Sunday, July 31, 2011

Distract Yourselves

By listening to the latest episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown!! Paddy (who is now back on teh Twitters) and I will be recording a new episode soon, be on the look out as we'll be discussing our broken gubbament, teh economy, stress of moving and new music!!

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"Welcome to the normalization of extortion politics."

- Steven Benen

Read the rest, it's worth it. (h/t Prairie Weather)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Warriors

So yesterday I got a job! I'm super excited and ridiculously relieved, hopefully it allows me the schedule to audition on the regular as well. In this market with all that is going on, I'm lucky.

We are going out tonight for our first real L.A. club experience. I don't know how I feel about it, but the lady has to go (it's work related) and I'm a bad-ass wingman. If there's fist-pumping I'm down. Fist-pumping and $12 gin and tonics...I definitely miss Chicago in that regard. To have a good time I don't have to look like JT every night and play loud droning techno, know what I mean? You feel me?! (Have no clue why I went Samuel L there)

As for the god awful situation in Congress, this by BooMan is how I'm feeling, This Weekend Was Always Coming. Also too, I lose followers everyday on Twitter for various reasons, Obama lost Twitter follows solely for using it...or something. Stop the stupid and call your Congressmen. The fact that Obama used Twitter doesn't make him a weaker president or whatever b.s. narrative floated around since before he was elected. Yes he should have gone to it early, no it won't make a difference. Why? We're dealing with sociopaths. They want to set the place aflame, watch it burn and piss on the ashes.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ninja Thought

Criss Angel

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Helloooooo Friday! Welcome C & L folks the link you are looking for can be found here, but feel free to poke around. Special thanks to Tengrain for the linkage and for being a rockstar as well! Yesterday was a little all over the place. I'll spare you the details, but it started out with a doctor's visit for my lady, followed by me rearranging our living room furniture, then we were supposed to go to a comedy show, however the lady wasn't feeling it and we decided to stay in, hang out with a family friend and nosh on some Pinkberry (Don't hate). In the middle of that somewhere I got a callback for a short film and an interview with a company. Phew. Yes! Hooray! It couldn't have come at a better time considering there hasn't been money coming in for two straight months. Patience is a virtue, right? Don't answer that...what's everyone doing for the weekend? I think we're beachin it.

Here are your highlights:

Debt solution, down to the wire

Modern GOP: Fuck Pell Grants because no one likes poor kids going to college and getting an education

Woah Patriots, thank you for taking Albert off of our hands

Gary Locke confirmed as Ambassador to China

What happened last night? The Republicans are a divided caucus and Boehner is a lost puppy with tears running down his face. As the economy goes splat these asshats can't get anything together. Time for the Dems to step up and do something about it....*won't hold my breath.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

White House Initiative on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Blogger Call

As I posted shortly yesterday, I had the honor of participating in the first ever blogger conference call for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (hold the applause till later folks). The White House Initiative on AAPI was a signed executive order by President Barack Obama on October 14, 2009.

From the site:

The Initiative, co-chaired by U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, is housed within the U.S. Department of Education, and led by Executive Director Kiran Ahuja. The Initiative works to improve the quality of life and opportunities for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by facilitating increased access to and participation in federal programs where they remain underserved.

This call was the first of its kind and meant to engage the blogging AAPI community, inform us about the ways the White House was working to better its AAPI outreach and some upcoming programs, webinars and contests. The administration also wanted to provide an open dialogue with the fastest growing population in America (over the last decade) and tap into the various hard-working activists who make up the AAPI blogging community. We were given contacts, insight to White House thinking and the administration's priorities.

The first to speak on the call was Social Media Director who wanted to tell us about an upcoming video challenge. The White House will be releasing more information about this, however we were told it will be a YouTube contest of sorts (babies, kitties and puppies oh my!). The idea is to have the AAPI community tell their stories. How we are unique, perhaps how we came to America, or how we grew up in America; the contest itself seems like an interesting way to open up a larger conversation.

