Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Well, two things. IF anyone knows a method for me to consolidate my debt or pay less for my hospital bill, let me know. I kind of need that. Second, I finished the first draft of another pilot. So that's two scripts in less than six months. I think I'm doing okay, but wish I had more time to churn them out...also too, I'm not disciplined. It is, however, encouraging to feel like I'm on the right path. It's been slow in the acting world since the play, so having a passion to write and story tell has been key to my sanity. So yes, those are my two things. A new TAT episode should be out tonight or tomorrow morning! YES WE'RE BAAAAACK!

Here are your highlights:

Occupy LA
, the cops beginning to get confident they can shut it down

Let's be clear Gingrich is no historian

Elvis Costello still as punk rock as ever

Damn you Chik-fil-A and your delicious sammiches, but hatred for all things hippie

How to Solve the Economic Problem
- the only thing I disagree with is Obama does know he is hated, he's a minority in America.

This is a great pocket book and I can't wait to get my hands on it. The Home Bar Basics. As the lady and I are settling in, I've begun adding to our bar. Now I have a guide and some twists on basic recipes to look forward to. Cool stuff!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Ninja Thought

Hungry like a Wolf

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wow. What a holiday weekend. I had to work, but yesterday I had a day off and was able to watch my Redskins eek out a win. Phew. Can't remember the last time we won in Seattle. My thumb is beginning to feel better which is a plus, I get my stitches out in a little over a week. I'm starting to figure out how to operate without the use of my thumb, but it's still tough. This week should be just like the rest...counting down till the next Holiday!

Here are your highlights:

Rep. Barney Frank to retire
, hope he's replaced by someone similar

The sudden surge of Gingrich is sad

The poor poor corporations want us to play violins for their own hiring issues

Redskins Win with the help of a banner day by rookie Roy Helu

Alvarez knocks out Cintron...calls out Mayweather
. Not so fast coddled, young cub.

A chart for your eyes to burn! Morgan Stanley and the Fed. Next time a banker whines to you, or complains about socialism, ask them how they feel and rationalize this, but NOT taxing the filthy rich. It's a monster we've created.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm getting ready to start the bird for Thanksgiving. With the help of my trusty sous chef aka my Lady, we've got a promising menu that I hope fills everyone's tummies. I'm excited to be hosting Lil Sis Frank, Paddy's younger brother and a few friends of ours who didn't go home this year. I'm thankful for all of this and my partner in crime, my Lady who without I'm nothing.

Thanksgiving Menu:

Cider-glazed Turkey
Honey Baked Ham

Truffle Roasted Potatoes
Brussel Sprouts & Bacon
Classic Green Beans
Sausage & Apple Stuffing
Honey Glazed Carrots

And it wouldn't be a Chow family Thanksgiving without a little bit of Dim Sum :)

Have a fantastic holiday everyone!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday - Thumb Edition

So yesterday was my day off. My time to prep for Thanksgiving and get a ton of stuff done and I did. I got my shopping out of the way. Purchased flowers to brighten up the place for my lady. Then came dinner prep...I was rockin out carrots, celery, then came the potatoes...I don't own a mandoline, but I wanted the circular look for my potatoes. I've done this before with some great success. And after about 15 or so I was halfway done, then a potato got away and I sliced my thumb instead. Bad. Real bad. I'll spare you the details, but I had to use about four paper towels and tape, so that I could call my lady to help me out. When she arrived she helped me re-wrap the wound, then we had to decide, to go to the hospital or to not go to the hospital?

Since moving to California, I've been without health insurance. Neither one of my employers provides health insurance for the amount of hours I work, roughly 24 hrs per job. I don't make enough currently to afford coverage, however we assessed the wound and the impending bills and decided I should go to the hospital. We went to UCLA and it was fantastic. Everyone was amazing, helpful and calming. I did slice part of my nail and most of the tip of my thumb, so I required about four to six stitches (good thing I went). I explained I didn't have health insurance at the end and the nurse helped greatly, describing how to set up a payment plan in a couple of weeks. Oh, and that if I didn't keep up with payments that it would hurt my credit score...how lovely.

I cannot express to you the initial shock of seeing what I had done to myself. I was then pissed because I've been trained in the kitchen and should know better, but this stuff happens. And that's the worst part, it was an accident. I shouldn't have to worry about going to the hospital because I don't have insurance. I shouldn't have to face the possibility of mountains of debt because I made a mistake thousands will make this Thanksgiving. No one should.

When Congress debated the Affordable Health Care Act part of me knew it wouldn't go far enough. Now, being in my current predicament, almost one less thumb, I see that even clearer. Single-payer isn't just the best way for our country, it's the humane way. As Americans we shouldn't accept anything less. Many people, almost 14 million, might not be as lucky as to simply slice their thumb.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

P.S. It's amazing how useless you become without the use of the thumb on your dominant hand.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Sorry I missed yesterday. I had to work earlier than normal on Monday and it was one of those days I would prefer not to have again. Traffic. Terrible people. The holidays have begun and in LA everyone is more important than you. Lovely. Speaking of important, Newt Gingrich wants kids to go to school and work as their school janitors. This coming from a guy who never even took the time to clean up his marriages. The GOP field for president is so bad I hear Iowa might just be a concession speech by Mitt Romney. I kid. Let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Occupy L.A., the city is try to negotiate a deal to have them leave. Guess that beats pepper spray, right?

The Third Force is a fart from David Brooks' brain

Paper Wine Bottles. France might die.

We're ruled by idiots

Let me be clear. The Republicans WANT to tank the economy and even won't agree to cuts they like out of spite for Barack Obama Also too, we don't have a deficit or debt crisis. We have a Republican problem.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Ninja Thought

Chu, Chu, Stevey Chu!

