Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Oh how I hate to get up in the morning! Oh how I would rather be in beeeddddd! But alas it is Friday so that is good news to Frank. I am all set to chill, play guitar and do a whole lot of nothing maybe paint if I feel up to it. Yes I said paint. No worry it will include ninjas and swords and imagery of political awesomess...or butterflies and cutesy teddy bears. Whatever makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. IF you are in Chicago and want to catch a kick ass comedy show check out Mike Stanley at the Lakeshore Theater. He will be performing with ESPN's Sklar Brothers and recording his DVD. I happen to know Mike personally and he is one of the nicest guys, despite the above rant, in the business. Always a gentleman, great to shoot the proverbial shit with and a great friend. So check him out already!

Here are your highlights:

Cost and Compassion, let's just break this down if you don't want some sort of health care reform you are well...Heartless

Got in a little debate yesterday on da Twitter, but I win I always do, Gatesgate a professioanl take

The Moral Party gets all abstinent on us, Tenn. State Senator Paul Stanley welcome to C-Street

The strategy is as follows offer no options, go and have a beach party with Leader Orange and then reap the benefits: EMERGENCY EMERGENCY! Teh GOP needs a shrink.


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