Side note: The Director was excited to have us on the call because apparently the White House reads our various blogs. Daily. And sometimes he puts our posts in a nice little secret file that goes to the president and says "Dude Frank is pissed...again!" I kid.

The Director was followed by three speakers who spoke about what the administration already had done and has in motion, an concerted effort to stop bullying and the Affordable Care Act. All three mentioned upcoming webinars and that we will be notified when those are occurring, so that we can let all of you know (I had an obligation this morning and wasn't able to post about this one, apologies). Their hope seems to be that the more we hear about these events or webinars the more the AAPI community will be knowledgeable about federal programs. Also too, translations available.

Finally they opened up the call to questions. Here's where I wish I told you that I was able to ask about the economy, costs of education and war....but alas I couldn't get through. I did, however send a long email to our contact about those three subjects, FRANK RAGE!! FRANK THROWS DESK!! FRANK EATS A DUMPLING!! *Not really I voiced my genuine concerns as a citizen. The three questions that were asked were about reverse discrimination, mental health, and the video contest.

The main take away from the call was the White House recognizes the growing activism in the AAPI community and it wants to better tap into it. We have our own priorities, focuses, concerns and problems like any other community in the United States, yet we're all still part of something much bigger. It's comforting to know the White House acknowledges that. I hope to continue to be a part of the relationship the White House intends on strengthening over the year and hopefully years to come.

For more information and to get involved:

Visit the White House AAPI site at,
Like or whatever the cool kids call it, on Facebook,
And follow the White House Initiative on AAPI on Twitter,

If you have any questions or comments, sound off below!

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Well today is starting off no fun. I'll fill everyone in once I know it's cool. Just have to stay positive. Speaking of positive, positive energy our way!

Here are your highlights:

Bachmann doesn't even know when she's right

HTTR! Skins making more moves and we like a billion wide receivers

Keyring shot glass, YES PLEASE!

GOP Freshman sued for not paying child support, maybe he thinks he can just default

Sociopaths, out of touch sociopaths, sociopathic. Let the lost decade begin!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ninja Thought

Keep Calm and Putter On

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Today in Frank News

I was invited to the first ever blogger conference call with the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Quite a honor for this humble little blog. I'll be posting the details about the call tomorrow when I have more time to gather my thoughts, however I will say there will be more updates about various happenings in the future. Cool stuff.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Today is a big day for this ole blog, I'll let you know all about when I can, but it's something I'm proud of for sure. Yesterday was spent recording voice over work for potential spots. Our place has an odd back alley. For some reason it attracts people who make cow noises, weed wackers and a slew of big loud trucks. Needless to say recording audio can test your patience. If anyone knows any tricks to make my living room a little more sound proof...without offending my lady hit me up. Kind of important.

Here are your highlights:

Boehner v Reid, whose is bigger? Regardless both are tragically misguided

Norway terrorist was a Pam Geller fan

Debt Ceiling Debacle Must Reads

Sad sad and *Le Sigh, we live in a country where Politics trumps Economics

Right Extremism

Football is back and starting with a ton of moves. My Redskins well it's been a debacle, but Donovan McNabb looks to be going to the Vikings....we resigned Santana Moss and picked up Dante Stallworth? Leave it to the Redskins to throw in some more random and named personnel. HTTR!

Chow !

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sharia Lawyers on the Matthew Filipowicz Show

Listen to the latest episode of the Matthew Filipowicz Show and learn all about Sharia Lawyers...yes it's me. Yes it's a shameless plug, however Matt's got a great show up today, so go listen why dontcha?!

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Ninja Thought

Hands at 10 and 2

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I was going to write something here about the debt ceiling, but instead I caught this Childish Gambino video on Absolute Punk and now that's all I'm listening to for the day. Donald Glover is ridiculously talented. Actor, comedian and rapper....and killing it in all three. It's nice to know there's people out there pushing the limits. He's one of them. Now to meet him and collaborate...

