Monday, November 30, 2009

The Conservative Leader

Little Green Footballs:

The most “influential” conservative in America is a race-baiting creationist who mocks H1N1 victims, falls for obvious hoaxes, wants environmentalists to kill themselves, and panders to the Birther movement: Poll: Limbaugh is most influential conservative.

NEW YORK – By a wide margin, Americans consider Rush Limbaugh the nation’s most influential conservative voice.

Those are the results of a poll conducted by “60 Minutes” and Vanity Fair magazine and issued Sunday. The radio host was picked by 26 percent of those who responded, followed by Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck at 11 percent. Actual politicians — former Vice President Dick Cheney and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin — were the choice of 10 percent each.

(bolding by me) Frightening.

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The Question is Can He Explain the Why

MSNBC -Obama is preparing to announce the new strategy to the public on Tuesday, including the addition of thousands more American forces, a clarification of the mission and a path toward disengagement. It will likely be one of the toughest sales jobs of his presidency.
He began the rollout on Sunday, the White House said, talking first with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton by phone and then informing other key administration advisers such as Defense Secretary Robert Gates in the evening Oval Office meeting.
It was at that time, said Gibbs, that Obama's order for the military to go ahead with the new deployments became official. The goal of the president's revamped approach is to train Afghan security forces to eventually take over from the U.S., and Obama will say Tuesday that he doesn't plan an open-ended U.S. commitment, the spokesman said.

I didn't vote for Obama to escalate troops forces in Afghanistan and I don't think anyone else did. He was the only "hope" for putting an end to our endless wars. However, there wasn't any indication any other viable candidate would have done anything different than what Obama seems to be proposing now (and he did promise following through on this war). That in of itself is the depressing part.

Look for a long speech and a rallying speech; Obama tends to have great oration with his back pressed against the wall. What I would like and many others, is somewhere maybe he can explain how this is more important than jobs, health care, and global climate change. And how we are going to pay for Surge 2009.

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Update: Sterno makes a solid point:

I think my hope on Afghanistan was that he'd apply a more intelligent policy there. That policy might mean adding more troops or withdrawing, but the status quo was clearly not sustainable.

At this point my instinct is to disagree with his move because the Afghan government is not a reliable partner there. But I'm open to hearing him explain why this is a good idea. I do at least feel he, unlike Bush, appreciates the gravity of such a decision.

As far as a President who understands the "gravity of such a decision" read, the Veterans Day a meeting with the President.

I will stress that "get the out of there now" approach was never realistic, a timetable as well is difficult to promise. We do, however deserve to know someday, sometime the troops will be withdrawn and Afghanistan left in the hands of their people.

Ninja Thought

American exceptionalism is exceptional

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

In Exile

Thrice | MySpace Music Videos

I'm back!! Wow, what a nice and lovely vacation to Central Illinois. The lady and I had a wonderfully interesting Thanksgiving with a too too too much turkey. My stomach is still full (also honorable mention to the fried mushrooms from the Village Pub and Momma lady's cream cheese and red pepper mash potatoes). There was no Turkey Bowl this year for Frank so I can't brag about throwing six touchdown passes, but you better believe the Redskins won...oh wait. Dan Snyder I want my money back. Other than that, I don't want to be back to be honest, don't want to be here at a desk. But I am ready for debates and debacles.

Here are your highlights:

We find out tomorrow what the plan in Afghanistan is, but we need to learn from the "surge" in Iraq...of course we won't

Jobs Summit will include Krugman HOORAY!

Asshole, no other way to describe a man on food stamps calling other people free loaders

Tora Bora, we had Osama Bin Laden within our grasps and we let him go? John Kerry is so un-Uhmerikan

Health Care Debate GAME ON!

The face of rotted Washington, Evan Bayh. I have long been critical of Bayh, as Greenwald highlights Bayh is the epitome of everything wrong with the Blue Dogs and the Beltway. The best move Obama ever made was skipping over this pile of douche for VP. But the bigger issue; on Capital Hill Bayh is the norm


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finally Thankful

My last thanks for today is to all of you.

Over the past year or so this blog has evolved beyond my greatest expectations. I started this site in jest, naive and full of satirical posts I created a character, Frank Chow. He was to be a Stephen Colbert of sorts, but for the Asian-American progressives out there and full of liberal rage. As last year's election cycle reared its ugly head I found it was important to at least address the many pressing issues of our time with an unapologetic tone. Frank was conflicted; rage on as the character or provide a progressive voice in the Asian-American community. There had to be a balance somewhere.

With the election of Barack Obama, I almost stopped too soon. I figured my job was done, the mockery and rage could subside. But little did I know it had just begun. The far right instigated its new Tax Tea Party movement and began its relentless lie machine, the economy and joblessness worsened, the Republican party became the Obstructionist party, Democrats coddled corporations, climate change was losing believers and the possibility of universal health care was around the corner; this not even six months in. I took some time to reflect and focused on many of the blogs I follow and noticed that the most effective included a personal anecdote and an unique voice.

Since then I have had three redesigns (template changes) and moved from satire, to a character full of rage to this latest inception. I am not so certain what to call it, but I like where this blog is headed and without your comments, emails and criticisms I would not be gleefully awaiting Frank Chow's next step.

For that I am truly thankful.

As part of my thanks and true appreciation I will be having a giveaway in the upcoming week or so. It will include a interesting piece of writing and some other propaganda for your enjoyment. So please stay tuned as I promise it won't disappoint.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Turkey Pardon

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Turkey Break

The fine people that I work with and I are eating Turkey, 1 day early.

