Sony & Microsoft reveals whats around the corner

The article every AAPI should be talking about, Looking for a "Hangover" cure

Thanks for the fish Austan G, it seems you needed more friends in the WH

It's too soon to talk Obama re-election campaign in full effect, however the WH should be listening to Steve Benen and remove their heads from their asses sooner than later.


Monday, June 6, 2011

More stuff

Our stuff gets here tomorrow, including my Mac. Hooray! Yes! We've made it. It's been kind of fun and tiring living out of suitcases the past two weeks or so, but I'll be happy to get to work...and sit on our couch. Expect skits, comedy and rage.
In other news since moving here I've walked almost 25 miles. I might be the only person in LA who can say that.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, GOP Says What?

They aren't falling from teh sky. In fact, they are few and far between. A great way to fix that quickly would be stimulus, maybe build some shit. A terrible idea would be playing chicken with the debt ceiling and more cuts. Good to know the Grand Old Party has its priorities in line. If only we close our eyes long enough teh problems go away and then we can just spank it to our stock portfolios.

Also too, again and again, austerity doesn't work.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Limited

Access to the nets and it's a tough gig. If you sit in a coffee shop too long, the eye you as if they'll spit on your next order. Should be up to speed next week. The weather here is hard to believe. Farmer's Market today, hoping to get some nom nom. I feel so out of the loop...on everything. One thing I know for sure, jobs are tough to come by. Especially now since I'm one of them.