Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I'm so glad it's Tuesday. I hate Monday at work now. I literally stare at a computer all day while still on my feet. It's not ideal. I'm not much of an "office hours" guy, hence the retail career path. On Monday's though it's scheduling and office day in the booze world; it's something I can do without. Today is a day off, time to work out and then write.

Here are your highlights:

It's refreshing having a Commander in Chief who is not eager to jump into war -- for no good reason

The Boston investigation gets wider

CNN to release a morning show, "New Day"

Bonddad Blog for the win! Take that austerity asshats!

Ok, the deficit is not the problem, can we start creating jobs now?!

Heartwarming story of the week, an athlete chooses bone marrow donation over his career


Monday, April 29, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Monday

And it's Monday. Already here and back into action. Lots going on that hopefully I'll be able to share in the near future. Till then enjoy these awesome links!

Here are your highlights:

Too little too late, Justice O'Connor says she kind of sort of regrets her vote on Gore v Bush

NBA player comes out

Boston bombing: Misha turns up

Republicans propose bullet sequester, it might be one of the craziest moves to date

Chew doesn't look like it'll be made into a tv show, did racebending have something to do with it? 

Former lawmakers research ET

A look at the Redskins Draft


Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Off to work again. Looks like I might be signing onto a new web series for an episode...cross your fingers! Looking forward to Sunday, some time to rest and beer!

Here are your highlights:

Jon Stewart on George W. Bush Library

When the GOP makes cuts, it hurts our first responders  Boston included

Shorter Congress, rich guys can't feel the sequestration pain

Worst Idea Ever -- there's a theme this week, we're run by selfish assholes

Notes on the economy, housing shows strong signs and yes the gubbament need to spend (see above)

NFL DRAFT: The mighty Redskins will be picking today, be on the look out as we build a stronger team around RG3 and our gaping holes in the secondary


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Car is in the shop. Rockin the Nissan Altima rental. Still can't get over my paranoid feeling that there's a contingent of bad LA drivers out to get me. I think I'm becoming a California native slowly, but surely.

Here are your highlights:

Syria has used "chemical weapons" -- faint smell of the Clinton years

Bush Library opens, has everyone forgotten already how bad of a president he truly was? The idea that he gets a library instead of a trial makes me a bit queazy.

Kinds of Crazy

The cost of being Iron Man 3

Gun debate is barely being debated

GOP still going after Obamacare, still not creating jobs. They literally are getting paid to do nothing.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ninja Thought

Joseph Smith Ninja

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Yesterday was excellent...except I had a little too much beer. I'll share some pics later. I've gotta spend this morning getting the car checked out.

Here are your highlights:

The odd ricin case, Elvis is free

Friends on the East Coast! Kollaboration New York auditions

People on Terrorism Watch List Not Blocked from Buying Guns -- Uhhhhmerica!

Photopshop mailer check, photoshop out minorities double-check

How the Redskins can sign their draft picks

The Right-Wing mindset as so eloquently displayed by Rush Limbaugh

NASA for the win!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

The wife is home. The beer can now flow! I kid. Today, a couple of us from work are heading to the Bruery for a tour and tasting. It's one of those cool perks one gets when working for a purveyor of alcoholic beverages. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures.

In other news, I was up way too late writing last night. I'm starting to have achieve a nice pattern in my writing. Yes, I lack sleep, but for some reason it works for me. I'm hoping with diligence I can make big things happen. Cuz, hey "we do big things!"

Here are your highlights:

Early Thinking: The bombing suspects worked on their own

Austerity is stupid and people speak in Gibberish to defend it

The Right attack Newtown families and Gabby Giffords - classy

Finally, Max Baucus to retire, his legacy will be that of being a puppet for the health care industry

California Legalize Marijuana now

Cool article about LA's Koreatown


Monday, April 22, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Monday

(I'm obsessed with this song right now. Might even see the movie because of the soundtrack)

Well we made it to Monday. How's everyone feeling? Hopefully rested. I'd like to say I accomplished a lot, I did okay. The pages are coming slowly, but surely. The wife comes back from her trip today, so I must clean before work. Duty calls!

Here are your highlights:

Boston, the investigation continues, were there more attacks planned?

Oh look Maureen Dowd is wrong even to an editor of the NRO

My friend Ben likes beer and he writes about it

Boxing Round Up

The futility of blaming Islam

Conservative economist will soon by considered an oxymoron

This should be said tirelessly -- "Not an Enemy Combatant"


Friday, April 19, 2013

Mid-Day Update

I drop off the wife at the airport at 6am this morning, went back to bed and slept in. I have no desire to be glued to the tv all day. This has been a dark week, however we've had many bright spots where we're reminded of our human heart. I hope everyone remains safe, no one else gets hurt and we bring this week to closure sooner than later.

Here are your highlights:

One Boston Suspect At-Large

Pacific Arts Movement Spring Showcase April 18-25

The residents of Watertown on lockdown

Alvarez v Trout - I think Alvarez wears Trout down and pulls out a close decision

Legislator from Arkansas probably shouldn't be allowed to talk, ever, again

We're ruled by cowards


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I've worked nine days in a row. This past week was inventory week and I'm exhausted hence the zero postage. Today is a celebratory day, it's my wife's birthday! Last night we went to a nearby Italian BYOB on Montana Ave, then hit up Yogurtland (one of her favorites). I've still got some tricks up my sleeves for today. Her gift should be arriving soon in the mail and tonight I'm taking her out to eat at a place we've never dined at before...it's gonna be niiiiice.

