Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sanders Not Your Savior

We shouldn't be married to politicians. The moment we do, we certainly will be disappointed.

Exhibit B: Bernie Sanders NY Daily News interview

if I win, it will mean that millions of people now want to be involved in the political process in a way that has not previously existed. Every item that I am talking about on my agenda is, I believe, supported by the majority of the people in this country. My major job is to mobilize the American people to demand that Congress listen to them and their needs rather than just the big money interests. That's how you make change take place. For example, as you know, I've talked about the need to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. Do I believe we can deliver on that? Absolutely, because I believe that millions of young people and their parents understand that that's what we should be doing right now. And I think if Republicans or some Democrats want to vote against it, they will pay a very heavy political price.

"Heavy political price" -- I'm sure McConnell is fanning himself right now! What this tells me is Bernie is either completely unrealistic or he has no idea how to start an actual revolution. Or how things get done in Washington, the United States and the world. I've had my reservations about Bernie, mainly this, how does this so-called revolution translate into change? Apparently, Bernie doesn't even know.

More from Michael Cohen's Twitter. Read the whole interview. It's shockingly bad.

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