Here are your highlights:

Boehner, about those votes

Dat Phan shame on you, Terrible DirecTV ad

Colbert attacks media outlets rushing to lay blame on Muslims for the Oslo killings

David Brooks please stop the stupid

I guess Obama's speech did have an effect

Friendly reminder, the drivers of our debt. It's the Grand Ole Liars.


Monday, July 25, 2011

What would the Progressive God of Holy Liberalism do?

For those chiding the White House.

Jonathan Bernstein at the Plum Line:

Barack Obama continues to take heat for his negotiating strategy on the debt limit. Felix Salmon and Paul Krugman argue that it was it was a mistake by the administration to try to make a major long-term deficit deal with House Republicans. Others complain that White House should have simply refused to enter into negotiations.

But I think it’s important to step back and remember the basics. The bottom line has always been that Republicans refuse to vote for an increase, and they have the votes to make that stick, at least barring the Constitutional and political uncertainties of invoking the 14th amendment or some other similar White House action. So when people say that Obama shouldn’t negotiate, or shouldn’t try to cut an ambitious deal, the question remains: What would have been his Plan B?


But the idea that there was some obvious way for Democrats to deal with this situation strikes me as naïve. This isn’t about poor bargaining or fecklessness by the Democrats. It’s about dealing with the consequences of the fact that Americans elected to Congress a whole bunch of people who are either trying to impose fringe policy views despite apparently having no understanding whatsoever of their consequences — or are so driven by opposition to the president that their highest priority is opposing him, regardless of those consequences.

Once the country voted in these zealots, our government wasn't going to function properly and it was barely functioning properly before. Anyone recall the Affordable Health Care Act? This is beyond one man or one party's ability to negotiate, this has clearly opened up the flood gates to an extreme party pushed no longer by corporate interests, but by ideology. They are irrational and they are unequivocally sociopaths. They'll shoot every hostage and blow the building up while inside if it suits their sacred belief.

Rich people bless everyone of us therefore no taxes.

You could show the graphs, charts and fact after fact, they won't budge. We aren't in reality anymore. And for those of you wondering, this is the reality:

But all of this is Obama's fault of course. And yes the Progressive God of Holy Liberalism (don't know who or where this PGOHL is, but good luck finding him or her) would be in the same damn situation. The crazy is ready to light everything ablaze starting with the Capitol. Who and what army can stop them? Let's hope this is all theater as some say (although it will all come back again if it is theater), but that doesn't change who the hell the White House is dealing with, now does it?

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Ninja Thought

If you want to destroy my sweater!

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

(i post this in jest)

Hello Monday funday! Not really. It's DefaultDebacleMageddon! Not really. Or is it? This game with our economic stability is tiresome and stressful as all hell. I liked it better when I was a teenager and could just call Newt an asshat. Yesterday I had a solid interview for a job I wouldn't mind at all doing. This is California, I need a California job (don't know what that means, but it sounds good). This week is more waiting to receive phone calls back, so I can get to work. Positive zen, Buddha, Jeebus thoughts my way please!

Here are your highlights:

Lawmakers setting up rival budget plans...?
Doesn't sound good, does it?

Khan v Judah was a one-sided affair, reminds me of how many of Zab's fights I've said that. The reactions

NFL might have a season after all and terms

They Don't Really Want To Cut Spending

Just a reminder since the day of Obama's inauguration the Republicans have been trying their darndest to derail Obama's presidency. Call it priority #1 and that priority hasn't changed. They don't care about our country, they're sociopaths and they willing admit it.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oslo Update

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A 32-year-old white male who identified himself as a "Christian conservative" is in custody. They are still looking for another possible suspect. This is a horrible act of domestic terrorism and yes, terrorism can be carried about by white men as well. Leave it to my nemesis, to keep it classy as the story developed.

