Friday, July 31, 2009

Late Night Music for Your Weekend

Portugal the Man released their latest album on July 21st entitled, The Satanic Satanist. Enjoy this acoustic awesomeness for your weekend. I am off to Ohio tomorrow morn!

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Ninja Thought

Before delving into comedy you should understand what comedy is... pssst this means you Dick Whisperer

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Late Lunch

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Phew. We made it. Another Friday another ridiculous spin on the news and the health care debate. I survived on pocket change and this weekend I get to enjoy the marriage of two of my dear friends, while of course drinking too much and dancing to songs I hate. A little bit of what I do is music. I have and always have been involved in the indie punk rock scene of my old stomping grounds and recently some of my favorite bands have released or begun the steps to rocking out new tunes, so here is a new one from Rx Bandits, Thrice and a high school musical performance of Forgive Durden's Razia' Shadow (talk about some talented singers). It will be keeping me company all day.

Here are your highlights:

the Blue Dogs are hired hounds for the health insurance companies

Cash for Clunkers the money is already gone, geez la weez talk about porkulus...NOT!

Illinois has a long history of pay for play politics and jockeying for position by Redistricting Illinois, it needs to be corrected

Right Wing Legislators in Florida have well gone batty, abosulutely bat shit crazy, but it is not a surprise because as the polls show the South are made up of Birthers....HEAD TO DESK UGGHHHHHHHH!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer and Buy American!

"But the President has selected Budweiser, uh, Gates has -- the Professor Gates -- has selected Red Stripe and Sergeant Crowley, Blue Moon. Is there a problem?"
"There is if you're American... beermaker. And a lot of those beermakers now are saying, Hey, we got left out in the dust. Why are we not going to drink American beer at the White House?... They should be drinking American beer at the White House."

Wow. There was so much going on in that clip that Frank Chow posted, I don't know where to start. But as I -- an American living in Ireland -- sit here in my living room (after a hard day's work of proudly contributing to another nation's economy) and take a large sip of my Leffe Blonde (made by the same Belgian company that now pwns Budweiser), I almost had to spit out my lovely Belgian abbey brew because this is the most ridiculous criticism of President Obama yet. I expect nothing less from the "Fair & Balanced" FOX News.

A bit of history on Budweiser and Bud Light: Anheuser-Busch was founded by German-Americans in the 1860's. They began marketing "Budweiser" beer in 1876, a slice of German/Czech brewing from the heartland of America. The problem? There were already TWO Budweiser beers already being exported from Budweis in what is now Czech Republic. You see, Budweis is a town in Bohemia, a mixed ethnicity/language town. There was a Budweiser made by the Czechs and a much older Budweiser made by the Germans from that town. The German Budweiser began appearing in the USA in 1875... guess where Anheuser-Busch got the idea? Anyway, regardless of the dubious origins of the name or the recipe, Bud as we now know it was made in the US from the mid-nineteenth century. This is where capitalism comes in. If you've ever had a German/Czech beer, you know that it's got a lot of flavor. There's the bitterness of the hops, the barley flavor, the sweetness of the alcohol -- it's refreshing, but tasty. Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) is not.

There are only a few necessary ingredients for beer: water, barley, hops, and yeast. Budweiser (AB) is almost 40% rice and this has nothing to do with an interest in the brewing cultures of eastern Asia, where rice is used to make sake or golden rice beer. No, the rice in Budweiser (and most mass-marketed American beers) is used to make the LEAST OFFENSIVE flavor possible -- to dilute the bitterness of the hops and the barley. Basically, the mixture of grains (40% rice) used in Budweiser is intentionally formulated at pleasing the maximum number of people while displeasing no one (except beer snobs like me). Why would a venerable company of German-Americans want to brew such wimpy brew? Capitalism, baby. With snappy ads and clever marketing, Anheuser-Busch has captured a huge portion of the market. In 2008, Anheuser-Busch had 49% of beer sales in the US. This is probably why Anheuser-Busch was so appealing to other beer-making corporations, hence the buy-out last year.

So, although InBev (Belgian-Brazilian) bought out Anheuser-Busch last summer and Budweiser is "no longer American", despite the ten breweries they operate in the US, Budweiser really is, in a manner of speaking, the most American of beers: German in ancestry (as are 50 million Americans), brilliantly marketed, and attempting to be totally inoffensive while really ticking off those who are educated enough to know better. Therefore, President Obama probably picked the most American beer of the three. But he did make the wrong decision... probably because he doesn't know any better. No offense.

I don't think Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada really meant to make a stink over the Beer Summit. They probably just thought, "Damn, the President drinks crappy Budweiser. That piss-water is the reason we got into brewing..." If I ran Sam Adams, I'd send over a case of the Summer Ale or the Winter Lager (or the Cranberry Lambic at Christmas, for that matter) with a note that said, "Dear Mr. President, THIS is American beer. Keep rocking. Love, Sam Adams."

President Obama made a VERY American choice in his beer... too bad his American choice was a bad beer choice. Far too many Americans drink garbage beer. Advertising works!

