Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Manchester Orchestra

I have posted a couple of times highlighting performances and the most recent release of Manchester Orchestra. "Mean Everything to Nothing" has been number one on my Ipod since its release and will continue to be a favorite. It is no wonder this band is creating such buzz, seeing them on David Letterman was awe inspiring. One of the best performances on Dave period. Also I quite enjoyed Dave's voice cracking as he greeted the band members.


Bill Cunningham, Vomit Inducing Racist

"Sean, what we have here is this little boy who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the age of 6 to 10, rejected by his own father, rejected by his own mother, rejected by his stepfather, raised by his grandparents, bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia, kissing the behind of every European socialist, saying okay to people like Ahmenijad -- we have the most dishonest, the most disreputable 100 days in American history, and this guy actually believes it's good!" - Bill Cunningham

I have worked at various luxury retailers as a manager and as a salesman. While I encountered many different lovely and engaging people throughout my career, there were those who occasionally would remind of my "place" in America. So, when Barack Obama was elected President I felt compelled to share specific stories and experiences that refuted the claim his win "evened the playing field." Here is one of them.

In the summer of 2005 I was working on the sales floor of an established retailer in the men’s tailored clothing department. Those who shopped in the area were particularly Capital Hill types; however we did get the lawyers and successful businessmen (we did get the occasional visit from the former Vice President). Needless to say those who seriously bought from our department were rather respectable and honorable gentlemen.

It was midday when I approached a taller gentleman who was eyeing a seersucker sport coat. I had noticed that we did not carry his size off the rack, but inquired about his interest in the sport coat. He replied in a thick southern accent that he liked the sport coat and that he wanted to try it on in a 50 XL. I knew the likelihood of the sport coat being made in 50 XL was slim to none, but I did look up the sport coat in the system to verify my assumption. I offered to show him other items that we had in his size off the rack. He wanted nothing of it. “Is there anyway I can get that sport coat in my size?” he asked.

I suggested perhaps contacting the buyers who I knew and see if the fabric was available or if possible a similar fabric to be done made to measure. “I don’t want made to measure,” was his reply. I kindly said to him that I would look into it and then he stated the following.

“Well, how bout you do look into that for me, Boy.”

The man then gave me his card and flipped me a quarter.

I write this and still am shaken by the audacity of his statement and actions. When I saw this video it invoked the same emotion I had at that very moment. The reference to any person of any background as a “boy” let alone a person of color is racist. It is purposely degrading to the other person in an attempt to make them feel less than a man in their self-aggrandized society. The term was used commonly in breaths with the “n word" for hundreds of years, suffice to say, there is an unbridled disdain in this type of rhetoric. It is hate speech and nothing less and perhaps speaks much more about white male "conservatives" and their racial superiority complex.

The idea that Fox News would not repudiate such a remark immediately is telling of where they truly stand. It’s irresponsible to play it off as simply a view of the opposition. You could perhaps chalk it up to being a good ole boy, a slip of the tongue or a racist bigot pissed off that a black man is more eloquent, respected and intelligent than he. It is sad that Cunningham has an audience. Sad that this is considered commentary. And sad a man can flip you a quarter, call you “boy” and expect you not to put your gum in his card, fold it up and throw it away in the trash.

"He is very divisive! For normal Americans, he's very divisive! I'm a normal American! He's normal! [points to Hannity] I'm not so sure you guys are normal,
" Cunningham.

I guess I am not normal.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Rightwing Extremists not into Extreme

A recent report conducted by Independent Pollster Dudes found that rightwing extremist are not into all things "extreme."Among the results only 32% of those polled enjoyed the 80's rock group Extreme, 15% enjoyed watching X Games like sports while only 2% had watched one episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and teared up.

The report which also included results about diet, leisure activities and art. The information gathered in those categories were inconclusive with answers ranging from "socialism promotes art", "lighting tires and burning fires" to " the only diet I need is a good burger and the ammunition for my shotguns."

I.P.D.'s Chief Executive, Maia Poll concluded that although rightwing extremists hold what are considered "extreme" views, they normally do not partake in anything with the name extreme in it. "It is conclusive that the conclusions I concluded conclude that rightwing extremists are bat sh*t crazy. They mentioned Jebus, guns and socialism a lot and are certain someone is out take their freedom and guns. Oh and Extreme was a bunch of gays."

Extreme, the band, was not available for comment. XGames released the following statement "Phew, thought it was going to be much worse, cowabunga dudes."

The I.P.D. is a non-profit profiteering group of hip nuns.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Rain for your Work Day

Oh the fun of YouTube, the Weather in Chicago continues to be awful, but the long week is close to the end and the show must go on. I believe from now on I will wear a wet suit to work during the month of April.

Get your Dunkin' here are today's highlights:

Hate crimes are real and Congress shouldn't even debate the issue. Oh wait, but calling a person a "fag" isn't a hate crime, it's proof of Jebus's word.