I am thankful for Fun.

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Ninja Thought

The gun clinging is strong in this country

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Alternate Reality

No terrorist attacks under Bush's watch? Glenn Greenwald also has a interesting take on Hasan's "terrorist attack" on Ft. Hood. We are at a time of war.

Perino, who recently was hired on by the White House to continue its rosy glasses bipartisanship, should at least remember the day she and the Bushies played like a trump card to any rational argument against an invasion into Iraq. Mayor Giuliani that's your cue...

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Happy Early Thanksgiving one and all. I will be hanging out as I assume all of you will be too with the ladies family tomorrow so I have to give you my thanks today. I will try...I am thankful for my lady who I will be spending this Thanksgiving with. I am thankful for friends and family (cop out I know). I am thankful for Drinking Liberally which over the past year has been a great outlet for my rage. I am thankful for Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. I am thankful that President Bush is still not in office. I am thankful for white cheddar cheesy poofs. I am thankful for all in the liberal blogosphere who consistently challenge the status quo and give me hope. I am thankful to those I have worked with on various art projects, plays and short films. I am thankful for the music. I am thankful for Chicago. And lastly I am thankful for the booze.

Here are your thank filled highlights:

State Dinner at the White House: It is a breath of fresh air to have a President that embraces the diversity in our world

As an amateur artist I appreciate nature even though I tend to shy away from photography, these landscapes are STUNNING

Serious talks about serious issues, like Climate Change

Every once and awhile I stumble across a comic book that read like a novel or plays out like a movie I always wanted to see. Chew is the latest comic book to consume my nerdom. Once this comic goes into movie production I will be the first person lining up to audition. The story is unique and the art is fantastic


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teh More Crazy Economy

I hope this isn't a growing trend, but Josh Marshall points out more of the crazy. Perhaps it is the Faux News Reality, but as polls are showing teh America is teh stupid:

A few minutes ago I left the office to grab a cup of coffee. And on the way out the door I spent a few moments in the Fox News alternative universe.
The topic was budget deficits and the stimulus plan; and the anchor was Stuart Varney, a one-time financial news reporter for CNN. Varney was berating some hapless guest about how the Stimulus had "failed" because the jobless rate is higher now than it was when the bill passed. And thus the money should never even have been spent.
Now, we're no strangers to hearing that the stimulus 'failed'. But that's usually from Republican politicians. And from them it's more understandable. First, because an opposition party has no percentage doing anything but saying the in-party's policies have failed. And even though no one thought that unemployment wouldn't keep going up, the current 10% unemployment rate is just too big a political target not to hit. Second, because Republican politicians simply have a more developed group propensity for lying.
But Varney is at least supposed to be a financial reporter, not a politician or GOP spin-meister. And it is astonishing to think that there are people who actually think -- or more likely in this case pretend on TV -- that we'd be in better shape today if we did nothing to create off-setting demand in the economy or better yet, cut spending across the board to force our way into a Great Depression.
This isn't to say that the stimulus was perfect. It probably should have been larger, something I suspect even the people at the White House would concede. And it certainly could have been structured differently. But the idea that it's a failure because unemployment didn't stop rising as soon as the bill past or even long after is just crazy.
There's no getting around the irony that President Obama's approval numbers are now weighed down by a combination of a) the profound discontent at the economic condition of the country which was already pretty much foreordained when he came into office in the midst of a historic economic crisis and b) dissatisfaction with his policy responses which have only blunted rather than prevented or fixed the financial carnage.
Life's hard and he asked for the job. But it's scary to think how many people either don't get or are paid to pretend not to get that we probably avoided a financial collapse of vastly greater proportions than the protracted recession we're now in.

And Krugman wonders if it is a "familiar feeling" with a touch of creepiness we on the "far Left" know all too well:

There’s something disturbingly familiar about the current deficit hysteria. There’s the way that fear, and a demand for action against a supposed threat, has spread despite the lack of any solid evidence to support it. There’s the way that many news stories seem to present only one side of the argument, and suppress or neglect contrary evidence (e.g., writing articles about how nervous investors are turning on Japan while never mentioning that the current interest rate on Japanese long-term debt is, um, 1.3 percent).
And I suddenly realized what it is: it’s like the runup to the Iraq war, when all the serious people knew that Saddam was working on nukes and invasion was the only option, and anyone who pointed out that there was no evidence to that effect was a flake.
It’s amazing, and dispiriting, to see it happening all over again.

It is a wonderment that the obsession over deficit is missing the immediacy for fixing the unemployment crisis. As Josh Marshall points out there are literally paid pundits pontificating nonsense with no accountability. Nancy Pelosi is noting the public's historical memory lapse, however it seems as if the "fiscally responsible" Blue Dogs and Republicans are suffering from amnesia. The stimulus although too small is one of the few "bubbles" keeping the current economy from being worse. We just pushed ourselves back from the edge of the cliff, why are we so eager to jump off again?

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Ninja Thought

Starting a war with Google is teh stupidest

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Nominate Top AAPI Progressives of 2009

Asian Pacific American for Progress are asking for your opinion, who are the top Progressives in the AAPI community. The announcement:

To commemorate the first year of the Obama Administration and what can arguably be an era of progressive politics, APAP is rolling out with another Top 10 list! To close out 2009 APAP is giving a shout out and much needed accolades to the "top Asian Pacific American progressives" of 2009.