As for Professor Gates, I don't think I've ever had Red Stripe, but it only came into existence in 1928, it's from Jamaica and according to Wikipedia it's never sold well in the US, so I'm willing to give him (and his eccentric taste) the benefit of the doubt. And as much as I think Sergeant Crowley was TOTALLY IN THE WRONG in the arrest debacle, I have to give it to him: Crowley knows good beer. Blue Moon (witbier) is delicious! A pint of witbier with a slice of orange or lemon in it is PERFECT on a warm summer's evening (the citrus slice complements the coriander and orange peel already in the brew)... probably why he picked it for his meeting with the President in the month of August.

Anyway, why are we so worried about who owns what? As a beer-lover I say, "Yes, President Obama should have a Sierra Nevada pale ale!" but as a politics junkie and economist, I say, "Who cares?" People buy what they like and if the President likes Bud then fine, I hope he enjoys that soap-water. And, considering the Republican party's obsession with the "free" market, who could fault the Prez for picking Budweiser, a brand that has become world famous not for flavor and brewery street cred, but aggressive marketing and globalisation? InBev buying Anheuser-Busch in an aggressive cross-border taking spanning several months and billions of dollars was so... American!

InBev, I salute you!

posted by Paddy K, A Moveable Feasta

Update: Paddy K wants to add more, I must preface hopefully this is the beginning of the evolution of this site. I wanted to eventually add contributors and Paddy K is the first one, as you can tell he is a great writer with a spirit for politics and history. Welcome him to Frank Chow.

Update II: from Paddy K

This just in: Professor Gates PWNS President Obama and Sergeant Crowley with his beer choice. In a case of the ol' switcheroo, Gates swapped his Jamaican juice for a big mug of THE ONLY "AMERICAN" beer in the Rose Garden: Samuel Adams Light. The beer summit's beer rankings:
4) VP Biden with his silly non-alcoholic beverage
3) President Obama with his non-American "American" Bud Light soapwater
2) Sergeant Crowley's big mug of Blue Moon witbier (hopefully with an orange slice)
1) Professor Gates with his tasty, no-rice-added, American-made and manufactured, Sam Adams Light.

Take THAT, FOX!!!!

Something to Drink to...

Anything by the RX Bandits, new album came out last Tuesday needs to get me it.

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This is what it has come to....

*head slams on desk, head to desk, broken shards everywhere...

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Here we are and it is Thursday. Time to get on it! If you know what I mean. This weekend I will be visiting Columbus, OH to attend a wedding five years in the making. Can't wait, it will be good to take a short trip and get away. Always nice, plus this weekend's weather forecast is THE STORM! Oh well, Shatner was at it again last night interpretting Sarah Palin's Twitter feed. I must say it is awfully weird how easy it is to understand her when said aloud by Shatner and some bongos.

Here are your highlights:

Governator is terminating and he may get himself terminated

Bobby Jindal wankertastic wankerismicity douche nugget intern talkin, a what the hey, he sucks

You know what porkulus really is....a good thing for people really suffering not all those sob stories we read in teh Times about how rich suburbanites have to cut back

One guy from a small state, out of touch with everything esle around him- blocking health care. That sounds about right Max Baucus

COME ON CUBBIESSSSSS, what a beating they gave the Astros yesterday


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rallying all those Racisty Racists- The Fringe Effect

It has become clear recently that "fear the black guy" is getting a chorus in the right wing fringe of the teevee and talk radio. It is isn't funny. This is no laughing matter and it should not be taken lightly. This was something the right wing couldn't stick to Bill Clinton back in 90's because he was "Bubba", so they had to cook up conspiracies about murders and money while fetishing over Clinton's penis. However, now, today with the first ever black President Barack Obama, the hate radio has another angle and it is a dangerous one.

Race in America is complex. Understanding race in America is even more complex. What the Beck's. Dobb's, Hannity's and Limbaugh's are doing here is promoting an ideal held deep within the fringe of America, that white is right. Americans are hard working white men. Everyone else is un-American. They insipidly hurl out the word racist to describe our President and in doing so stoke the flames for more racism. They fail to mention how America was founded. They fail to mention years of oppression. They fail to mention laws meant to segregate and alienate Asians, blacks, Hispanics, and those of color. They fail to mention an America built on a history of white supremacy.

To spout out a fit of rage towards the President as racist only furthers a divide which may be what they want. Until of course someone gets hurt or many get hurt.

The talking heads want people to believe Barack Obama hates white people because it boost their ratings, gets them into the spotlight, more dollars signs from the extremists. It leads to a very divisive scenario one America is all too familiar with and cannot accept to take a step back.

I was asked recently by a friend, why I identify myself with my Chinese and Asian heritage so much. It was a unique and challenging question, but my response was it was my life, my culture, my upbringing and my family. I welcome that question more often now because it is way to communicate many misunderstandings with race. While many of my friends who are white identify those things I mention as American, I attribute them to being Chinese American. Like Barack Obama I am half-white, but to be more specific Scottish and Irish. My mother's family line has been in America since the 1790's so the many things that were once exclusively Irish or Scottish melded into a singular definition and became American.