I am rooting for the Pacman

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Anita Bryant 2009

Five Thirty Eight, Party of No-body?

Driftglass responds to a reader about Andrew Sullivan, it's a must read.

Byron York thinks blacks, African-Americans and the others, they all don't really count. In summation of the read "Only white people have an education, a right to vote and understand policy not the blackie. " Why don't these racists just come out and proclaim their segregationist tendencies? Then at least we can get the elephant out of the room. Chris Rock gives his take. (fast forward to 1:45)

Condee conjures up Nixon and adds, "by the way I didn't authorize anything," translation "I have a get out of jail free card, I swear G-Dub said so, he promised!!" Where's Jack Ryan when we need him?


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie is hard to hate. Their latest release's disappointed, however "Narrow Stairs" did have a few gems this track being one of them. It doesn't help their cause now that lead singer/songwriter Ben Gibbard is marrying the ever amazing Zoey Deschanel; a stab to every emo kid's heart. This song portrays Gibbard's experience with the California wildfires just two years ago and is featured on the Change is Now- Renewing America's Promise compilation.

From Tripwire:

Walter Robot was provoked to create the new Death Cab video for “Grapevine Fires” after the song was included on the official commemorative CD/DVD set Change is Now: Restoring America’s Promise, which celebrates the historic inauguration of President Obama. Inspired by DCFC front man Ben Gibbard and his experience with the infamously dangerous California wildfires two years ago, Robot managed to portray the devastating event through his unique style of animation, but was sill able to capture the sincere optimistic undertones of Gibbard’s lyrics throughout the video.

Robot has been praised for his work with on various projects including collaborations with Modest Mouse and Gnarls Barkley, and was even featured at the Sundance Film Festival, so it is no wonder that the merge of the two talented forces created an ingenious piece of work.

Enjoy your evening! Chow!

100 Days of Rage

President Barack Obama tonight will mark his first 100 days with a news conference that will be aired on the major networks nationwide. Media outlets have been analyzing the first 100 days of the President and applying grades to his performance. Yes. I said grades like the “C’s” I accumulated over many years for not “attending” class enough while passing tests and papers with flying colors. Those same grades that you are given during elementary school used solely to humiliate the “stupid” kid and mock the “nerd.” It makes sense, right? We do have party leaders who respond to policy like a two year old.

THIS IS WHY I RAGE, EXCLAMATION POINTS. Grades are hogwash, the media pundits have nothing better to do. And if I remember correctly when you first start a job, you have a 90 day evaluation, not 100 days, who was the genius who thought the extra 10 days better analyzed the President’s performance? Correct me if I am wrong, but there are four years to a presidential term. Four, to move legislation, make progress and circumvent the pile of crap that G-Dub left behind.

Oh I forgot you have to give Michele Winguttia and Judd Dredd airtime, let Joe Scarbore justify torture and foam at the mouth when Bradgelina takes a poop with their adopted United Colors of Benetton kids. G-Dub received gloating grades in his first 100 days…media masturbation that’s all it is that’s all. F for fail.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Michele Bachmann to Leave Planet Earth

Rep. Michele Bachmann
held a press conference today to announce she is leaving planet Earth to return to her home planet Winguttia. After unbridled attempts to further her planet’s agenda in the House of Representatives Bachmann has finally decided “saving” planet Earth is futile. She cited a laundry list of reasons for her departure which is scheduled sometime next week on Winguttia time not “lefty liberal time.”

Among the reasons: the left wing liberal extreme media bias, illegal Mexicans with mustaches wearing sombreros, the voice that speaks to her through her teeth, Jebus the God of Godlinessicity, Obama like terrorists, socialism, socialists, social group meetings, winter socials named the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, her loss at prom court all those years ago, the people painted black, media agendas of leftism, Sketchers shoes, Britney Spears, Orbitz gum commercials, and history books.

The conference included hand outs with Michelle Bachmann carrying a baby appearing to be the love child of Glenn Beck. No word on when Glenn Beck will return to their home planet as well.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Rep. Jim DeMint, Tent of Freedom

"We're seeing across the country right now, the biggest tent of all is freedom"
-Rep. Jim DeMint

So do we call them Freedom Tents now? Or do we call him Freedy Tent?

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

For your view: A slide of freedom

Still Cold Outside, Why Baby?

It's apparent Chicago actually is pro-torture (oh no I did not it's the dreadful "pro"), as it is supposed to rain and continue to be fuggin cold here. I am Cantonese for jebus sake, I am the equivalent of Larry the Cable Guy, but Chinese! Warm up already. At least I got to enjoy a good brew or two or three on a Tuesday night, I suggest it to all.

Get your Dunkin Donuts out people, early morning highlights:


Because having babies fixes everything....

