Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Month

I get married a month from today. One month. I'm ridiculously excited, we've been engaged for a year and half now, so it's about friggin time. The past two days have been spent planning, calling and then trying my darndest to make sure friends and family are accommodated. It's been kind of crazy. With the wedding being in Chicago, I've been waking up early to call people in the midwest with the hope of catching them before they're too busy or gone for the day. Fun, fun, fun. We've been blessed thus far with the love outpouring from our family and friends. Some people are traveling eons just to be with us, pretty amazing. It's a big day and it's just around the corner.

I'll be posting a bit sporadically from now on and then the week of the wedding not at all. If anyone would like to hold down the fort while I'm gone please feel free to email me. In the mean time, enjoy this song.

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