When one of the talking heads espouses that the President is a racist I can't help but think of my own family and my mother and how that must dent the armor just a bit on the ever cool Barack Obama. People that are half and half in America have learned all too often the outside appearance although different is always considered the dominant gene. Barack Obama is black, has been told he is black, has been treated as a black man, but what has made him transcend where others have not is his understanding of what that means in America. His mother gave him insight, love and encouragement to learn; that is part of him as much as his "unforgivable blackness." As a half and half man with a mother who was white Barack Obama gets the complexities, gets the history and above all it is ridiculous to try to pin him as being racist towards white America.

Yes he is a man and is not infallible. However it is safe to say he is not racist, but beginning down such a path stokes the fire for the fringe that could care less about anything I just typed. The fringe made up of guys who buy into the Hannity's, Limbaugh's, Dobb's and Beck's, but these guys don't have a show or a mass audience and that why it is dangerously unacceptable. Giving such fringe ideas weight, giving fringe extremists a message they can latch onto well it only leads to...

Something far worse than intended.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

cross-posted at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress

Update: Joan Walsh was on Chris Matthews and has a nice recap explaining a little more concerning the historical context. Matthews is a hack and Joan does a great job in calling out his nonsense, it isn't a grand theory it is a history lesson. Kweisi Mfume's humpty dumpty moment is perfect. As I said, you push too far, somebody is gonna break.

Ninja Thought

You know that growing population of Latinos, we don't need their vote! Southern Strategy, jazz hands.

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
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Holy hangover Wednesday Batman! The Birther debate made it to Facebook yesterday and well I have had it. Let's just say definitely some early morning RAGE!!!! I won't go further out of respect for a friend, but MAN THE RAGE IS BUMBLING LIKE HULK SMASHATHON! Even for a hungover dude, Frank can high kick a can off the Great Wall if you know what I mean. I digress, good times all around at Drinking Liberally. One thing that is great is when people share their personal stories about health care and you realize in 2009 the time is now.

Here are your highlights:

High Frequency Trading more from those awesome guys on Wall Street, but now with cool new ROBOTS!

Weird, weird and weirdest ever, 2-D Relationships in Japan

Glenn Beck is insane like bat shit crazy insane totally off the rocker insane, but Rupert Murdoch needs to step in

Microsoft and Yahoo, do we now call them Microahoo?

Exclusive from Think Progress, who is ruining the health care debate?

Taking on the Politico- personally I stopped reading their site mid way through the election, the forums, the missed references, the "card check" nonsense. You can't be nonpartisan and use terms and polls from the GOP talking heads over and over again

If you know me then you know how much I can't stand Michelle Malkin apparently she has scribbled enough and scrapped enough internet sorcery to write a new book. The book is about the culture of corruption surrounding the Obamas and especially an evil attack on the First Lady. It is ugly and the beginning of the Clintonesque attacks, the lies will come in full force ladies and gentlemen and thanks to Faux News they get an audience willing to sap up all its schmear with extra butter. The fact checking will be certainly fun on this one


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Off to Drinking Liberally

With other commie, facist, pinko, socialist scum just like Ho Dean. YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!

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Huh? of the Day- Health Care Lies on Faux News

Did this man even read these books he so easily uses as schmear for his right wing agenda?

What those books reflect is more a Bush/Cheney Administration:

Warrantless Wiretaps
Using false information to mislead the public into war
Class warfare
Airport Codes for Terror levels
Attempt to use military to detain citizens
Shooting your friends in the face on a hunting trip...ok maybe not the last one

Every time one of these douche nuggets throw out these titles it shows their complete lack of understanding of what they read. And to argue against his point we don't have "health freedoms", most people don't get more than two choices from their employers if they do have insurance and everything else is pay schemed out by insurers. Oh and there is that number of almost 46 million who don't even get the "luxury" of health care.

Definitely the Huh? of the Day.

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Sorry for the late Dunkin, work has been silly busy. Last night Conan O'Brian had William Shatner on to dissect the nonsense that was Sarah Palin's farewell address. It was poetry and who better to read it the the Captain himself! It was brilliant stuff as to be expected. Tonight is Drinking Liberally, so if you get a chance stop by teh Sheffield's and check out my sweet ninja gear.

