Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wish I Wrote...


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*still barely blogging, very much so prepping to get married

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yup, there was a small one last night. The lady and I were both chatting in bed and all of sudden it felt like something was tunneling underneath us. It wasn't but a tremor in California standards, however it spooked us both. Never been through one took a little under a year for us to experience our first earthquake.

Just as I was starting to like this town hmm...

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Month

I get married a month from today. One month. I'm ridiculously excited, we've been engaged for a year and half now, so it's about friggin time. The past two days have been spent planning, calling and then trying my darndest to make sure friends and family are accommodated. It's been kind of crazy. With the wedding being in Chicago, I've been waking up early to call people in the midwest with the hope of catching them before they're too busy or gone for the day. Fun, fun, fun. We've been blessed thus far with the love outpouring from our family and friends. Some people are traveling eons just to be with us, pretty amazing. It's a big day and it's just around the corner.

I'll be posting a bit sporadically from now on and then the week of the wedding not at all. If anyone would like to hold down the fort while I'm gone please feel free to email me. In the mean time, enjoy this song.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's Go Bayern!!

I have to work today, but I'll be rockin my classic jersey. Go Bayern Munchen!! 


Friday, May 18, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I have to close the store tonight due to an unexpected call out. So I'll be at work all day instead of having my Friday night off to relax. *Sigh. Life's so rough. In other news, the lady has her bachelorette festivus beginning today. It's really all just around the corner. I can't wait!

Here are your highlights:

Facebook hits the casino floor!!

Interesting concept, Wong Fu Productions presents Away We Happened

AZ Secretary of State is a complete birther moron, what's wrong with AZ?

Romney sums up his campaign thus far in one quote

Lying Lies, it's amazing how some people keep their jobs


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still Not Working

Anyone at this point screaming "SOCIALISM!" is really really ridiculously really out of their mind. If you look at many of the economic policies of the Obama administration, they are in fact quite conservative. And it's not working (clarifying: the conservative policies by the administration aren't working aka austerity measures). Perhaps it's time we try something else? I don't know...maybe...hire back some of the 600,000 or so gubbament employees we laid off. It'd be a start.

Also too, gubbament jobs aren't teh real jobs. *if I had a larger desk I would chuck it onto the 40-fuckin-5.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Welp, it was kind of a disappointing day. Today is not starting off any better. Also too, ugh.

Here are your highlights:

Conservative Super-Pac is ready to push the Obama is a "scary black man" on voters this fall.

All things NATO summit in Chicago

Bayern prepares for the CL final & Chelsea's goalie says Bayern is the favorite

They're still doing this, these are elected officials calling Obama "not an American"

"It's a European problem"


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The At Home Bar - A New Segment

I'm starting a new segment, the "At Home Bar." It will include; drinks, booze reviews and various successes and failings as I delve deeper into mixology at home. For my birthday my pops bought me two books and an authentic Jeremy Lin jersey (which I'm rockin right now). One of the books is full of cocktails and recipes for bartenders, I stumbled upon this concoction whilst browsing and thought I would try it out...


1 oz. dark rum (I used Gosling's)
1/2 oz. Cointreau
1/2 oz. bourbon (I used Buffalo Trace)
Dash of grenadine
Ice (optional)

Shake the ingredients, then strain into a martini glass and serve.

(h/t American Bartender's Handbook)

Turns out, it's right up my alley. It isn't quite a Manhattan, but offers some similar medicinal notes. It's no surprise the maplee (not a word) rum balances well with the bourbon. I would suggest an acute amount of grenadine, it's simply there to add some sweetness to a drink that has sweetness already built in. Perhaps try garnishing with a cherry or a bit a maraschino liqueur instead. I'll leave that up to you all. I'm definitely adding this to my rotation of serviceable drinks at home.

Drink up!

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Ninja Thought


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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I'm heading to LAX to drop off my lady and my sister. It's bachelorette weekend in Chicago and I'll be here holding down the fort. Hopefully today I'll be able to wrap up some details for the wedding and then relax. It's my day off after all.

Here are your highlights:

Manny Pacquiao opens up about gay marriage and sounds like a right-wing nut jub. Some athletes shouldn't speak...

A repeat of the debt-limit fight?

Oops, GOP establishment pick loses in Nebraska primary. Will they show up for Romney? I think so.


The conservative wealthy victims, never quite victims


Monday, May 14, 2012

Ninja Thought

Facebook Elite

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a weekend. My lil sis graduated from USC, my Dad came into town, we ate out a lot, then yesterday we visited my Dad's long time friend at his home. It was a busy and fun-filled weekend. We're exhausted. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed being at a family home again. It's been a while since we've been surrounded by a family, their dogs and grilling out. It's a past-time we don't get to partake in enough. We both had never been to Santa Clarita, so after driving some 35 miles, we were pleasantly surprised to find a rustic and charming corner of California. I'm starting to like this state, the more I see of it. This week it's back to the grind. Hoping an audition around the corner...

