Frank Chow is one writer's take on all things politics and life. Started as a satire site, then a character aching to Stephen Colbert and now Frank Chow is meant to give a voice to those who feel left out of the political discourse in America. Constant updates, new stories and many many many links across the blogosphere Frank Chow ain't your bubble gum blog. Frank was also the co-host of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Podcast which he and his best friend Paddy K talk all things booze, politics, news and indie music. It is now retired due to Paddy K's current job.

What is Frank Chow? A progressive blog for American politics. 

Who is Frank Chow? A moniker based on your everyday pundit who finds it his duty to speak on behalf of everyone without knowing anything.

How do I contact Frank Chow? Email at frank.chow.pundit at g mail dot com

Why Frank Chow? Because you love America, Freedom Fries, Patriotism and whole lot of high fives. Oh yeah and Ninjas.