Here are your highlights:

Daddy China tells us to save money and spend wisely

Health Care Reform in the simplest terms, if it happens YOU WIN, insurance industries can no longer be the scum sucking evil they are or else and the CBO debunks a wicked GOP talking point

Max Baucus will go down in history as the man who single-handley was paid off by the health insurance mobsters

Funniest thing I saw yesterday It so happens they are nuts, Wing Nuts and they failed, PERIOD

John Stewart most trust news source gets Bill Kristol in wanker mode

It used to be called "Scabbing"- the Trib and the Red Eye ran an article yesterday about young interns, Drifty dissects the reality of the situation. And it gets worse, the big bonus junkies continue to try to justify their lies, deceit and money schemes, while businesses are flailing


Monday, July 27, 2009

Ssshhh Facts Are Bad: Bush Administration hid Global Warming Photos

From ThinkProgress:

The Obama administration has “released more than a thousand intelligence images of Arctic ice,” following a declassification request by the National Academy of Sciences. These high-resolution spy photos of rapid sea ice loss off the northern coast of Alaska, kept classified by the Bush administration, show “the devastating impact of global warming in the Arctic”


This is the real politics of corruption. It is clear now more than ever, not only was the Bush Administration fisting America, yes I used that graphic of a term, they wanted to ram us so deep in a pile of lies the Earth be damned. Where are you Global Warming deniers now? This is full proof and the point was shrouded in a cover up by the Bushies and the Dicks. Do these fuggs have any morality? I bet they would sold kidneys on the black market, spread Swine Flu and started wars for profit...wait that last one they did do.


Frank grabs all the cubicles in his office and makes a circle and begins to step hardcore style.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you science, you can't suppress it just because you don't like it. There is bad governing, there is corruption and then this is pure unadulterated evil. I wonder what the argument will be against Global Climate Change now....

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Where the Wild Things Are Featurette

This brought me chills h/t I Watch Stuff

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

I am beyond tired. This weekend went by really quick and luckily I had the hangover to prove it. One moment that stood out above the rest was the Hall of Fame induction of my favorite baseball player Rickey Henderson. I loved watching Rickey play baseball, his long lead off of first base, his dramatic batting stance, the way he would snatch a fly ball out of the sky. He made it look fun and easy. Sadly Rickey was always misunderstood in my opinion, when you are that great at baseball sometimes the media doesn't know what to do and that was the case of Rickey Henderson. He has been waiting to be inducted all his life as if it was destined and it was great for him to speak eloquently about his career and take his place at the table. A baseball Hall of Famer. I still got your baseball card Rickey!

Here are your highlights:

Bill Kristol might be the worst person in the world, Lying is the Republican Game!

Certifiably insane = Sarah Palin honestly I can't even watch her anymore, it is not funny it is frightening

Schumer aka Flash Gordon, Wall Street will always find a way of lying, cheating and stealing your money while ruining the market, Regulation Please

A message to the Blue Dog Democrats from HeadzUp to Paul Krugman or as Bob Cesca puts it War vs. Healthcare

What is happening in the journalistic world is they have always felt elite and connected, a higher power in the scope of teh news. What the reality is now is the internet offered a forum for educated people to research and fact check and opine just like them. It didn't change the standards of journalism, it didn't threaten their business plan. The journos just whined because someone else could write and say stuff that they don't agree with or actually questioned their integrity. If anything the internets should have made them better, instead they just cry and threaten to charge for linkage.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Ninja Thought

Between the birthers, Buchanan and now Gates gate, I have realized we haven't come all that far.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Update: I get it now, everybody can go to bat for a bunch of white firefighters on the "wrongside" of a judgement of law, but a black President of the United States can't go to bat for a black professor wrongly detained. Good to know.

Update II: The woman who made the call said she didn't mention that they were "blacks"and Crowley put words in her mouth. Regardless, the initial cause for alarm by the other woman seems to be clearly "two black guys breaking in" and then a cop acting "stupidly" because the Prof got all "uppity." Another thing noted by teh CNN which is another HUGE CONSISTEN PROBLEM, just because someone is Portegeuse or olive skinned doesn't mean they don't have bias or can't be racist towards teh blacks. You are not exempt from racism just because the color of your skin. Ex. While on a school trip I once witnessed a friend, who is a darker skinned African-American, and my friend was ridiculed and humilated because of the the darkness of her skin. The two making racist remarks were African-Americans of the "lighter shade of brown." Again we have a long ways to go.

Health Scare Debate

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Health Care Hell-Scare - Die-agnosis: Mur-DR
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMark Sanford

He must be carpenter cuz he NAILED IT!

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Oh how I hate to get up in the morning! Oh how I would rather be in beeeddddd! But alas it is Friday so that is good news to Frank. I am all set to chill, play guitar and do a whole lot of nothing maybe paint if I feel up to it. Yes I said paint. No worry it will include ninjas and swords and imagery of political awesomess...or butterflies and cutesy teddy bears. Whatever makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. IF you are in Chicago and want to catch a kick ass comedy show check out Mike Stanley at the Lakeshore Theater. He will be performing with ESPN's Sklar Brothers and recording his DVD. I happen to know Mike personally and he is one of the nicest guys, despite the above rant, in the business. Always a gentleman, great to shoot the proverbial shit with and a great friend. So check him out already!

Here are your highlights:

Cost and Compassion, let's just break this down if you don't want some sort of health care reform you are well...Heartless

Got in a little debate yesterday on da Twitter, but I win I always do, Gatesgate a professioanl take

The Moral Party gets all abstinent on us, Tenn. State Senator Paul Stanley welcome to C-Street

The strategy is as follows offer no options, go and have a beach party with Leader Orange and then reap the benefits: EMERGENCY EMERGENCY! Teh GOP needs a shrink.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fear Mongering Michelle Malkin

Let's me get this straight President Obama according to Michelle "self-hatin'" Malkin is a FEAR MONGER? A fear monger on health care of all things. I love when Michelle does thing like this because low and behold some actual fear mongering...