Perhaps we need to practice the craft of waiting till all of the information is released...before claiming every act of terrorism is a jihad on your freedom fries? Teh internets make me sad in times like these. Thoughts and prayers go out to Oslo, Norway.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Children in Charge

Yup, we're run by a bunch of petulant children.


The President is about to make an appearance in the White House briefing room to address the latest developments in the debt talks. Watch live.

Meanwhile, Speaker John Boehner has announced he is breaking off negotiations with the President on a grand bargain to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending and increase revenue. Here's Boehner's letter to his members.

John Boehner talks about "Washington" in the letter to his members. John Boehner has been in office since 1991. You can't get more "Washington" than that. The truth is he can't get the zealots who helped him become Speaker in line to do something as reasonable as NOT completely ruining our economy. They've already done enough to extensively damage it, apparently they want to beat it to a pulp.

It's sickening how the whole talk of "tightening belts" yadda yadda yadda is coming from children wearing men's suits. The GOP is no longer a party, it's a group of ideological sociopaths. Extreme.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

I've got nothing. I'm exhausted from the stupid. Enjoy your weekend!

Here are your highlights:

Bombing in Oslo

It's not a spending problem, Boehner gets testy

The unemployed are still unemployed

Senate blocks stupidly named bill made by the stupid House Republicans

AKIRA live action movie still alive?

This weekend is a boxing weekend! Amir Khan will face Zab Judah for the junior welterweight title! Khan showed resilience against Marcos Maidana and I think he'll have to do the same against Judah. The southpaw stance might be the greatest weapon for Judah in this fight, but I see Khan eeking out the decision win.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ninja Thought

Remove finger from panic button

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Aww Thursday. Last night I convinced the lady to watch Food Inc. and she thanked me for it. Since moving to Santa Monica we've been eating less meat, mainly because we have a great local farmers' market and I've been trying to expand my cooking. I also watched Food Inc. with a friend and it made me shop and eat local more. We were already on board that train, but with the convenience of the Santa Monica market it's a no-brainer. Food Inc. is one of those movies, if you haven't seen it, that is worth watching. We should know where our food comes from and who is making our food. Seems simple enough, but there are people who don't want us to know. It is a theme that works throughout our country; Wall St., government, political parties, wars insert what you comes to mind here. And since I'm being serious let me lighten it up by saying "Knowing is half the battle."

Here are your highlights:

The Onion wins the debate: Congress Continues Debate Over Whether Or Not Nation Should Be Economically Ruined

T-Paw is a teddy bear

Sad, but true. Welcome to the Recovery

Pew Pew

In Ireland and the Vatican relationship ruined, a story worth talking about

The Gang of Six, SIX! SIX! They have a proposal and it's terrible. I'm kind of glad Obama signed on, why? Because anything he signs onto the Right flips out and rejects. Also too, the tax cut fairy hasn't work for some 10 years....WHY HAVEN'T THESE IDIOTS FIGURED THIS OUT?!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Does Al Franken Hate Nuclear Families?

Sheer brilliance:

TPM with the story.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Midway through the week and I'm still struggling to even get a call back for a job. Part-time or full-time. If someone has some inside track, hit me up. I'm afraid it's doesn't help that I have zero patience in these matters. P.S. There is no recovery out here. The unemployment rate is still ridic high and I'm probably up against 1 and 4. So for every job I apply to 4 qualified applicants and a slew of others come in. My odd teh suck. Alas, I'm not depressed about it or down just need the work. DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!

Here are your highlights:

Win for Wisconsin Dems

Obama administration covering women's contraception

Cameron's regret

Umm let's do this, End of Gay Marriage Ban in Senate...

And a piggy back that John Cole shows the Record

Taxes are fucking low and we should have no issue raising them


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comedy & Politics with Matthew Filipowicz

I did a skit with Matthew Filipowicz mocking the GOP and the current state of the debt ceiling talks. Listen! Also, Matt has a new membership program become a member, support independent radio and feed me!!!