First 100 days of bias and uninformed reporting

I never wanted an Iphone till now, I am going to get the orange wedge, then the pink wedge, then do the Trivial Pursuit Dance all over your FACE...too early? Never.

Patient Zero for Swine Flu is a five year old boy...must be a conspiracy, I mean kids never get sick and he is not an immigrant and and and ILLEGALS AND OBAMA!!!!

And for your belly of laughs, Sean Flannery, Chicago Comic and host of the Visitor's Locker Room


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter, Come on Down

Arlen Specter, Senator from Pennsylvania is switching to the Democratic Party. In hopes of re-election the often middle of the road Republican will now become a center-right Democrat. It is a flip flop of epic proportions, possibly giving the Democratic Party the power majority of 60 in the Senate.

(insert cloud overhang here)

Muahahahahahahah he has joined the Dark Side. There is nothing now to stop the Sith from taking over and establishing the Empire of Obama! Muahahahaha!!! Welcome Darth Arlen. Now we will use the Dark Side to promote pro-choice, gay marriage and unions...oh wait. What the?

The idea that Arlen "the Road Block" Specter is now switching parties is highly suspect. If you look at all the headaches he caused over the Recovery Act and now the Employee Free Choice Act (you can still be a Democrat and differ on these issues just not in Penn), this man is in a last ditch effort to keep his seat.

Or maybe he finally realized that being a Republican right now is worse than being a member of the Taliban. Or he felt alienated by his leaders. Or as he said, they have gone so far off into Planet Winguttia, he just couldn't stand it anymore....

"I now find my political philosophy more in line with Democrats than Republicans," said Specter.

Now if only we could get him to infiltrate the Death Star and get us those schematics we so desperately need.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's fuggin cold in Chicago while waiting for the train this morning my Red Eye nearly was ripped out of my hands by mother nature. Man, gotta love April. APRIL! Are you kidding me? The end of APRIL! RAAAGGE!!! I am so mad I might pop a vein like a liberal blogger reading a torture memo. At least the Hawks put out the Flames.

Your morning highlights:

Alan Grayson is a good man Charlie Brown.

Mom, Dad I broke the world WORST world record

To confirm people now, we need Swine Flu...welcome to Wingnuttia.

I wonder why she canceled the wedding? Perhaps the fact he is now called the Craigslist Killer?

Jason Campbell has had four offenses
, FOUR, and nearly as many coaches, yet for some reason that brain dud that is Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder went shopping for a quarterback. Wonder why the kid is in shock? Perhaps we could give him a second season with the same personnel and then see how it pans out? Terrible management.

And local funny, Hannibal Buress on Craig Ferguson (video is old I know, but still classic)


Monday, April 27, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Hot Rod Circuit

Boy, I miss this band. Of all the bands I tried to create on my own, most of them were trying desperately to sound just like Hot Rod Circuit. We failed miserably. Hot Rod Circuit from their inception was based on southern riffs with a post-hardcore mentality. It led to some great early records and a final LP that encapsulated all their ventures in between. I am a vocal enthusiats and Andy Jackson's delivery is like none other. He has a distinct way of being a complete train wreck while almost hitting all of his notes. On this song he revisited one of the successes of their earliest release; simple lyrics with an amazing hook. "As typical as it may, you've never seen likes of a boy like me!" I sing this at least once a week. Thank you Hot Rod Circuit you gave my high school and college years a soundtrack and my move to Chicago a thematic welcome. Enjoy.


Stay Classy Fox

Well if you didn't believe they are trying to be the voice of the opposition, more proof here and here


Green House Fail Part 2

The Green House of the Future part dos by William McDonough + Partners, apparently they take their design inspiration from Trees. Ohh how stupid can this be? I mean if I learned anything, trees cause pollution (thank you Ronald Reagan) and this design does not look anything like a TREE. It actually looks like a Pringle. Which is cool, but dude once you pop you can't stop and being Green is all about conservation. FAIL.

This reminds of that one time I was in high school and some douche nugget tried to explained to me being a male cheerleader was just like being on the football team on the bench. Except you yell in unison and get to look up girls skirts which somehow made him just as manly as my bench warming days at the ole high school with a total of .9 minutes of playing time. EPIC FAIL. I touched the football dude. Can you deal with that?

If doesn't look like a tree, smell like a tree, taste like a tree. It looks like a Pringle. Got it? Good.

Real deal tree house here biotchesss!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Swine Flu = Raaaaggeeeee!!!

It’s Susan Collins' Fault, It’s the Obstructionist Republicans fault, No it’s dirty Mexicans fault!!


Across the board blame is abound of the recent outbreak of swine flu. The real blame? It belongs to the other white meat. Bacon will not taste the same for quite some time.

