Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Lantern and the Justice League of Green America

Green Lantern
of the Justice League of America is leading a group of superheroes to push green legislation. Gathered in conference with the Green Lantern are notable heroes Martian the Manhunter, Savage Dragon, and the Hulk, the Green Lantern hopes to persuade Congress with their actions not their powers.

The superheroes started today by planting over a million trees in the backyards of environment haters across the country. The plantings included former CEO’s and CEO’s of oil companies, dirty coal, radio hosts and congressional environmental deniers.

In a radical move Green Lantern actually put a green prison box filled with cattle around the home of John Boehner.

“This is about Earth and we superheroes are no different than any other being except I have the luxury of being able to leave this planet. Some can’t. Well two of us, but still the cause is worthy. Justice is green and green is justice!” said the Green Lantern.

Some people are worried about the aggressive “hero” tactics, but few question the Hulk.

Hulk known as a normally raging hero, stated, “Hulk smash environmental problems!”

The Justice League of Green America plans on continuing their cause throughout the year while still fending off the criminal and extraterrestrial villains that threaten liberty and justice for all.

Martian the Manhunter and Savage Dragon were not available for comment.

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