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

If anyone out there has any jobs leads let me know! I need to get to a worka (see I write English good too). Last night was great, got lost in LA and caught the last half of Jamie Kilstein's show and then I met up with an old friend in Silver Lake. Silver Lake which to you Chicago peeps is like the Wicker Park of LA. Creepily familiar. Same hipsters. Same music. And same "don't look at me" attitude. It was surreal, where's my organic vegan coffee shop?! Probably going to hit up another comedy show tonight, see some old Chicago throwback comedians. Ahem, it's perfect outside yet again (no I'm not over this weather yet).

Here are your highlights:

Watch Live the News Corps hearings starring Rupert Murdoch!

Ummm take a trip down the crazy coaster, Bachmann predicted End of Days?

Yes in these times deregulation is what we need *Headslamondesk

Krugman on Scribblers and Madmen

Dems embrace Reagan

It has happened! SCIENCE WINS!!

Wish I was going, but bring me back some schweet schwag friends, Comic Con 2011


Update: Yes, I'm now aware I skipped a whole day. *Headslamondesk

Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well it was a chill weekend and just what the doctor ordered. We made most of our meals, watched some Netflix, Easy A and followed the Women's World Cup online...can't win them all ladies, job well done. Also, too congrats to Japan. This week I'm attempting to do some research for my writing aka be a shut in. If only Netflix streaming will work! I mean really? Really? Is it that difficult to have your servers able to stream the shit you provide? I'm thinking of canceling my subscription if their network continues to fail. I'm sure they'll blame the ocean or something. Anyway, I hope all of you had a splendid weekend. Let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Carmageddon, that wasn't. It would've been damn smart to visit Malibu.

Consumer Protection Agency without a leader, Obama nominated Cordray meaning it's all but certain Elizabeth Warren will run for Senate

Rick Perry secessionist, gonna run for president...


Washington Post Fail: Latvia is nothing we should aspire to be

I don't know about you, but I recall David Cameron being wanked off by a lot A LOT of people. He's a typical politician, now caught up in an atypical scandal. How will he and his party survive? And most importantly, will journalism finally get its wings again...nah Murdoch's just got too much damn money.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Murdoch's Minion

Arrested. Maybe this scandal will bring balance to the force after all.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scare The Hell Out of Them

Today is full on Carmageddon, but as many predicted it's not as bad as the story that was being fed to us.

LA Times:

As Angelenos braced themselves for a potential "Carmageddon" traffic nightmare this weekend as the 405 Freeway closed for construction, travelers at Los Angeles International Airport said Saturday morning said that although they had prepared for the worst, they had not been delayed by the shutdown.

Vakisha Coleman, who was set to catch an 8:50 a.m. flight to Hawaii, said she and a friend were ready to leave Encino at 4:30 a.m. to avoid "Carmageddon," but after checking the news and seeing no reports of major problems, didn't end up leaving until 6 a.m.

That's still about 45 minutes earlier than she typically would have left, Coleman said, but she ran into no trouble on her route. Coleman said she took the 101 Freeway to Sepulveda Boulevard, where she exited, and then moved to the 405 when southbound ramps were available to enter again.

"It was a breeze," Coleman said of her 30-minute drive.

All we heard were nightmare scenarios, so with a little planning and the other half of the city not driving whatsoever; there were no issues today...thus far. All of this of course would be less dramatic if they could figure out proper public transit. *Le Sigh

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Yesterday was a full one. Today is going to be another full one, however more awesome. I had a milestone yesterday by finishing the first draft of a short film I'm working on. I'm writing it in hopes of attracting funds for a feature. Not sure what will happen to it, but it's something I believe needs to be made. And the script in its early stages is I think...Tonight the highway shuts down, good thing I never take it. CARMAGEDDON!!!! I'm starting to wonder if this whole thing is just one elaborate hoax.

Here are your highlights:

Help make a Bruce Lee stamp happen!