It's a tumultuous past couple of days. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those effected by Boston, Texas and the failure of the gun control bill. We will overcome.

Here are your highlights:

The cowardice of the Senate and the NRA control of the Senate

Starving children, the way of austerity

Worst person of the day, Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit

Texas fertilizer plant hadn't been inspected

CNN major fail

Boston, the aftermath. Obama "A bomb can't beat us"


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ten Years Later

It amazes me how many of these jerks still have "credibility." We should be shaming them in the public square.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Exciting fight this weekend. Hopefully I'll get off work on time to catch it. Donaire has cemented himself as the best Filipino fighter on the planet. Sorry Pac-Man, you're still in my heart, but this young kid is strong, fast, has better boxing skills and isn't past his prime. Nonito Donaire has to ice Rigondeaux to make a big statement.

Here are your highlights:

Gun Bill passes first Senate test

The Republicans take Obama's budget, their own proposals and shove it back in the president's face. When will these guys get punished for their dishonesty?

Rand Paul at Howard University, not good for the ole "minority outreach" thing

Well, if all else fails, blame Zombies

Huge recall for car air bags, Toyota and Honda. Be safe people!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I've been up way too late the last couple of days writing. I'm inspired, but boy am I exhausted. I also closed at work last night and now I gotta go back in less than twelve hours later. Oh boy. I'm going to be the walking dead today. Anyone know how to shoot coffee straight to the vein?

Here are your highlights:

Chained CPI is just another way for people to raid Social Security

The Right hates Melissa Harris-Perry now 

Governor Ultrasound

Movement on background checks at gun shows? Not going to hold my breath

The Republicans keep moving the goal posts

TNC has been simply brilliant about the new Brad Paisley song featuring LL Cool J. His latest Against the "Conversation on Race" is excellent.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

My laptop is acting all funky. Gonna take it easy. I think it's burnt out from all the March Madness.

Tuesday's normally are no fun anyway. Harrumph.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I had a solid weekend. Worked. Michigan won. NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP game baby! This hasn't happened since I was a kid wearing too baggy shorts and a Michigan Starter jacket. I'm not gonna lie, I picked against my own team in my bracket. Mainly because my brackets never work out the way I like, but I'm so glad I was wrong. This weekend also marked the first time I went to mass as a Catholic. It was topped off with the wife and I bringing up the gifts. A special moment for the both of us. Then I had a writer's meeting with an accomplished screenwriter to work on my pilot script and guess what? I don't suck! I'm onto something, I just need to make some slight changes, tighten somethings and should have what I want. Not too bad for a weekend, not too bad at all.

Here are your highlights:

Reid bluffs on the filibuster again

Treasury secretary Jack Lew goes to Europe and tells them austerity is stupid -- hmm, shouldn't we be saying the same thing to ourselves?

Margaret Thatcher dies, I don't have much else to add

Phrase of the week: "Give people goodies"

Fugg SNL and their stupid Kim Jong-Un sketches. There are plenty of funny Asians out there, quit being lazy, do your diligence and stop doing uncreative crap.

Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece


Friday, April 5, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I've got head to work early. Pulling a clopen.

Here are your highlights:

Obama's risky budget proposal

Soon it will be out of place to be an anti-gay marriage Senator

Cabinet members take pay cut

Federal Judge strikes down restrictions on morning-after pill

GO BLUE! Trey Burke wins Wooden Award

RIP Roger Ebert, you were one of a kind and you will be missed. Two thumbs up!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It's Thursday already? I've have a mild week. Work, training new people, running the store and well trying to get my agent to work for me. I'll be switching representation in May no matter what happens this month. I'm writing and hopefully I will be able to share new projects in the summer. Yes, you will finally get to see me in action. And by action I mean zero parkour and zero martial arts. I'm a ninja, I don't show off like that!

Here are your highlights:

Conn. passes gun control law

White supremacists suspected in Colorado killing 

I believe our children are the future, take their lunches away if they can't pay...wait what?!

Initial jobs claims explained

Arrested Development returns on May 26th

"Chink's" sign comes down, local outrage is just as stupid and racist as you would expect

New James Blake song


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I'm back! It was a special Lent season for me as some of you know. On Saturday I was finally baptized,  confirmed and received first communion at St. Monica's. I am now a Catholic. The journey was trying at times, frustrating even, but my faith only grew stronger. It probably seems odd that someone my age and during these times would decide to become Catholic...on paper sure I can understand that. For me though it made perfect sense. After being baptized I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, I feel young again, full of hope and focus -- all of which can be contributed to my faith. I can't thank those of you who offered support enough. I'm truly blessed with an amazing family (sis drove from San Diego to sit through a three and half hour mass). A special thanks to Paddy K for his guidance and patience as I worked through the journey. And a very special thank you to my wife, my sponsor who without which I wouldn't be half the man I am today. If anyone has questions or wants to know about RCIA, feel free to email me. Thanks for stopping by! - Vitus

Here are your highlights:

When You're Mixed Race, Just One Box is Not Enough

The DOMA game in the Supreme Court

Pipeline breaks in Arkansas, why isn't this the biggest story of the week?

Farmer with a discovery of a lifetime

UCLA Asian Pacific American Law Journal Symposium April 6th 

Pope Francis has given Catholics everywhere hope. His gestures thus far are rooted in humility and it is truly inspiring