Regardless, the truth is that limutted gubbament is the answer unless you actually want to prevent, cure and help during a possible pandemic. No matter how you look at, rejecting science and rejecting funds for science always comes back to bite you in the most awesome way, how is that for some tasty bacon!

click the bacon for the ever eloquent crazy malkinism of the day

Of course they keep on making it too easy, alfalfa sprouts.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Note: This is tragic for many families and there is no laughing matter there.

Green House Fail Part 1

The Green House of the future by Rios Clementi Hale Studios, this looks like a fail. Designed by a super hippie who thinks mushrooms are magic and weed is the plant that dreams are made of, this house is the equivalent of Jeff Goldblum's makeover in "the Fly." I don't care what the science is, this house is stupid. It's like someone snorted coke and then saw the upside down tomato garden in your home ad and snooooooooooooooooort GREEN HOUSE.

Scene: guy getting into taxi.

Taxi Driver: Where ya headed buddy?

Green House Resident: The house that looks like nature vomited on it.

End Scene.

Question to the designer, if your client has allergies or can be stung by a bee and die, how practical is your "edible home"? Answer: It's death trap, now go listen to Pink Floyd and try again. FAIL.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Quick Take- Hypocrisy Runs Rampant

Hello all and welcome back to the desk. This weekend was pleasant, aside from the rain and Cubs, I got a new pair of yuppie kicks and me and me lady rode horseback through a magical forest (aka slopped on the futon all day watching Sister Act 2, what what!).

Highlights from the weekend, enjoy

The Bulls
came home and brought it

Hypocrisy runs rampant, apparently(if you are the GOP) denying a bj from an intern is cause for impeachment and a witch hunt, torture not so much.

Taking Back Sunday, has a new song "New Again," thoughts?

What America needs at Timmy Geithner's Treasury sit downs....

The left-wing media bias is trying to cover it's own butt over the War on Terror? Well some think so.

Bueller, Bueller

Hail to the Redskins
, interesting first day of the Draft, but my Skins added two solid defenders, now if only we could get a promising offensive lineman. Playoffs baby here we come!

That's all for now.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Safe Upset Over Name Dropping

You have heard his name over headlines, arguments and debates about the recently released torture memos. SAFE. Some believe releasing these memos makes our country "less safe" while some believe safety has already been compromised. Mr. Safe himself isn't to happy about the current conversation all together.

"I am trying to do my job. That's it. Safe is my name keeping things safe is the game. I don't know what these people believe safe is, but it isn't egging people on by pouring water on their face."

Mr. Safe seems to be anti-torture, but if you dig deeper, there is much more. "Quit using my name for your politics. I am Safe. Safe is my name. I know some people want to keep America safe, but do it the right way, I don't bother people that's why I am trustworthy. No antagonizing. Got it. And why are people referencing me, they weren't concerned when we went to War. That's like dangling a marshmallow over flames. How safe is going to war?" Tough words from a tough guy.

The key to keeping things safe Mr. Safe said is first being logical, second keeping a low key attitude and third having a lock.

Mr. Safe plans on taking a vacation now that he is an overnight talking point. Where he will vacation? Well ladies and gentlemen that is a secret better kept safe.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Rush Limbaugh Called Out Sick Today

Reeeeeeeelllaaaaapppppseeeeee! and Relapse again and again.


Where's G-Dub?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

With the Karl Rove's and Dick Cheney's, the Dick Cheney daughters and former CIA agents coming out in defense of their offense, one person who's been on the Ranch chilling is good old G-Dub.

What does G-Dub think about all of this?

Well color me pink and tickle my fancy! Get me a motor scooter to Aspen, Texas I am ready to go Lloyd and Harry I am in! If I didn't hear that right we used techniques, and it isn't torture.

Phew. Well glad that's cleared up. It's only torture when our enemies do it. Man oh man. Condy you are off the hook. Dick you too. Karl keep ignoring those subpoenas. G-Dub, he is going back to doing what he does best...vacation.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Update: Here's that quote again, from that guy who was the First President

“Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.” - George Washington, charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force, Sept. 14, 1775

Friday Finally- Quick Take

TGIF. It has been a long week, a lot of ups and downs. Tonight is the premiere of a great comedy showcase in Chicago that I will be rocking out at, so needless to say I am pumped! I will be bringing the LOL, LMAO, and LMFAO to an open minded crowd and I can't wait.

So let's get the laugh and OMG on, highlights:

TURTLE POWER!!! COWABUNGA 25 years of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What's up with this video?

It's called evil. Can anyone tell me when "Hard Left" starring Jenna Jameson enters theaters?

Danny Cho and crew challenge D-Wade

In West Philadelphia born and racist is where I spent most of my days!

Wolverine is still a bad ass and since when did Facebook premiere trailers...kind of cool

Rory Scovel, friend and hilarious.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Eugene Robinson,"Torture is not just immoral but also illegal. This means that once we learn the whole truth, the law will oblige us to act on it."