This is a call-out to community leaders, workers, students, college grads, faculty, staff, government officials, Hollywood, the private sector, etc. who are working tirelessly in advancing progressive values and representing our communities. A panel of progressive peers from APAP will serve as reviewers to evaluate your submissions.
If your submission is selected as one of the top 10 progressives of 2009 then they will be featured at the end of the year on Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. Aside from highlighting the dedication of the work being done in the progressive movement by fellow APAs for Progress you're submission will be eligible for infinite cyber/e-bragging rights.

Deadline for nominations is December 14, 2009, 11:59 PST.

To submit a nomination,
please click here.

Vote away!

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Tuesday what are you good for? Well actually...with the Turkey Day upon us, Tuesday is more like Thursday for me which rocks the eff out! I am all about the stuffing on Turkey day, heck Cosi has this mean Turkey Day Sammy that I have already noshed down three times this season (don't judge). I have a real craving for a burger too, man I ate breakfast this morning maybe it's cuz I have been juicing my pecs so much I need more caloric intake. Probably right. Anyway I am looking forward to spending time with the lady and her family. Relaxing and watching the Packers vs. Lions, so other than that...the lyrics for this amazing song by Chuck Ragan, formerly of Hot Water Music, can be found here.

Here are your highlights:

Light Reading, all the disingenuous "the bill is 2000 pages" from the Republican party is embarrassing

As if Gary, IN wasn't having enough of a hard time, Casinos filing for bankruptcy

Lou Dobbs please run for President, 2012 will be called "How the Latino vote was lost forever"

Oh how funny, Pikachu ski mask

Obama is going to reveal his Afghanistan plan next week. Most are reporting a troop surge around 34,000 with a clear exit strategy. How will we pay for this is of concern? But I wait to read the strategy in its entirety. No matter what it won't be popular from either side of the aisle


Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you Republican Enough? RNC's Purity Test

MSNBC has received a resolution being emailed amongst the Republican Party. It is a "GOP Purity Test" of sorts meant to discover whether or not candidates are truly Republican. After the upset in NY-23 you would think alienating moderates would be the last thing the GOP would attempt, however it seems NY-23 was the start of purifying and purging of moderate members. You can read the test below:

The "Resolution on Reagan’s Unity Principle for Support of Candidates" outlines 10 conservative principles the group of signees wants potential candidates to abide by. The principles include support for:

(1) Smaller government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes by opposing bills like Obama’s “stimulus” bill
(2) Market-based health care reform and oppose Obama-style government run healthcare;
(3) Market-based energy reforms by opposing cap and trade legislation;
(4) Workers’ right to secret ballot by opposing card check
(5) Legal immigration and assimilation into American society by opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants;
(6) Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges;
(7) Containment of Iran and North Korea, particularly effective action to eliminate their nuclear weapons threat
(8) Retention of the Defense of Marriage Act;
(9) Protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing health care rationing and denial of health care and government funding of abortion; and
(10) The right to keep and bear arms by opposing government restrictions on gun ownership

According to the authors, the resolution mention's Reagan because "President Ronald Reagan believed, as a result, that someone who agreed with him 8 out of 10 times was his friend, not his opponent."

Steve Benen:

It occurs to me, looking over the list, that George W. Bush would have been deemed ineligible for support from the Republican National Committee. He did, after all, increase the size of government, run enormous deficits, endorsed cap and trade, allowed North Korea and Iran to become more serious security threats, and rejected the right's line on immigration.
For that matter, I'm not sure if Ronald Reagan would have gotten RNC support, either. Reagan, you'll recall, voted for several tax increases, began the modern era of massive federal debt, ran huge deficits, and approved an immigration measure the far-right still resents.*
And it's not just the past, either -- Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) of Maine would easily fail this test, and be made ineligible for support from her own party

Is this the future of the Republican Party? I suggest they make each candidate take the test, however if I recall during the election last year, the nation rejected these principles by a wide margin. Principles should be essential qualities that GOP expects of candidates, not Frank Luntz talking points. If this is truly what they are looking for I am not so certain they will have any viable candidates in 2010.

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Quote of The Day

Via Talking Points Memo, the President:

"Scientists and engineers ought to stand side by side with athletes and entertainers as role models. And here at the White House, we're gonna lead by example," he added. "We're gonna show young people how cool science can be."

I am Frank Chow and this is CHANGE I believe in

SNL Still Bad

Angry Asian Man:

Did you catch the cold open on Saturday Night Live this weekend? I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea. You've got a very Caucasian Will Forte as Chinese President Hu Jintao, doing some seriously godawful ching chong, alongside Nasim Pedrad, rocking an equally ass-awful accent as his "translator."
This alone is pretty painful. Whatever joke they're going for is completely sabotaged by the fact that everyone is thinking, "Hey, those two aren't Asian." (At least they didn't tape their eyes back.) But it goes on, with this tired, drawn-out joke about "do sex to me" and Hu literally bending over in front of "Obama."
I don't understand how this kind of racial mockery flies on national broadcast television. Is this not yellowface? No, they didn't use "Oriental" makeup, but there's no denying that the effect is there -- insulting ching chong and all. At the very least, awkward bare minimum, would it have been that hard to get an actual Asian man to just stand there for six minutes?
And yes, I fully acknowledge that there's also been something rather uncomfortable about watching Fred Armisen play Barack Obama for the last couple of seasons. Hell, the whole thing was uncomfortable.