One way Obama loses, restrictive conservative voting laws


I'm still looking for a job, and here's why it's not looking much better for the unemployed. Will Congress do anything....doubt it.


RUN SARAH RUN!! She's truly a game-changer, just not a movie star.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Looking for a job in America is tough. Especially in this town. I'm on a mission folks.

Here are your highlights:

Minnesota Bars Running Out of Beer Due to Gov't Shutdown

Wonder why Fox isn't covering the Murdoch scandal

Breakfast at Tiffany's protest debate, my take anyone can protest anything they want to and an open discussion about race and movies after the film should occur for attendees.

CARMAGEDDON!!!! JetBlue offering $4 flights

NFC EAST future stars, Orapko!

Eric Cantor is not negotiating in good faith
. The Dem leadership is now outright saying it. Cantor says he's simply do the will of his caucus. Too bad, the House GOP isn't even in line with Republican voters. Don't they work for somebody...oh that's right the people. Cantor might be nosediving his career as we speak.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Total Revelation: Liev Schreiber

I was just watching Secrets of the Dead: Terracotta Warriors through Netflix when I noticed in the intro it said "actor Liev Schreiber". I kept listening and it took me awhile to hear the voice I'm used to, the treble tone was missing. Then it dawned on me, he's also the narrator to the great series on HBO, 24/7. It isn't often when an actor's work astonishes me and in this case the body of work narration wise that Liev Schreiber has accomplished is phenomenal. The tone, the intonation, it truly is the craft of narration at its best. And I don't even particularly like the guy. It is work like Schreiber's that challenges me everyday.

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Ninja Thought


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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Last night I attended a comedy show to see a couple of Chicago comedy buddies perform. After the show I was able to catch up, meet some new people and chat. It was exactly what I needed. This town business wise is still difficult to figure out. Granted I've only been here a month, but there is so much that is unfamiliar. It could be the local greenery is palm trees. It could be the weather is nice pretty much every day. It could be that it's LA and it's cut from an entirely different cloth. Regardless it was nice to see polished comedians on a side stage of a well-known club and each one brought their own style and comedy. Hat tip to the the Ayers sisters who pulled off a crisp showcase, if you live in the area I definitely recommend going to the Mixer at the Improv Lab.

Here are your highlights:

Time to Declare Victory

Blogger Juan Cole, wants to know WTF the government has on him

Afghan president buries assassinated brother

Speaking of comedy check out the very funny site, Karma Lampoon

Developing: Explosions in Mumbai

There is inner turmoil and what may be disarray in the Republican leadership. Cantor and Boehner are not in a healthy relationship and McConnell doesn't want to fight. Regardless what they've been playing with has been stupid and reckless. Dare I say unpatriotic.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

McConnell's Non-Plan Plan

It seems Mitchy is a wittle upset and doesn't have the stomach for the debt ceiling fight. However what doesn't make sense is, why now? Why is Mitch throwing in the towel?

Steve Benen has the beat:

The one question I can’t find a solid answer to is what, if anything, would be cut and by how much. The Hill reported the administration would be required to “suggest spending cuts” to accompany three separate requests to raise the debt ceiling, “but would not require such cuts.” Obama could not, under this scenario, recommend new revenue.

If that’s right, then McConnell seems to be blinking awfully hard.

In other words, in this little scenario, President Obama would have to offer proposals for spending cuts, with no corresponding measures to raise revenue. But it also appears that these proposed cuts from the White House need not even be serious — Obama could present plans he doesn’t take especially seriously, with the full expectation that Congress could and probably would reject them.

It would make the process needlessly ugly and stupid, but McConnell’s plan would seem to allow for a debt-ceiling increase with no guarantee of any spending cuts at all. Republicans would get a bunch of chances to grandstand, and rant and rave about Democrats, while putting all of the onus on the White House, but that’s not much. Republicans were going to grandstand, rant, rave, and point fingers anyway.