This directly from her own site, she ran a contest on this very premise. Or headlines like "Obamacare for Illegal Aliens", "Glimpse of Obamacare 83 million would lose private coverage", "Today nationwide protest against socialized medicine and Cap N Tax ."

Need I say more?

I will, the problem these days with the Right and since Clinton took office, there is no more intellectual dialogue. It is just "No", or "socialism!" or "tax tea bag" and it gets mometum and the conversation never gets started. The Right in the Republican Party is nuts, hypocritical and with no self-awareness (the Dems aren't perfect, but that is for another post). Now if I could find one on the teevee who doesn't spit out this nuttitude that will be the day till then more from Michael Steele, Jim DeMint and Newt motherfuggin Gingrich. Your teevee asshats.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Update: It's the gift that keeps on giving from MM's Twitter:

michellemalkinReport: Supermax beds being cleared for Gitmo detainees. Make room for jihadi!

Ninja Lunch Break


I am Frank Chow and can you spot me in this trailer?

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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The above is John Stewart giving the truth about the entire Birther nonsense. It is also fun to note that a comedian and a show on Comedy Central is the most trusted news source. That's right a comedian, how bad is our main stream media, that bad. Or maybe the younger generation is tired of the bullshizz and knows Faux News when they see it. Regardless, comedians have influence because we have microphones and for those who try to dismiss us, well you get lambasted on the Daily Show and sliced up to look like the fool you are, it is great stuff. On a personal note, the lady is finishing her move and I am strapped for cash. So this weekend I am eating Wheat Thins and drinking a large bottle of Don Peri bitchez.

Here are your highlights:

Glenn Beck brings guns to movies, I think I just pooped my pants

Xtreme Nutjob rollerskates down a rollercoaster

Driftglass is by far my favorite blogger on the internets, he has recently decided to explain a Little Light Housekeeping. Read through please.

The Party of No continues its chase to oblivion, why do these guys even speak anymore, you can just switch in and out all of the out of touch middle-aged men, and then get a talk box that says "No" over and over

Major corruption in NJ, Rabbis and Mayors OH MY! I honestly blame the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their newly signed on season 2. And yes I will watch it. And yes I know they are all fake. And yes it doesn't matter, the show is like sour patch kids, might be intially awful, but at the end of the movie they are all gone. I like the show, suck it.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Legalize Gay, hateful vandalizing at an American Apparel



Death Threats.

People in my hometown of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area hate teh gay so much that they are vandalizing and threatening American Apparel (s). Why? Because American Apparel has a tee shirt that reads "Legalize Gay."


Frank is on a tear this time he jumps down onto a moving semi-truck and full speed and crushes the cement beneath, full speed on foot to D.C.

So much for moral authority or higher ground or Jebus or whatever the hell you follow to tell you to HATE and I mean HATE someone else's sexual orientation. This is what right wing extremists, teh Faux News, "Judeo-Christian" nut jobs do; they harass, they beat, they ridicule, they intimidate and they out right break the law because you don't "fit into" their planet of Wingnuttia. What is wrong with people? I wonder how many people told them to not be born? Wonder if anyone ever told them who they could and could not love? The stick is so far up they can't even have a tee shirt A TEE SHIRT with an opinion they don't like and that opinion mind you is for a basic right EQUALITY.




That is what this is about, these fuggs want to tell people who to love, how to be and change people who are just being THEMSELVES. American Apparel had a more calm response then Frank just did.

Yesterday an American Apparel store in Silver Spring, Maryland had a window broken by someone upset over the company's support for gay marriage. Our Georgetown location and others in the areas have received similar threats. We just wanted to use this forum here to announce that not only are they not going to prevent us from speaking out on an issue that is important to this company and our employees but we'll continue to run Legalize Gay advertisements in papers across DC-Metro area. We'll also send Legalize Gay t-shirts to any group in Washington DC that is fighting for gay rights and will help support any protest or rally for the cause.

We don't find this kind of thing funny and we definitely don't find it intimidating. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us and if you need anything please contact: Jonny at or (213) 488-0226

Okay I can breath again and turn from my RAGE to a little after thought...time to go buy a new tee shirt.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

John Yoo gets Punk'd

It takes an Australian team to point of the ELEPHANT in the room.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Guns Major Pew Pew and Phew

To say we dodged a bullet with Thune's Amendment not passing is an understatement. Here was the premise, guy buys gun where his state has concealed weapons a-okayed. Guy decides to go to another state with concealed weapons laws and well he gets to keep the gun concealed applying his own state's laws. Get it?

What THE FUGGGG??!!!!

Alright that's it, Frank kicks over a trashcan and begins throwing the trash can feverishly. Bang, slam, bash. Frank grits his teeth and says FUUGGGGGG!!!