That's it for now, Friday!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- the Dear Hunter

I have been a fan of the Dear Hunter since their first inception. It is in category of one of my favorite genre's of music; conceptual prog rock. In laymen's terms, it is nerd concept rock. The story is about a boy his life, love and death, yet it is the music and emotion that Casey (I have met him, I am a Band-Aid, not really, ok maybe if they ask... first name basis applies here is what I am saying) portrays through his songs in any setting that is of legend. This is the official video from their single "Church and Dime" and it only scratches the surface of why I appreciate this album so much. Other highlight tracks include "Red Hands", "Evicted" and "Black Sandy Beaches." With an upcoming release in June, I will be first in line metaphorically at the ITunes store to download Act III.

If you get the chance see them perform live Casey has added his brother to drums and a former member of his previous band Receiving End of Sirens on bass. It's a must see.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Wu-Tang Clan Pissed as new report says Asian-Americans still the "Other"

This is not what anyone looks like ANYONE

A recent report by Committee of 100 has Wu-Tang Clan and others in the Asian-American community upset. "Still the Other?" reveals some disturbing stereotypes still ring true about Asian-Americans in the public eye despite evidence of the contrary. The report also found that most people still do not know of the distinction between Asian and separate ethnic groups such as the Chinese and Japanese. The Wu-Tang says "they ain't havin' it."

"This ain't nuttin to fugg wit, peoples being trying to mush us all into one group. Fugg that! Rza he is definitely Chinese, Raekwon Korean, Ghostface Killah is Vietnamese, look at me I am definitely Thai, this is 2009!" said a quite irate Method Man.

The report was clear that even though over 50,000 Asian-Americans are enlisted in the United States military, people generally don't think they are loyal to the US. Rza, the resident leader of Wu-Tang stated, "Yo, if I could talk to these people give them a heads up. I would show them what's fugged up. It's as Confucius says "Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." He added plus this is just "fugged up."

The Wu-Tang Clan have started making a new album to approach the report in a positive manner. The hope is to bring awareness of the Asian-culture and dispel stereotypes. They also said if you disagree with them well, they have a message for you too.....

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Reference of Wu-Tang initiation here, more RAGE here.

Ladies and Gentlemen Step Right Up!

Because torture is game show humor...


Quick Take- Rock Out and We Don't Fuggin Torture

Aw the air is fresh in the Chi and we have some bruhaha going on ladies and gents! I give you the early highlights brought to you by the CORNHOLE!

THE PACMAN Cometh and he will bringeth the pain

Secret Asian Man rules

We do not fuggin torture!

John Boehner and Eric Cantor sent a letter to President Obama about bi-partisanship, one thing Boehner voted with the President 0% of the time, Cantor twice maybe... sorta.

Hillary has it on lock

Twice in one sitting?

What did I say, back me up here Absolute Punk

Another Storm is coming...pun intended.

And that's it for now!

CHOW on that!

Fire Napolitano, Fire Everyone!!!

Early Morning RAAAGGEE!!!! We want her out! Janet Napolitano sucks! Bring the pitchforks and the messenger infuriating flames!!! Arrgghhhhhhh!!! FIRE HER, FIRE HER, FIRE HER!

With this ridiculous spat over the DHS report about domestic terrorism by conservatives let us think and reflect.

Argument 1: The report is a "hit job" on conservatives. The report was about rightwing extremists, the word "conservative" does not show up once. Argument 2: The report talks about recruitment of veterans coming back from war, stress recruitment and Ms. Napolitano cleared all the mess up. Basically these groups want gun skills. Argument 3: Yes it mentions abortion and immigration, but let's just do a little history lesson the Wiki-way.


* March 10, 1993: Dr. David Gunn of Pensacola, Florida.
* June 29, 1994: Dr. John Britton and James Barrett, Pensacola, Florida.
* December 30, 1994: Two receptionists, Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols, were killed in two clinic attacks in Brookline, Massachusetts.
* January 29, 1998: Robert Sanderson, an off-duty police officer who worked as a security guard at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, was killed when his workplace was bombed.
* October 23, 1998: Dr. Barnett Slepian was shot to death at his home in Amherst, New York.