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Howdy, it's Friday! I'm working butt early after working butt late last night...but! in great news Paddy K and I tatted it up yesterday. So next week you should be treated to new episode of the TATPodcast. We're super excited to be back and rockin out to sweet tunes. Hopefully everyone has an awesome Friday, I'm off to work!

Here are your highlights:

Occupy Wall St marches on the Brooklyn Bridge again

Hollywood scandal, molester helped cast child actors

How the GOP feels about the unemployed.

The Redskins play the Cowgirls and shuffle linebackers

Barney Frank with the sass for Gingrich
. Can anyone explain to me, how Gingrich still has a career and how anyone takes him seriously?!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

And I'm back! Apologies for being away for so long. The play went swimmingly, I didn't flub my lines, it was fun and the play was well received by audiences. In all honesty I wish it was still going, but a short run is a short run. Best of all I met some cool people who I hope to keep working and hanging out with. SUCCESS! I'm excited for 2012 where more opportunities await. Once I get a pic or two I'll put them up of the cast! In other breaking/amazing/kick-ass news Paddy K and Frank Chow (me) are returning to your ear buds with the TATPodcast. Yup, we're coming back with a looser format, tons of music and our course banter. We're recording today, look out for the next rockin episode!

Here are your highlights:

Occupy Wall St. marks two months with a march on Wall St.

Stop Censorship of the Internet

Nancy Pelosi for the WIN!

Splatter super heroes

The GOP created a monster they can't control and it's on full display during each presidential debate

URGENT: Help a fellow blogger, StrangeAppar8us. Sad news from Rumproast, if you can help in any way visit Rumproast. StrangeAppar8us is in our thoughts and prayers.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well I got a call late Friday night and now I'm in a play that goes up next weekend! Crazy. I had my first rehearsal on Saturday, today we start tech week and umm I have four days to learn my lines. Luckily I'm not a lead, but a supporting role. It's an exciting task, but I'll be away from this thing some more. Gotta do what I gotta do. For anyone in LA who would like to attend the play, simply email me and I'll let you know the details. Rock on!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I'm in a wait and see mode for today. Not sure if I'm going to like it or be meh. As for the Dunkin, I'm highlighting some of my favorite bloggers. Check them out, read them and get your knowledge on. These are all people I respect and read daily. They might seem familiar because I link to them often. I hope everyone has a splendid Friday, rock on!

Here are your highlights:

Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog: Two Polls Suggest that the Wingnut base still wants a Messiah, Not Romney

You Can't Make This Up
, Maha at Mahablog

BooMan at Booman Tribune, What They Hear on the Radio

1% consumer fails to check product specs before making $73 million purchase, the crew at Rumproast

Driftglass aka the Blogfather, There.Is.No.Tea.Party

For all things economics & facts, The Bonddad Blog, New Deal Democrat and Hale Stewart

All around cool dude, Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors, Get off the Cross, We Need the Wood

The Asian Rock Thread, BigWOWO and above is a band, from back in the day, that is Asian and rocked my socks off some 8 years ago in St. Louis. Eastern Youth!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ninja Thought

"Socialist whore", redundant?

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I need time to write. I'm almost done with my first draft of another pilot and need time to sit down and focus for a couple of hours....maybe next week? So far the move to Santa Monica has been most helpful in my writing. I wrote only short skit scripts and stand-up, maybe a song or two. Being here I've written a comedic pilot, almost done with a sci-fi one and have an outline for a movie. Call me inspired, I don't know, but even with two jobs this has been my earliest take away. Hopefully next week I'll get more time to finish one script and start another!

Here are your highlights:

The long-term unemployed, Chart of the Day

Pat Buchanan still has a job

Economic signs are up and down

That Obama always campaigning and reigning down teh truth

Occupy Wall St., the 99% are right and last night Occupy Oakland escalated with flashbangs and more tear gas. It's almost as if authorities are coaxing protesters to become violent or baiting them to retaliate....don't.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

This week sucks. Working a double today = no fun. I've got a lot going on, but none in the things I'd like to be doing. Such is life. In other news, the Redskins look like they are in disarray and umm the economy is not getting any better because well the GOP needs to make sure we have "In God We Trust" as our motto. IMPORTANT! PRESSING MATTERS!

Here are your highlights:

Occupy Oakland begins its general strike

I keep hearing this, Your Fault, while somethings might be, when the economy tanked a lot of us were taken off guard and those we had made deals with couldn't come through. You don't plan for all things to go wrong. Did the banks?

Harry Reid says the GOP are puppets to Grover

Chinglish - I have a friend who is a member of the cast, so I'll refrain from critiquing, however BigWOWO has some issues with the plot

GREECE!!! If you didn't think what's going on over there sucks, well now you do

America's Real Fifth Column, the class war we didn't start


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ninja Thought

, the job creator.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I've got work and traffic to beat. Let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Virginia GOP emails Halloween pic with Obama shot in the head. Classy.

Something to drink to, Tequila against Cancer

Mike Shanahan delusional or just daddy?

The bonehead Boehner on "common ground"

Why would we want our politicians voting because of what the Bishops want?


For a Day like Today

It was a shitty day. One that I would like a do-over on. I just got in a funk that I couldn't possibly get out of...in any comprehensible way. I'm piled up against too much debt with not enough income. And complaining about it makes me feel selfish considering how many other people are struggling much worse. This is the reality for a lot of people right now not just me. It pisses me off when I get down, but humanly I do.

I am, however, blessed with an amazing woman who despite my faults, short-falls and baggage, loves me. I am grateful beyond words. I wrote over a year ago about My Chinese Proverb, it seems I'm still paying down with interest. At times that becomes too much, but I wouldn't be me, if I didn't find a path to bounce back. In due time...

Till then I listen to Bon Iver.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message