I caught this opening sketch as well and just couldn't stomach it. I was offended by the premise, the accents and the tone of the entire sketch. It's one thing to be so blatantly racist, the length was horrific and even the politics were wrong. I am not sure what's going on behind the scenes at SNL, they need a shake up bad. It has been consistently worse year after year. I really don't see the purpose of watching anymore until there is another major election.

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

Oh Monday why are you here already? It was a pretty chill and awesome weekend for the lady and I we enjoyed one too many a margarita in the city. We celebrated a friends birthday, we rocked out some mean dishes in the kitchen and did like one million sit ups. Okay scratch that last part, but we were close. It is a short week wit the upcoming holiday. Can we say Thanksgiving? Or is there a war on that too? I am looking forward to it as nothing sounds better right now than stuffing and turkey with some gravy. Yummmmmyyy!

Here are your highlights:

Senate votes to begin debate Health Care Reform, but what is bothering is no one in the media is asking tough questions of the Senators who intend to block the public option. It would be nice to know the "why."

I'm not sure what to make of it. Michelle Malkin (and others) are suggesting the trials of 9/11 and Gitmo detainees would turn into a "platform to bash America." Does she think they are going in front of Judge Judy?

For your Christmas tree, Controllerments

Sen. Lamar Alexander makes the Republican argument against Medicaid, "it's ghetto".

Christian leaders unite on political issues, conservative Christian, Catholic and Evangelical church leaders and banding together to protest against abortion, stem cell research and same-sex marriages. The return of the Christian Right is a very real concern, it used to have direct access to George W's administration , (who often referenced a divine purpose) now they want it back and they have the means to put pressure on the current administration. But what I don't understand is how and why they are threatening to cut off the poor, if they don't get what they doesn't sit right. Are the three pressing issues of our time abortion, stem cell research and same-sex marriage? Fighting teh gay is more important than poverty, and providing social services? Disheartening.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Music for your Weekend- The Snake the Cross the Crown

we got a lot to say, got a lot to do
boys are in the street
they just want to do what they want
we dont care how

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New Deal 2.0

Read it

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America You Be Teh Stupid

Derek Thompson finds something troubling floating about in America. We ain't all that bright:

Sometimes, the Majority of Americans Are Really Stupid

I cannot believe this Rasmussen poll:

51 percent believe canceling the rest of the stimulus money would create more jobs.

That is insane.

It's one thing to say that canceling the rest of the stimulus money would help our deficit. That's arguable, even if I think it's dead wrong, since the best way to help our deficit is to put people back to work when demand is nonexistent so that they (1) receive taxable income and (2) spend that taxable income on products to help other people's taxable income. In our 2009 deficit, $300 billion came from lower tax receipts, $100 billion came from stimulus tax cuts and about $100 billion came from stimulus spending. One hundred billion. Blaming the January stimulus for the $1.4 trillion deficit like blaming a pack of Skittles for a cavity.

The idea that canceling the stimulus would create more jobs implies that passing the stimulus has actually killed more jobs than it's created, which is bonkers. Let's say you don't want to consider infrastructure spending or green technology spending or a single job that might have been created in the private sector. If nothing else, the tens of billions we've sent to state budgets have, without question, saved hundreds of thousands of jobs, like teachers, that are supported by state taxes.
It's just a very basic fact.

So this is a crazy statistic, but I think it's important to ask why Americans think the stimulus is actually hurting job-creation. It's a dumb thing to think, but it must be coming from somewhere. I worry that it's things like
(h/t Steve Benen)

We are all Hoovers now.

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Ninja Thought

When Oprah is the front page story over the issues like health care, climate change, and the economy in our nation, welp that says it all.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Aw Friday, how I love thee. So last night I finally was able to see the latest Star Trek and to be honest...IT ROCKED!! Nerdgasm! I knew J.J. Abrams was a visionary, but he truly created a film for those new and old lovers of Star Trek. Visually the movie was stunning. The acting was pretty damn good and the effects were dynamite. I am gushing, I am pushing up my spectacles and pulling up my knee socks. Definitely worth the watch. Ok breathe Frank. Cool. In other news Thanksgiving is coming up and this year I am spending it with the lady and her family. So should I bring the dim sum and give them a taste of a Chinese Thanksgiving or what? Maybe some red envelopes as my grandpa used to bring me every holiday...probably best just bringing the wine.

Here are your highlights:

Oddly enough a year later, we are still exploring the myth of bipartisan John McCain, even though he only cares about John McCain

Dana Perino appointed by Obama? This his a double headslamondesk

"You know what I hate combo animals" hilarity ensues

Dear God this sports season sucks for my teams, What is going on with Bayern Munich?

The Majority is Misguided on our economy and the Recession continues...and the Dems blame Obama and Timmy, but not themselves? All this wankery is quite frustrating. We avoid the next great Depression, by perhaps learning the lessons from the great Depression. Deficit hawks were wrong back then and they are wrong right now and it will cost lower and middle class families dearly if we don't get jobs and real financial reform. It also might just cost Obama a second term if he goes down the Hoover road.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sen. Joe Lieberman begins Ft. Hood Investigation

The Senate Homeland Security has begun its hearings regarding the Ft. Hood shootings. Led by the noble and "with us on everything, but the war" Senator Joe Lieberman. If this isn't a waste of time, I don't know what is.


