Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sometimes I Would Love to Go Off

My response to a social network, unnamed, that I don't want to post to out of shear rage.

Context: A person stated "economic woes" were why people voted for Trump. I sent this clear article countering the STUPID REPEATED ARGUMENT.

Then the individual dropped the "identity politics" argument and the "not ALL are deplorable, quit demonizing." Followed by "policies that are supported by all that effect change must be bipartisan."

Shudder, I do declare!

What I didn't say:

Identity politics is a convenient term for people of privilege.

Change will not come by capitulating to a side that chooses racism, xenophobia and party over country. You either face the actual problems facing this nation or never see real change. Like how is this difficult? "Demonize?" They are deplorable.

I'm sorry if someone stating the fact that racism was the motivating factor behind Trump loyalty makes you uncomfortable, but that's on you.

Policies that are of concern that can effect real change (in no particular order):

  • End gerrymandering
  • Stop all voter suppression
  • Strengthen public education
  • Medicare for All
  • Fair and non-xenophobic immigration policies
  • End police brutality
  • Tax the 1% in regards to SS, Healthcare, Wall St. transactions, etc.
  • Impeach Trump
  • Also too, sexism. More women have signed up to run for office. That's energizing. That's addressing actual problems. 
  • Also, also too, singing songs of the bipartisan fairy while someone takes away rights from your friends, family members and loved ones is deplorable! 
We need to keep fighting. We need to keep resisting. Fake allies are the worst. 

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message