Who and what stupid moron from wherever I don't care, would think this is a good idea. WELL IT WENT TO VOTE PEOPLE AND 58 OF OUR SENATORS said "Yup sounds like a good idear." Are you kidding me, do we really have 58 Senators who think just hopping and skipping over state lines with an AK-47 is hunky dory. WHAT THE FUGGG??!!! I now have come to the conclusion our Senate is full of gun toting douche nuggets or pocket princes for the NRA one or the other this is ridiculous. State laws matter. Gun control matters. This amendment which almost passed would have every hootin and hollerin wing nut skipping about with a gun in pocket sipping on moonshine and huffin glue! HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT?!

Frank takes the trash can and throws it out the fuggin window. Breathe shot of Patron and continue.

I get that we have a Second Amendment, but we also have a ton of safeguard laws in different states that protect citizens(Joe No Gun if you will) from criminals, wing nuts, bunka heads and over zealous hunters.

Mayor Blooomberg stated this:

This legislation is impractical for communities and police departments across this country and tramples on states rights. Under current law in most states, if you have certain misdemeanor convictions, are an alcohol abuser, or haven’t completed a gun safety training program, you cannot carry a concealed weapon. This bill would effectively erase those rules. We can’t destroy the common sense safeguards states across the country have put in place. There has been no hearing on this Amendment, which has been tacked onto a defense appropriations bill. Laws should not be passed this way, and I am proud to stand with 450 mayors to try and put a stop to it.

Now that is logic and boy it is a relief to read, but why oh why did 58 Senators, STATE SENATORS miss the boat on this one....probably because they loved Charlton Heston so so much.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

So little bout myself. I am an actor and a comedian, that is as far as I will go for now...anyway when you get roles as an actor or want to perhaps highlight in subject it is customary to do research on your subject. Let's just say that is why I found and post the above. I am delving into "Trekkie" land and it everything one would expect it to be TOTALLY AWESOME! Can't wait to scream "Peter, this is the worst time you could have called, GO AWAY!"

Here are your highlights:

Have Gun, Will Travel, I don't and won't get the gun crazies and how they basically violate state law while declaring IT IS MY RIGHT TA CARRY TA GUN! (insert hock toot and spit here) I will feel safer when wing nuts and gun toters have less automatics and shotguns in their homes

Birther nonsense by Liz Cheney, Hardball finally gets it right, and Lou Dobbs is certifiably insane. Let's call a spade a spade, they hate the idea of black President and the crazies never sleep

Sarah Palin resigned because of all those non-existent ethics complaints

Ladies and gentlemen,I give you the Death of the Parody

Stephen Colbert on Chuck Todd and Glenn Greenwald, "We tortured and we are not going to investigate"

Bill O'Reilly gets in a tiffy over a man who actually sells books with research, Bill a word to the wise, Rick Perlstein is way out of your league

Next on the Chopping block in Illinois, Education...for all the talk about the future and bankrupting the future crap you hear from politicians, what you get when it comes down to it, they don't care. Education is how you ensure a better future for not only the children, but the nation, however the Governator and now Illinois and many other states *cough TEXASS make cuts to education when it matters the most. Wouldn't it be nice to have a history lesson, so we don't repeat the bank industry meltdown? Wouldn't it be nice to have journalists who actually report? Wouldn't it be nice to have lawyers who read the rule of law without polticial ramfications? Wouldn't it be nice to have scientists able to scale back global warming?
This is just a budget matter in my opinion the politicians are playing ideolgy with basic fundamentals of our future LEARNING and in turn creating a further divide.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ninja Thought

The Power of Mom is like kryptonite to real news

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Reverse Racist Leader -Colbert Report

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Reverse Racism
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMark Sanford

Brilliant. Nobody is doing it better than the Comedy Central team right now. Where you get the news and the truthiness with extra toppings of logic.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

If you haven't noticed I have a new hardcore banner on top. Not sure if I am going to tweak it a little more, but it need more RAGE and one ninja, since I am only one man. Thanks to my newly acquired ninja design skills, my banner looks just like it should Asian, pundity and awesome. In other news, comedy is rocking out this summer with great shows popping up everywhere! Tonight is CHUC and I am highlighting an amazing comedian Beth Stelling who will be gracing the stage over at the Beat Kitchen. She is a must see in the Chicago comedy scene and her dry wit and personal stories are already gaining fame. She happens to be a lovely friend and is always a joy to watch! Expect to see her on Comedy Central soon.

Here are your highlights:

It is called Right Wing Xtreme for a reason and Mike Castle meet your base

Obama had a conference call with bloggers, YES those little, pesky, non-influential, uneducated, conspiracy theoried, activist bloggers. Those people!

Get me this bed I can't sleep.......dude this bed is monumentally awesome AWESOME BED

If you are black get out of your house! This story made me sad in so many ways, Race in the Post-Obama world.