Wary of anti-Muslim backlash, Lieberman said the Senate committee will carry out its investigation "with respect for the thousands of Muslim-Americans who are serving in the American military with honor and the millions of other patriotic, law-abiding Muslims who live in our country."
But, he added, "we do no favor to all our fellow Americans who are Muslim by ignoring real evidence that a small number of their community have, in fact, become violent Islamists and extremists."

Well if that is the logic, then we might as well start investigating for Christians, Atheists, Jewish extremists as well in the military, since a "small number of their community" happen to exist. Heck everyone who has ever had any religion at any time should be investigated and profiled because "we don't trust those people." Tell me again how this bonehead is heading a committee? It's weird when any other soldier went postal, Joe wasn't there calling for an investigation, wonder why? It is this type of waste of time that leads to dangerous rhetoric and nativism.

The Pentagon is already investigating this as it should be, it's just Joe wants to do his own special investigation so that he can get to the bottom of these brown people and their extremism. And he won't be satisfied till he can deny the ability to serve to readied and willing soldiers with an inkling of an Muslim background.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

The Political Carnival: has another recent development, Hasan was worried about a HIV test?

Happy Holidays America! Credit Cards Are Gonna Raise Rates!

Washington Independent:
Moments ago, Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic proposal to freeze credit card rates on existing balances through the holiday season. The bill, sponsored by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), would prevent credit card companies from hiking rates and fees on existing balances until the industry reforms passed by Congress earlier this year take effect. Although a few provisions of that law took hold in August, most don’t launch until February or August of 2010. In the meantime, many card companies are hiking rates and fees to beat the law.

Wait, they did what?!! Are you kidding me?!! War on Christmas!! Hannukah!! Kwanzaa!!

As Digby says:
These people are sticking up for credit card companies who are gouging their customers during the holidays in the middle of a recession!...Honestly, this should provoke a Democratic outcry of epic proportions because it's good policy and it's good politics.

Slap this on a Hallmark Card and send it out pronto. Any politician at this point willing to defend credit card companies in general is playing with populist fire. The Dems also have a muck up on this legislation because they should have struck when the iron was hot. They waited too long. But jeez la weez, this is a political meal ticket. So now you have the Republicans as denying health coverage to millions of Americans, pocketing the big banks, Sarah Palin as their crowned leader and defending the dispicable credit card industry. It might as well come wrapped up in bow with a nice card from Santa...

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Low Rising- the Swell Season

Probably my favorite video so far of 2009

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Ninja Thought

ACORN is the strongest and most powerful entity ever to exist. Period.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Motion City Soundrack - "Disappear"

Motion City Soundtrack | MySpace Music Videos

Thursday already? Above is the latest music video from Motion City Soundtrack who have kind of gone from this poppy, quirky band to a nice replacement for my Harvey Danger nostalgia. If that makes sense. So phew, been hecka busy at work and working on various design projects. Last night the lady and I got some Tex-Mex and today I am hurrrrrting. Maybe cuz I had one too many cervezas, but hey who can blame me? I love two things in this world my lady and my booze. That's how I roll, speaking of roll...

Here are your highlights:

Did I mention Pacquiao won his 7th title in his 7th weight class? One of the greatest of all time!

Michael Scott Chicago school board president was found dead Monday. The coroner seemed quick to rule it a suicide, the cops aren't so sure.

The Governor-elect of Virginia still real classy, pulls the equivalent of "I have black friends"

Why am I so late on this hilarity? F U Penguin!

A call for change, Timmy and Larry have got to GO! With unemployment still in holy crap territory, health care reform and job creation should be the two biggest priorities and Timmy and Larry haven't been helping one stinkin bit coddling Wall St and their gambling ways


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CBO Scores Senate Plan

Washington (CNN) -- The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the Senate health care bill would cost $849 billion over 10 years, according to a senior Democratic source and an administration official.
The office projects that the measure would reduce deficit by $127 billion and insure an additional 31 million Americans, according to the sources.
Ninety-four percent of Americans would be covered under the bill, the sources noted.

Obviously this means that the bill is a jobs killer, return of the death panels and bankrupting of our 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

This meets the criteria the President laid out for reform; the price tag of $900 million, covering the majority of Americans and reducing the deficit. It will be interesting to see how Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans alike react this analysis. They can't say the bill does the above, so what will be the new meme?

I would also like to issue an apology to Harry Reid on this one, I thought he had blown it long ago, but if he wrangles the vote he might proves us all wrong about his leadership abilities. More to come certainly.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Quote of the Day

Steve Benen always the astute observer:

I can think of plenty of politicians who are genuinely, unambiguously dumb. I've even met a few, and marveled at how they were able to attain any kind of political responsibilities, given their limited intellectual prowess. But I don't think I've ever seen a politician as conspicuously unintelligent as Sarah Palin gain national prominence. She represents the very worst American politics has to offer, and the embarrassment she brings to the political system is severe.

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Wishing for Obama's Assassination is Funny!

There's a hilarious new meme in the wingnut sectors of the internet: someone's coined a bumper sticker slogan encouraging people to pray for Barack Obama. But here's the funny part: it's really a secret Christian code for "Kill the President!'
Posters to various message boards tell stories of seeing bumper stickers with the message "Pray for Obama—Psalm 109:8" on the highway, only to look up the verse and find, "Let his days be few; and let another take his office." People — like the commenter "Panama" on, to pick one guy completely at random — think this is "too funny." The next verse in Psalms is, "Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

I am not sure what is Christian or funny about wishing death on anyone especially through Bible verse, but whoever would follow through on assissinating any president has a nice place in hell next to the designer of this slogan. And kudos to CafePress for keeping it classy selling these hot new items! Anybody still want to debate that we have a growing issue here....