Arson, bombing, property crime

* December 25, 1984: An abortion clinic and two physicians' offices in Pensacola, Florida were bombed in the early morning of Christmas Day by a quartet of young people (Matt Goldsby, Jimmy Simmons, Kathy Simmons, Kaye Wiggins) who later called the bombings "a gift to Jesus on his birthday."[13]
* October 1999: Martin Uphoff set fire to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, causing US$100 worth of damage. He was later sentenced to 60 months in prison.[14]
* May 28, 2000: An arson at a clinic in Concord, New Hampshire on resulted in damage estimated at US$20,000. The case remains unsolved.[15]
* September 30, 2000: A Catholic priest drove his car into the Northern Illinois Health Clinic after learning that the FDA had approved the drug RU-486. He pulled out an ax before being shot at by a security guard.[16]
* June 11, 2001: An unsolved bombing at a clinic in Tacoma, Washington destroyed a wall, resulting in US$6000 in damages. [14]
* July 4, 2005: A clinic Palm Beach, Florida was the target of an arson. The case remains open.[14]
* December 12, 2005: Patricia Hughes and Jeremy Dunahoe threw a Molotov cocktail at a clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana. The device missed the building and no damage was caused. In August 2006, Hughes was sentenced to six years in prison, and Dunahoe to one year. Hughes claimed the bomb was a “memorial lamp” for an abortion she had had there. [17]
* September 13, 2006 David McMenemy of Rochester Hills, Michigan crashed his car into the Edgerton Women's Care Center in Davenport, Iowa. He then doused the lobby in gasoline and then started a fire. McMenemy committed these acts in the belief that the center was performing abortions, however Edgerton is not an abortion clinc.[18]
* April 25, 2007: A package left at a women's health clinic in Austin, Texas contained an explosive device capable of inflicting serious injury or death. A bomb squad detonated the device after evacuating the building. Paul Ross Evans (who had a criminal record for armed robbery and theft) was found guilty of the crime. [19]
* May 9, 2007: An unidentified person deliberately set fire to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia.[20]
* December 6, 2007: Chad Altman and Sergio Baca were arrested for the arson of Dr. Curtis Boyd's clinic in Albuquerque. Altman’s girlfriend had scheduled an appointment for an abortion at the clinic. [21]
* January 22, 2009 Matthew L. Derosia, 32, who was reported to have had a history of mental illness [22]rammed a SUV into the front entrance of a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota.[23]

More here.

For visual reference just to keep the eye popping, I give you Exhibit Duh

Extremism passed down from generation to generation

I am not sure this truck is legal

Bob Barker in the back offering "free health care?"

I don't know what's worse the denim shorts or the misspelling...

Do I need a brain on drugs commercial to further the explanation? I hope not.

You say...But, but, but that's not fair! No the facts aren't. The same goes for the other side. Let's not championing this rhetoric anymore. Report or no report shall we perhaps act I guess we can't.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Lantern and the Justice League of Green America

Green Lantern
of the Justice League of America is leading a group of superheroes to push green legislation. Gathered in conference with the Green Lantern are notable heroes Martian the Manhunter, Savage Dragon, and the Hulk, the Green Lantern hopes to persuade Congress with their actions not their powers.

The superheroes started today by planting over a million trees in the backyards of environment haters across the country. The plantings included former CEO’s and CEO’s of oil companies, dirty coal, radio hosts and congressional environmental deniers.

In a radical move Green Lantern actually put a green prison box filled with cattle around the home of John Boehner.

“This is about Earth and we superheroes are no different than any other being except I have the luxury of being able to leave this planet. Some can’t. Well two of us, but still the cause is worthy. Justice is green and green is justice!” said the Green Lantern.

Some people are worried about the aggressive “hero” tactics, but few question the Hulk.

Hulk known as a normally raging hero, stated, “Hulk smash environmental problems!”

The Justice League of Green America plans on continuing their cause throughout the year while still fending off the criminal and extraterrestrial villains that threaten liberty and justice for all.

Martian the Manhunter and Savage Dragon were not available for comment.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Letter from Earth on Earth Day

Dear People of Me,

Okay so you have one day. One measly day for me and I am supposed to be grateful? Laddy dah dah. Bull honky poop. This is a joke. Aside from the sincere green conscience people out there, no not you Natalie Portman, there rest of you are just filthy fake hippies. I get it NOW all of sudden you love me and want me to be better for YOU. That’s really what this comes down to, you finally got my message. Quit fuggin up my face!

Dudes, ladies, gents and weed smokers alike, it should always be Earth day. I provide you with everything. No really everything and I am fed up. And a word for those detractors of Global Warming, I have one word for you volcanoes. I will start hissing and fuming if you keep on denying your obvious hurt to me and MY FACE. So thanks for celebrating me and catching up oh I don’t know 2,000 years late, but come on already and quit fuggin up my face.

On another note let me address the following:

PETA stop making out with vegetables, it doesn’t help. Al Gore, could I have a more boring spokesman? Overweight or obese people do consume more hence why they hurt my face, trash. Bobby Jindal the levees broke dude I got you on the radar and Sarah Palin once I figure out how to evolve wolves to shoot back, you are totally public enemy numero uno.

Phew had to get that off my crust. Back to rumbling Alaska!



I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

P.S. Bring back my favorite show!