PORK SPENDING PORKULUS BILLS, ah crap facts gain, ruins all the conservative ho hum about the stimulus

Illinois Democratic Party is going after Mark Kirk already. It is good to call this spade a spade. Teh Dems have the majority and need the seat vacated by Obama to get their agenda through. Elections matter. Mark Kirk is a warhawk, lackey of President Bush and he shouldn't even compete in Illinois.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Beastie Boys

In honor of Adam Yaunch, not much to say, prayers and thoughts out to Adam and his family.

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys announced Monday, by way of a homemade video placed without fanfare on the band’s Web site, that he would be receiving treatment for cancer and that as a result the group would cancel some future shows and push back the release of a new album.

He did not give specifics of the veteran hip-hop group’s plans in the 3 minute 23 second video. Its next scheduled appearance is at the All Points West Festival in Jersey City on July 31.

Hopefully he kicks cancer just like he rocks out.

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Ninja Thought

To sell a pickup in 2009, you have to give customers a coupon for a gun

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Man what a long weekend. The move of my darlin' happened to go smoothly. Probably the easiest move without movers I have done plus I looked super ripped in my tight tee shirt. HULK SMASH....moving. The weather has been great and last night we enjoyed the locale of her new residence. It is interesting to people watch on the streets of Chicago. You see a grown man stumbling drunk while holding a teddy bear. You see 20 something Hills wannabes slurring their pizza order. You see lovers sip margaritas on a Sunday night. You see loud, crazy, whack jobs and polite, quiet and civil beings. The city itself becomes more and more alive once you put them all on the same street.

Here are your highlights:

Walter Cronkite RIP, and what they won't say about him on the teevee

As I have said from the beginning of this blog, Defense Spending is still spending and it needs to be addressed as such. Time to trim the fat.

Rep. Kirk is going to run for Senate in Illinois, let's hope Bush Jr. LOSES, but please Dems come up with a viable candidate and not some lackey or retread

RIGHT WING XTREME because it is all fun and games in the gubbament

Health care is getting lossed in the mix. Somewhere the word TAXES jumps into the play and everyone poops on logic. Why do people cheer on failure I have no clue, but again HOORAY FOR 46 Million uninsured!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Pat Buchanan gets all Racisty

This is what happens when you let someone get away with unbridled racism on teevee for years unchecked. He just let's all hang out without any muffle or censor and frankly I am glad he did. Rachel Maddow, thank you.

It is no surprise Buchanan feels this way, but it is how a lot of Villagers feel unfortunately after watching the hearings. Sessions, Graham, Red State, the guy who hates Asians, they all live in 1950 or wish it was 1950. Sad old men is what they come across as and the digging continues for the Grand OLD party of white men.

Great reads over at Crooks & Liars and the Huff Post.

And you might be wondering why I am not raging over this? I think it is good, good for it to be all out in the open. Then we can start talking about this and I can thank every white male in America for my own existence and blanket of freedom. Right Massa Buchanan?

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Friday

(probably one of the funniest bits on the daily show in a while)

Phew. It is here. Wonder how many times I have written that? This weekend is moving weekend. My lady is relocating to a nice place closer to the Lake, so we will be exhausted by weeks end no doubt. Last night was long and cruel as I was at work four extra hours toiling on the old Photoshop. Ridick, but hey cool creativity never hurts and I got some super secret ninja metal stuff out of the way. ROCK ON. Well if we don't chat today, have a great weekend!

Here are your highlights:

Paul Krugman states "What is good for Goldman Sachs is bad for everyone else."

Health Care flow charts, Reality vs. the GOP, Go ahead and tax the Richie Riches of America, WE WANT HEALTH CARE!

Edumacation in Texas means downplaying civil rights and more Jebus

Charlie Brown will haunt my nightmares for weeks

Chicago my great shi..I mean city, sets the precedent homophobia justifies brutal murder, probably one of the most awful rulings period.

All the morality in the world leads you to adultery

I bring you METAL, ever heard of a circle pit, let's make one, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 STEP!

Meet the November Nine

More Glenn Greewald PWN'D Chuck Todd of MSNBC and it is all on audio

And on one last note I am not surprised at all that the teevee inspired "Cheney Culper Ring" was implemented in the CIA. These foolish 9-11 dot commers decided it was time for America to be the America in their heads without reason or sense of law. An investigation needs to happen not just for our own good, but so this is never repeated again. The trolls of the Village are well connected and continually groom stupidity with the cry of TAXES and FREEDOM. There is nothing modern and or great about it, investigate please Atty General you are our only hope.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Glenn Beck the Asylum is Waiting...

Listen to the whole thing and get a glimpse into the mind of a crazy crazy crazy man. The nonsensical argument he gives and the flip out that follows when she falsely states he was okay with the bailout, it is pretty much how you expect an occupant of Arkum to react. Pure Wingnuttia.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I was not lost! I was taking a day off, actually I was on a super secret ninja mission to meet up with my best buddy and help my lady move. It was great to catch up with an old friend who I hadn't seen since Thanksgiving (when I threw 7 touchdown passes in the annual Turkey Bowl) talk politics, marriage and life. We enjoyed a decent lunch at Goose Island Chicago shared many a brew and the poof he was off to the land of shamrocks once again. So in honor of my friend I give you METALLL on Thursday.