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Ninja Thought

When was the last time anyone heard of a successful prison escape?

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Back in full effect homies, so what did I miss? Anything? Not a whole lot? I will tell you one thing the world looks different when you go to Washington D.C. No wonder so many lawmakers seem out of touch about this Recession...D.C. is gorgeous, full of life and the leaves are purrrrty. They are like a base heads dream, staring out those fall leaves would make anyone distracted for hours. Wait....what was I talking about? Oh well this weekend is already around the corner which means rented DVD's for the lady and I, how about Star Trek and Up!

Here are your highlights:

Those insurance companies members of Congress stick up for...not such good guys

Obama thinks the death penalty is fitting for KSM, how disappointing, I would like to see KSM's face when given a life sentence and has to wait and wait and wait and wait for his God to save him

A Jobs bills seems like common sense, that everyone can agree upon in both the House and the Senate...HOOVERS! Although I would like all the newborn Deficit and Debt hawks to explain a couple of things...oh I forgot Defense spending isn't REAL spending


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Midday Dunkin

Well the lady and I are back from an awesome trip in Washington D.C. We got to see old friends, family and the Redskins BEAT THE BRONCOS!!! Are you kidding me?!! How great was that? The one single glip of hope I needed to believe my life long investment into the Redskins is worth it. Okay, so here are so quick links to get me and you back in the fold of all things politics and the world.

Drifty, Going Vague

The Filibuster sucks

Ethics investigation for Michele "Queen Winguttia" Bachmann?

Senate Public Option actually quite promising


Friday, November 13, 2009

Going Home

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Ninja Thought

Historians will look back at the obsession with Sarah Palin and laugh. They will state how silly we all were giving audience to a misinformed, paranoid, opportunistic, media manipulator with no understanding (or curiosity) of the current or past political climate. You betcha.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Today is the day I go home which is going to be KICK ASS (see how I did that). Washington D.C., The Real Virginia and then hopefully Baltimore and the REDSKINS GAME!! I don't care if we might be the worst team in the NFL currently sliding into the worst season in team history. Nothing beats the stadium and the beginning feeling and rush before a Redskins game. It is truly awesome. Don't forget folks this weekend is also the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto (reminder Cotto walks around at like 200 Manny is 145 after a full meal at Denny's with pie!) fight which I am guessing will be achin' to a classic fight from the glory days. The lady and I are pumped for our little getaway and best of all, the first flight we are rolling in First Class. You know I will be ordering a ton of bubbly and asking for extra pillows, even if it is only an hour and half flights. That's how the lady and I roll bitchessss!

Here are your highlights:

The Media Fail on Ft. Hood, the female hero wasn't the one who took down Hasan after all, still brave act on her part, made a cool story....but it wasn't the the truth

Jolly Banksters, 40% increase in bonuses, what a joke

GOP abortion insurance, so after all their huffing and puffing and the Stupak amendment the GOP had it covered themselves. Well of course how else will C street cover up their mistresses sinning? Michael Steele always the populist huckleberry put an end to it today...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day: A Meeting with the President

(h/t Josh Marshall)

I suggest you read this.

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Chuck Norris Actually More Frightening Than the Jokes

Obviously this is not the real Chuck Norris, but a robot sent by Obama to hide the fact that Chuck Norris is the only One World Order.

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Do you have an Option 5? Getting out of Afghanistan

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

The early reports on Afghanistan was that Obama had narrowed it down to 4 options. Apparently those options aren't exactly what the President wants to hear.

Steven Benen:

the more Obama is pushed, the more he's inclined to push back with a stronger resolve.
The Pentagon won't like this. Obama's apparently doing it anyway. Good for him.
The White House call for altered plans coincides with new concerns from Ret. Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, who has put in writing his "reservations about deploying additional troops to the country." Eikenberry knows of what he speaks: he once served as the top American military commander in the country.
During a meeting yesterday, Obama pressed Eikenberry on his concerns. The NYT said the "central focus" of the president's questions was "how long it would take to see results and be able to withdraw." One official added that the president "wants to know where the off-ramps are."

Now the McCain campaign is beggin the president to follow McChrystal's surge of 40,000 troops, but as pointed out last night on Hardball...40,000 troops to do what? 40,000 to go after 100 members of Al-Qaeda. A comprehensive strategy is what is needed after 8 years of dithering. Not a G.I. Joe free for all.

I think this is something all progressives should be rooting for, get our men and women home in a safe and strategic manner. The president needs to realize those on his "war council" are in the business of war. The Pentagon, his advisers and generals all are meant to come up with an idea for a winnable solution to Afghanistan. That is their job, however what if there is nothing to win? What about getting the troops home? Timelines? If the choice he makes doesn't work out, then what? These are the tough questions that need to be answered and I haven't heard much of them being answered.

I for one like Option "Bring them Home." Of course this means Obama lacks manhood and will no longer be manly enough to be Commander in Chief...which is of course is good news for Republicans.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Going back to D.C.!! I am heading home tomorrow night for the first time in a year. It will be odd because my family in the past year as relocated and dispersed. As they said in Garden State, I am going back to the "idea of home." The lady and I are excited as we have plans to see her family, my family and the Redskins play the Broncos...although the last one will be more for the experience of the stadium then the competitive nature of the game. No matter what it is time to go home and rock the DC are the eff out, I ask are you ready?!!