Here are your highlights:

JPMorgan Chase Official Expected to Resign

Meanwhile, the great gambling Wall is nervous

Indonesia the next hot spot for big movies

Our librul media, David Gregory going to suck up to his GOP buddies

The Cost of Education, we're losing the future one student at a time

STIMULUS - not supply side is our only hope at this point. Wake up "super smart people", austerity is stupid.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Today is my little sister's graduation. They grow up so fast. I'm off the grid for most of the day.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

As a friend put it, "Obama stole my thunder."

Here are your highlights:

Romney a glimpse into his high-school days "gay-basher". Not exactly the best story...

Tougher and tougher to afford college

Stupid Shit David Brooks and Frum says

Black Studies and "Intellectual Cowardice"  - Naomi Schaefer-Riley not sure if she's racist or just stupid.

WHAT?! Coolest wedding band ever


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Year Older

Thank you to my friends, family and my amazing better half for all the love and support through another year. Can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Tomorrow I'm older...not sure how I feel about that. Hoping to head to the beach. Today, however another day at work slangin booze.

Here are your highlights:

North Carolina, set to ban gay marriage. Absolutely appalling. 

Airplane Plot

THIS! Have I mentioned lately David Brooks Is an Idiot? 

RIP Maurice Sendak, his stories were a great part of my childhood


Monday, May 7, 2012

Ninja Thought

Teh overlords still aren't learning

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

I had to work all fact working the next couple of days till Wednesday. My baby sister graduates college on Friday, so my dad is coming into town and we plan on having a jolly ole time. It's kind of hard to grasp. My baby sister nine years my younger is graduating college, I'm old, but we couldn't be prouder of her. She made USC seems easy and that's quite a feat. On Friday we drink a glass to my sister!

Here are your highlights:

Al Qaeda post video of captured American

Is the administration finally moving in the right direction of marriage equality?

Boxing Mailbag, Mayweather v Cotto fans react. The old adage "styles make fights" reigns again! Can't wait to watch the replay!

Meanwhile, in the Bond Market

Yup, John Boehner is terrible at his job

Maybe we should try a new policy that doesn't include giving "rich assholes" free money


Friday, May 4, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I love our health care system. It's so awesome and by awesome I mean awesomely bad. As you may recall I had to go the hospital just before Thanksgiving and I didn't have health insurance at the time because 1) my job didn't provide it 2) my lady's employer said we had to live together for six months before I would be eligible. So I owed the hospital for their services, okay I understand that. I set up a payment plan because it was a big chunk of money and since December I've been slowly chipping away at it. Yesterday they sent me a "Final Notice" for my time. Needless to say I'm pissed, I'll be calling them today, probably be on hold for hours until someone figures out which blackhole my money has been going into. FML. We need single payer health care, this is ridick. Other than that everything is rosy. We got to Skype with Paddy K and his lovely wife, talked wedding, booze and our current stupid political culture. It's only 50 days away!

Here are your highlights:

Arizona shooter was a neo-nazi and former GOP official

Austerity is stupid, public sector jobs are real and Romney is still a moron

Food Trucks Seek the "Spot"

Jobs report, we need to be doing more & some cause for caution

Yes the Fed can do more

The experts pick, Mayweather will defeat Cotto


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ninja Thought

Money May I

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

(h/t Paddy K)

Thursday? Already? Man, these days are blurring. The lady and I are less than two months away from our big day and the planning is now down to the gritty details. I'm making song lists for the dj, figuring out tuxes and itineraries for the day. I'm waiting for a suit to get transferred in, so I can be fitted. It's all crunch time, go time...and I'm pumped. In other news, I'm resigning with my agent this weekend, contracts and all. Good things to come. Good things.

Here are your highlights:

U.S rethinking Chen Guangcheng's wish to stay in China, official says

Ashton Kutcher is a complete idiot. Also too, NOT funny.

Junior Seau, football great, found dead by apparent suicide. TNC calls it quits with the NFL. Modern day gladiators.

No, you don't understand the unemployed or the recession one bit Lance Roberts, wanksta

And for a laugh, Worst X-Men tattoo ever


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Apologies for missing yesterday's Dunkin, I had a busy wedding planning day and simply ran out of time to pick out my highlights of the day. Also too, slept in. And it was awesome. This month, once a week I'll be posting at least one video of Asian awesomeness. It only seems right. Let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Celebrate ASIANS!

If you're paying attention the Republicans still want health care to suck in America

The Bulls without D Rose struggle

Romney and Obama talk Bin Laden, truth is Romney doesn't stand a chance

Desktop Calendars for May

The new Obama is commie, despite glaring evidence otherwise, he uses the word "Forward" OH NO NOT THAT!!!!