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Hump Day- Let's Dance

Hello and Happy Hump Day...again. It's Earth Day and we must participate to evolutionate (thank you Kirk Franklin for the vocab). Here's some headlines and highlights.

Not sure what to think about this, but I laughed out loud at work.

The problem with an argument against Global Climate Change is when you refer to it as "alleged" science you come across as crazy. I could care less about your numbers game because the point is we aren't helping ourselves or Mother Earth. I remember a group of people who did that do a couple of other people ummmm the world is flat ring a bell?

Candidate for album of the year Manchester Orchestra- Mean Everything to Nothing, listen.

RAAGE on torture.

Someone likes Tim Burton's take on Batman too much, wtf mate?

Finally commentary that makes sense about MMA.

You can't really interview the guy who was behind ordering torture without mentioning he ORDERED torture

What city goes from 44 to 80 in three days Chicago, fuggin Chicago.

Former Mayor and SNL skit regular Mayor 9/11 himself Rudy Giuliani is taking on a new terror Opposite Marriage. After failing in his two previous marriages Giuliani has been on his soap box of late stating marriage should only be ruined by straight people. Running for Planet Wingnuttia in 2000elvendee are we Rudy?

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin in his later years became rather politically motivated in not only his life, but songwriting. Every time I hear this song I want to do something. Whether it is simply signing a petition, writing an essay on our country's troubles or going out and demanding action. It's a fantastic song by one of my favorite performers of all time. The message still rings true!

1970's TV Special "A Night With Bobby Darin" and can be found on the DVD of the same name (Umbrella Entertainment).


National Park Service Week

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

More here.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Opposite Marriage an Essay

The following is a submitted essay by the recent Runner-Up of the Miss USA pageant, Miss California Carrie Prejean.

Opposite marriage is the marriage of two people of not of the same species sex. In my country of USA, the only country States of America United, man and a woman make up opposite marriage. They have a family made up of kids who then go on to have opposite marriage. It is the finest fibers of the God, the bible and the Jesus. In additions to the others statements I have had, I agree that people all over should have the right to love whoever they want just as long as it is opposite marriage. The good Christian Californian upbringing that I got and do have taught me that when a man loves a woman and so on. I thank you for hearing me out on this important topic, God loves you and me together we all are one big family, except those who don’t do opposite marriage. He kind of loves you, but only when you stop loving the sameness of yourselves species sex. (insert hand wave and smile here)

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message. (note Frank Chow does not endorse this lughead or her views)

Video reference:

The Financial Come Down

This weekend I had the unfortunate experience of getting in a political discussion while drunk (don’t do it) and outnumbered by staunch conservatives. Although we had no real revelations (my argument came down to asking them to read a history book), there was one outrageous statement I can’t get out of my head.

It was made by a gentleman from the financial sector. To paraphrase he proclaimed, “the only time this country is great is when the rich elite exist and have control and people make (money) whatever they want.” He then went on a rant about poor people, whining and more rich being richer and the only successful nation is that of the rich.

It was met by gasps from all sides. I looked at him befuddled, another person called him crazy and another person said “I just can’t agree with you on that.”

But it got me thinking, do some people in the financial world believe this? Or perhaps just the ones we are currently bailing out? The Citigroups of the world? Where could he have developed such a thought? Had I ever met someone so heartless before?

The more I meet people from the financial sector I am coming to the conclusion that some really believe they have a one up on others. They have insider tips and an understanding of finances us lay folk can’t comprehend. This gentleman not only decried economists all together, he spat on the middle class and lower class and well people in general, aside from the “elite.”

Now I might be a novice at finance, but I do understand one thing about finance, it is playing with other peoples’ money. There is no solid. With all the hoopla, catch phrases and ups and downs, the financial sector is based off of nothing tangible. It is essentially made up of educated guesses, flow charts, graphs, tons of numbers and predictions which remind me of another habitual and sometime profitable past time in Illinois, off track betting.

Except in off track betting people lose their own money or you end up dealing with Big Louie aka the Shark aka Bloody Knuckles aka Don’t Mess Wit aka Remova Pinka aka Mo Money Mo Problems and not Big Brother.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Quick Take

I should be doing something else like I don't know my yearly review, however here are some highlights!

Bye Bybee or so say some

Asians an extortion in California, who says the Chinese Mafia doesn't exist?

Eric Holder
is gonna have to have barrs

Something is wrong with this wine glass

Krugman in response to response on response about Ireland


Apparently Dick Cheney thinks hand shakes are totally weak, just like "not" attacking the President while attacking the President

And for your listening pleasure!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Manchester Orchestra

Tomorrow Manchester Orchestra releases their second album entitled "Mean Everything to Nothing." In honor of the highly anticipated release I give you two amazing videos.

This first is one of the best Letterman performance I have seen in quite sometime.

The second, a song off the new album and you're welcome.

CHOW and have a wonderful evening.