Here are your highlights:

Lou Dobbs Quits CNN, have fun on Fox

Here is a question we are all starting to ponder, what are we doing there?

ACORN is going to SUE THE GOV'T, Populism 101 make sure the screaming witch burners have a point before jumping on and passing overreaching legislation

Stream the latest from ArmsBendBack (h/t Lambgoat)

The Dems smelled some coffee, Jobs Summit

Kevin Drum on Reforming the has been increasingly clear egos will always trump the logic of current procedural problems. The "holds" nonsense, however needs to limited by time restrictions of some sorts, Obama to this day does not have all his appointees through the process. Neither party should stall the necessary staffing of various departments on ideology alone.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sshhh Don't Ask Don't Tell

Steven Benen:

This year, Democrats were able to expand hate-crimes protections by adding an amendment to the Defense spending bill. Next year, the strategy is to do the same with DADT repeal.

A repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" will be included in 2010's Defense Department authorization bill, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said. "Military issues are always done as part of the overall authorization bill," Frank told The Advocate in an article published today. "'Don't ask, don't tell' was always going to be part of the military authorization."

Such a vote is expected to be held as early as Spring 2010.

This wasn't, by the way, idle speculation. Frank said he's been working directly with the White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office on this. Frank also defended the administration from criticism from gay-rights supporters, who've voiced frustrations about delays.
The Massachusetts Democrat said the White House's resolve hasn't wavered. "The Administration is totally committed to this and has been from the beginning," he said. Also note the legislative strategy here. Support for repealing DADT is quite strong, but there are plenty of antsy Democrats worried about re-election who may not want to tackle this as a freestanding bill. Adding it to Defense appropriations makes repeal both easier and more likely.

(empasis mine) I think this a rather smart move, from the get go the intent was to make sure the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell a) couldn't be reinstated b) was a sure vote. The strategy here seems to be sound and I am going to take Frank at his word. Now, let's get Lt. Daniel Choi and all those wrongly ousted back in there defending our country.

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Layout Change

Been meaning to do this for awhile, still tweaking the html and the top logo. Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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Super Ninja Thought

The "both sides are equally bad" does not always apply (insert explosions, epic Star Wars music, lighting effects and multiple gasps from the Village).

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Bo Dietl, Katie Couric looks "oriental"

I don't even know what to say about this tirade, but this constitutes television?

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well I waited to post about this monumental fight, but forget Health Care Reform for a second ladies and gents... Pacquiao vs. Cotto is the Fight of the Year! It is tough to speculate about a fight that is clearly a toss up. The one guarantee is that if you watch you get the pound for pound king Manny "the Pacman" Pacquiao moving up in weight against a real welterweight champion in Miguel Cotto in a boxing match aching to the classics. Two fighters clearly still fighting in their prime (although I believe Cotto has still not fully recovered from his brutal "illegal" loss to Margarito) and in front of two nations on opposite sides of the world. This weekend the lady and I will be in D.C. visiting family, but I am hoping when we hit up Baltimore to catch this great event.

Here are your highlights:

the Far Reach of the Stupak Amendment and on that....thought experiment

Close Effin Call Major Pew Pew: Killer Robot in Afghanistan

An Object Lesson on Not Being Jerks: a kinder take for those who don't liken to my disdain for the Right and its Wing of back then, the recent and the now...

I am effin starving and This is Why I'm Fat

Veterans Day: Tammy Duckworth Op-Ed. I had the pleasure of being on a conference call with Ms. Duckworth earlier this year. She is poignant, honest and a great representative for veterans everywhere. I come from a family of veterans and although I am critical of our current wars and military industrial complex I truly respect and believe we should honor those who have proudly served our country. Special shout out to Paddy K


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drinking Liberally Tonight

I am Frank Chow and I am gonna drink and RAGE!!!

Ninja Thought

"So we say goodbye to those who now belong to eternity."

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Drinking Game Republican Shame

The "debate" really was this bad...

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PAGE TURNER: The Asian American Literary Festival, presented by The Asian American Writers’ Workshop

For all you in the New York Area, I was told about this event coming up by the Asian American Writer's Workshop called Page Turner. You can check out the info below, I would would say I would be there, but I will in D.C. this weekend:

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop presents
PAGE TURNER: The Asian American Literary Festival
Friday & Saturday, Nov. 13-14, 2009

Join the Workshop for PAGE TURNER, a two-day literary palooza that’ll bring together more than thirty writers, including Jhumpa Lahiri, Michael Ondaatje, David Henry Hwang, Hari Kunzru, Ed Park, and Porochista Khakpour. This quirky but curated festival will also feature a former Chinese rocket factory worker, poets making video art, ukulele-strumming comedian Jen Kwok, Indian crime fiction, panels on internment and immigration, and a cocktail reception and awards ceremony. For schedule and tickets, please visit


Friday, Nov. 13, 2009, 7-10pm
At Vermilion, 480 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY
$50 cocktail reception (7-8pm); $500 gala dinner (8-10pm)
A special cocktail reception and dinner honoring Sonny Mehta, who will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from Michael “English Patient” Ondaatje. For tickets, visit or call (212) 494-0061.