Here are your highlights:

What did I miss apparently? Star Wars custom dolls being auctioned off. Doh.

Bi-partisan gestures...I can think of a few I wouldn't use sparringly

Arizona doesn't have one stupid Senator, they have two, Jon Kyl wants to unstimulus his own state because it might be working...?

Judy Chu CONGRESSWOMAN!!! I have posted about her in the past and this is a big win for Judy, couldn't be happier for her

In honor of Atrios, blogger ethics panel!

Wasteful spending, wasteful spending all we hear about is wasteful spending, but it is not wasteful spending when it is Pew Pew useless airplanes

So can some please explain to me "profit" JP Morgan gets bailed out...and now they somehow have profits....WHEN DO I GET MY TAX DOLLARS BACK YOU FUGGS and and and it is interesting that they have profit with the bottom line is still Foreclosures are at a record high

Chuck Todd gets PWN'D by Glenn Greenwald, thoroughly and utterly PWN'D, I have always found the moment Todd got the reporter gig for the WH he turned into a major insider wanker type, maybe that is who he always was, but man this beating by Greenwald is priceless


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Playing with Identity Politics

Eugene Robinson in today’s Washington Post gives a scathing analysis of Republicans such as Rep. Sessions and his cohorts attempting to rattle or cause the “meltdown” of Judge Sonia Sotomayor. After reading twitter, Red State, and hearing the wasted rhetoric of hypocrisy of Hatch and Sessions, I couldn’t agree more, the Republicans approach is to pretend “that white men haven’t enjoyed a privileged position in this society.” Robinson gives the major truthiness; in Wingnuttia, playing pretend is better than reality.

Robinson goes further and points out the “if it’s white it’s right complex”:

Republicans' outrage, both real and feigned, at Sotomayor's musings about how her identity as a "wise Latina" might affect her judicial decisions is based on a flawed assumption: that whiteness and maleness are not themselves facets of a distinct identity. Being white and male is seen instead as a neutral condition, the natural order of things. Any "identity" -- black, brown, female, gay, whatever -- has to be judged against this supposedly "objective" standard.

Thus it is irrelevant if Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. talks about the impact of his background as the son of Italian immigrants on his rulings -- as he did at his confirmation hearings -- but unforgivable for Sotomayor to mention that her Puerto Rican family history might be relevant to her work. Thus it is possible for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to say with a straight face that heritage and experience can have no bearing on a judge's work, as he posited in his opening remarks yesterday, apparently believing that the white male justices he has voted to confirm were somehow devoid of heritage and bereft of experience
The whole point of Sotomayor's much-maligned "wise Latina" speech was that everyone has a unique personal history -- and that this history has to be acknowledged before it can be overcome. Denying the fact of identity makes us vulnerable to its most pernicious effects. This seems self-evident. I don't see how a political party that refuses to accept this basic principle of diversity can hope to prosper, given that soon there will be no racial or ethnic majority in this country.

Yet the Republican Party line assumes a white male neutrality against which Sotomayor's "difference" will be judged. Sessions was accusatory in quoting Sotomayor as saying, in a speech years ago, that "I willingly accept that we who judge must not deny the differences resulting from experience and heritage, but attempt . . . continuously to judge when those opinions, sympathies and prejudices are appropriate."
This is supposed to be a controversial statement? Only, I suppose, if you assume that there are judges who have no opinions, sympathies or prejudices -- or, perhaps, that the opinions, sympathies and prejudices of the first Hispanic nominee to the Supreme Court are somehow especially problematic.

The Republican Party is running into the hole and if they continue to push or alienate certain minority groups it will be so far dug they won’t be able to get out. It is a common misconception that minorities won’t get fed up, there is a reason an Asian Pacific Americans for Progress organization was just founded last year. The old thought that certain minorities “just want to be left alone” is no longer applicable. With a party that is continually attacking and belittling the aspect of race in this nation and with their temper tantrums during this confirmation it becomes more apparent how out of touch their leaders truly are.

Robinson hits the nail on the head:

… women and minorities are acutely aware of how our view of justice has evolved, or been forced to evolve. Women and minorities are also key Democratic Party constituencies, and if the Republican Party is going to be competitive, it can't be seen as the party of white male grievance -- especially in what is almost certainly a lost cause. Democrats, after all, have the votes to confirm Sotomayor.
"Unless you have a complete meltdown, you're going to get confirmed," Graham told the nominee. He was right -- Republicans probably can't damage her. They can only damage themselves.

Red State is calling this hearing and confirmation a “test” of Republicans currently holding office. A “who is with us and who is against us”, a sort of Real Republicans vs. Pseudo-Republicans Round 1... let’s hope they play it that way. When 20 or so Republicans do not confirm Sotomayor on the basis of her being a “racist” it will be one foot deeper into the hole.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Update: h/t Pandagon

"Please click the link and rate the video. The comments at YouTube are swarming with people who are trying to turn the word “racist” into a slur that you apply to people who don’t think that white people are better than everyone else."