You Can Shake Hands, But Don't Smile

Ohhhhh they have got less than nothing now.

Newt Gingrich needs to go back to his the 90's when this fake rage actually worked. And David Gergen states you can shake someone's hand, but you can't smile and say hello.

So our foreign policy should reflect that of a middle school girl who just asked Donny to the dance, but he went with Kelly and now you have to shake Kelly's hand. AMERICA, be firm, but lady like darling. Single tear. Then when he dumps her kiss him in front of everyone at lunch.

This reminds of the one time I shook hands with a guy who was trying to get with my girlfriend and by shake his head shoved him into Hell. YES, I can push that hard just like Constantine.

In addition, I have some RAGE for you (this is how it is done)

420 is dumb maybe we could legalize marijuana if potheads didn't giggle every time 420 came about or celebrated it. There is a use to it. Arrogant Chrysler proves yet again shareholders is the financial world's way of saying "our greedy selves." The tea parties are tea bagginorific and Freedom Works says we don't get it...right. The new strategy of the Republican Party, however is very clear.

The Poster child for condoms? I rest my case.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Iran's President booed for using old Lisa Lampanelli Jokes

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad incited a walkout at the UN racism conference today. He was noted by many onlookers as using "hack" jokes regarding the Jewish community and Israelis.

Ahmadinejad opened with this jewel,"Q: What did the waiter ask the group of dining Jewish mothers? A: 'Is ANYTHING all right?" The crowd threw clown noses in his direction and boo bricks. The boo bricks were a new addition to the racism conference to allow onlookers and participants to heckle speakers for boring rhetoric or being white apologists. The crowd, however got rowdy when Ahmadinejad began giving an Islamic prayer while inserting "Jews are cheap and Jews smell" after every line.

The walkout included 40 various diplomats who had heard enough from Ahmadinejad, who also was using recycled Lisa Lampanelli jokes. Including an off hand comment that had most befuddled "Hitler got more laughs than Ehud Olmert, and he did it without Jewish writers." He then proceed to call all Jews a bunch of witches who are racists adding "the 7:30 show is totally different than the 10:30 show, always tip your waitress."

No word on who will be the opening act for Ahmadinejad at the 10:30 show.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Monday, Wow Chicago

Monday and more rain and mugginess. I know April is supposed to mean showers, but not fall weather temperatures. Great weekend though and here are the highlights.

Japanese screamo band FACT totally rock and wear scary masks. Unfortunately they were just injured in an accident on their first US tour and went back to Japan to recover. All the best to FACT.

The lady friend and I went to the Cubs game on Saturday. Amazing.

John Boehner still stupid.

the MMA will always be second to Boxing with a CEO who doesn't appreciate the "science" and "craft" of his fighters. Styles make fights.

Napolitano clarifies the DHS report on rightwing extremists and veterans.

Krugman on Ireland and us.

And welcome back to blogging Padraig, A Moveable Feasta.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Thomas the Train Secretary of Railway

President Obama and his new administration announced yesterday they are moving forward with a new investment in high speed railway systems across the nation.

They provided maps, drawings and a surprise guest the new head of the Railway System, Thomas the Train.

“Toot, toot” said Thomas the Train at the beginning of his first address to the nation.

Thomas the Train plans on linking the nation through happy thoughts, rails that go for miles and cheery songs to make everyone smile. His message was met with applause and reporters looked astounded at the size of such a train in a conference room.

Obama and Biden both trumpeted the developed of high speed railways, while Thomas the Train asked for an upgrade jokingly, “you know blue doesn’t look that fast and my tinkers are getting oldie, how about a new government paint job?”

The trains hope to be backed by funding in not only the stimulus package, but Thomas the Train toys. No doubt the trains will be packed once implemented by gum drop dreams and the screaming child laughter of all.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

More below:

Conservative Humor vs. Humor

As an authoritarian on humor I thought I would present a fact.

Dennis Miller:
"Now we've got [Department of Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano coming out, talking about the right-wing conspirists [sic]. For God's sakes -- hey, Janet, if you're going to hover over me like this, at least ditch that Frank Luntz haircut, OK? Because I need something a little more together."

John Stewart:
[Clip of Bush: America needs to conduct this debate on immigration in a reasoned and respectful tone...We cannot build a unified country by inciting people to anger or playing on anyone's fears]
Jon Stewart: "That's what terrorism and gay people are for."

There is a difference.

One is insulting, degrading to another person, the whole point is to lift their personal egos while protecting their own limitations and making fun of appearance and the superficial. It is like a high school bully when you get a great grade in class and he calls you a "fag."

The other is commentary that so happens to bring light a particular truth. Short and simple, a bait and switch as we call it in the industry.

Any questions? I thought not.

I am Frank Chow and you can tell a lot about a person's humor by this simple test.

And for another form of comedy Colbert take it away

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