Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday - I'm Back!

(despite the cheesiness of this video, this place is around the corner from our apartment and it's really as amazing as it looks)

That's right folks, we have the internet, our stuff arrives today and I'm back to my ragetastic daily Dunkin, Ninja Thoughts and overall sucky blogging! Yesterday I even took to Twitter! Yes, I'm feeling good after living off an air mattress and out of suitcases for over two weeks, we'll finally get homey in this new home of ours. As for the job search it continues. Sadly not one bite and I think it could be because my Cover Letter clearly states "Hey I want to be an actor, hire me part-time, so that I may pay bills and enjoy your employee discount." So truth be told, we are loving California life thus far and look forward to hitting up the rest of the West Coast this year!

Here are your highlights:

House Republicans want to Privatize Social Security since the privatize Medicare gig went over sooooo wellll

The only way they'll notice, show them your penis

E3 Sony & Microsoft reveals whats around the corner

The article every AAPI should be talking about, Looking for a "Hangover" cure

Thanks for the fish Austan G, it seems you needed more friends in the WH

It's too soon to talk Obama re-election campaign in full effect, however the WH should be listening to Steve Benen and remove their heads from their asses sooner than later.


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