This does seem odd because well..."rant, rave and point fingers" is what Republicans do. So is there something I'm missing? Did Mitchy realize the House GOP didn't have the votes? Or did his Randian overlords aka Wall St. finally tell him enough? Regardless, this is a rather big development in the debt ceiling debate. Perhaps, he didn't like Obama punching back...

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Aaaaacting! Does anyone remember that SNL skit with Jon Lovitz? I attended a workshop yesterday and a highly respected studio and when I left that's the first thing I thought of...then I got home and wanted to explain it to my lady. She didn't get it. I couldn't find the skit on YouTube or anything, so now I have joke for one and not two. Oh man, it's starting, that is I'm starting to like this city. I drove through Beverly Hills on the way to this studio and despite the ridiculous nature of my surroundings couldn't get over the weather, energy and how I drove home. Home. That word is quite elusive when you move. Don't forget to listen to the latest episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown, Paddy went on an excursion of booze after it and wrote about it, check it out!

Here are your highlights:

New Asian-American inspired clothing by TofuKungfu

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann proud her husband tried to cure TEH GAY!

Weed and Video Games

David Fucking Brooks, the Greatest Fraud in American Journalism

Obama rejects the GOP attempts to "screw students"
- why don't we have a better press corps reporting about this ridiculous agenda of Cantor, Boehner and the GOP.

Rupert Murdoch, the scrooge of the world, involved in a hacking scandal that he may not be able to get out of...will the empire come crumbling down?


Monday, July 11, 2011

Ninja Thought

Six Figure Sundaes

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Monday

(Congrats to the US Women pulling off an amazing win against Brazil)

I'm baaaaack! What a trip. Note to self don't schedule anything the day after you return from a weekly cross-country bash. The Outer Banks was fantastic. Beaches, the ocean, that sticky Southern humidity and family. The bride and the groom got hitched and we partied like only our family does. I hadn't been back to the OBX in 11 years and it was the first time for my lady. It's safe to say we're going back. I'm toats exhausted, however, so probably a bad idea to attend an Acting Workshop today. Oh well, if my lady is working today, I'm working today.

Here are your highlights:

McConnell says it again, they want to destroy the Obama presidency. Why oh why does our press corps take this sociopaths seriously?

Is it war anymore...if it's all done with drones?

Reminder we missed the deadline for the debt ceiling already

Damn, it was fun while it lasted. Yao Ming to retire

Those pissed off Red States are only mad at themselves
. P.S. Gubbament Money

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop it now. Firebagger Insanity of the Day. Barack Obama WORST EVERRRRR. Dear Emo Progressive, You are Not Helping. Stop, before our democracy gets hurt!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

North Carolina

I'm in the Outer Banks all week for my cousin's wedding. Hope everyone had a great 4th!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

(this video made me laugh,"Home of Baywatch")

We're going beachin. Today is Friday and that's awesome. I'm working on a couple of things and then doing daily errands before our trip to North Carolina. My cousin is getting married in the Outer Banks, so we decided to make a big family vacation out of it. It's crazy with the move and everything I had completely forgot it was Fourth of July weekend...why do I hate America so much?! Fireworks here we come. Last night I was up quite late writing. I'm a night writer for sure. There's a calm to it that I prefer. This move has really ignited my creative juices as cliche as it may sound and that is all I can ask for.

Here are your highlights:

California gets a budget

Please leave, Tim Geithner considering resigning after debt-limit talks

About that Justice Prosser temper...

Kind of excited about this, Hot Water Music to release a new album

Mr. Incredible not so incredible

Minnesota, wtf?! My only hope is that this is a test run for the trainwreck the Republicans want in Congress...maybe they'll realize 1994 was bad news for them. Nope, who am I kidding, they hate the uppity president too much! If you noticed, Bush when he was being forceful was brave and presidential, Obama is an angry black man. Minority outreach GOP keep it up!