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009, 11am-7pm
PAGE TURNER: The Asian American Literary Festival
powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY
$5 per reading; $20 Day Pass; $10 Literary Awards & Reception Only; $25 All-Day Pass+Awards
A hip all-day reading series that’ll feature more than some of the most prominent Asian American writers in the country, as well as stand-up comedians, academics, and the Twelfth Annual Asian American Literary Awards. The line-up includes: Jhumpa Lahiri, David Henry Hwang, Ed Park, Mort Baharloo, Monique Truong, Hari Kunzru, Meera Nair, Mohan Sikka, Hirsh Sawhney, Mae Ngai, Mitra Kalita, Alexander Chee, Ron Hogan, Rakesh Satyal, Jen Kwok, Porochista Khakpour, Ed Lin, Jennifer Hayashida, Jeff Yang, Sree Sreenivasan, Ravi Shankar, Hua Hsu, Dennis Lim, Julie Otsuka, Rea Tajiri, Sunaina Maria, Tania James, Hasanthika Sirisena, V.V. Ganeshananthan, Amitava Kumar, Lijia Zhang, Alexandra Chang, Walter Lew, and Ye Mimi. For a complete schedule and tickets see

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Hello Tuesday!! Why am I excited about Tuesday? Drinking Liberally Chicago is tonight and I get to see the lady and her new hairdo (insert cheesy music here). Regardless pumped for the banter and booze that will be had tonight. DL Chicago has a Twitter Account now which you can check out, and do it now! Above is a video for BANANA, which is taking place November 21st at USC. BANANA is the first ever gathering of prominent Asian-American bloggers meant to discuss and focus the voice and opinions affecting the community. It will include three of my favorite bloggers, The Minority Militant, Angry Asian Man and Disgrasian. If you are out in California don't miss this epic event with a great chance to shape the Asian-American future.

Here are you highlights:

40,000 troops!!!! Hold your horses, teh media strikes again with anonymous anonymity

The Tea Party's Next Target: the Climate Bill, which of course is a gubbament takeover of Oxygen

A message to the Republican Senators, Shut the Eff Up

Brian Gilmore from the Progressive, the D.C. Sniper Should Not be Executed, I am from Virginia and I recall all the panic that ensued throughout the snipers rampage. It was frightening to say the least. Gilmore makes the case that has been a big proponent for those from anti-death penalty side have been saying for sometime adding, "the justified anger of the victims’ kin does not justify state-sponsored killing." I suggest you read it


Monday, November 9, 2009

Late Night Music with Grizzly Bear


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Ninja Thought

Wonder if Major Hasan handed out Bibles before the shooting, would the Right be so zealous?

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Update: Talking Points Memo catches that the American Family Association no longer wants Muslims to serve in the military and they aren't the only ones....headslamondesk

Joseph Cao feels the Racism, that didn't take long...


Representative Joseph Cao is a freshman Republican who won 49.6 percent of the vote against a corrupt incumbent in a district that’s 64% black and has a median income of $25,000. I think it should come as no surprise that someone in that situation might want to break with the GOP leadership now and then. For example, he voted for the health care reform bill last night. For his trouble, he’s being treated to some interesting tweets:

RT @RightBloggerPat: @AnhJosephCao You Bastard piece of shit fuck! GO BACK TO Saigon, South Vietnam where you fucking BELONG GOOK! #TCOT

There’s also a whole bunch of folks who’ve decided that it’d be hilarious to start referring to Rep. Cao as “Mao” because, you see, they’re both responsible for the deaths of millions Asians. Also this.

I think the conservative movement is going to continue to struggle in a decreasingly white American.

It comes as no surprise. The Right Wing Extreme (Updated) has never hidden its white supremacist ideology, heck Pat Buchanan goes on MSNBC daily in honor of the white Chrisitian male, but the loss of the Asian vote is going to be devastating to the Republican Party. You can only alienate a people for so long before us younger and driven Asian-Americans stand up and voice our opposition, we don't take this kind of racism lightly.

Cao as Yglesis points out is from a district that is 64% black and includes the city of New Orleans. Cao did what was best for his constituency not his party. With hate speech coming down on him you have to give him his due credit. But if you have to wonder why Republicans might not be popular to his constituents and why they might need health care coverage...just ask Kanye West...

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a effin weekend!!?!! Health Care Reform went to vote on the House floor and passed. History was made and a worthy shout out to Rep. Joseph Cao (LA) for bucking his "Party of No" and voting for the passage of the bill. Cao hasn't even backed down from his vote noting his district's need for reform and his party's despicable behavior throughout the year. I for one watched both the great MMA fights on CBS and the debate on the floor (what a punch by Fedor). I told my friends you could have played a mean drinking game watching the debates, every time a Republican mentioned "gubbament takeover" and "bankrupting our children" take a drink. No wonder I woke up the next morning hungover...time for the Senate to get some balls, consequences for the ConservaDems, we got a long week ahead of us boys and girls HEALTH CARE REFORM 2009!

Here are your highlights:

Ft. Hood shooter is alive and awake, more questions than answers, speaking of which more Joe Lieberdouche, jumping the Level to Code "fear the brown people"

The fight for Cheese Chocolate

We need jobs, jobs, jobs and Stimulus is the only thing that will get us there

Nerddddssssssss UNITE!!! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

King Newt Gingrich thinks the Founding Fathers wouldn't like Obama this is of course groundbreaking...slamheadondesk

The local sports teams this year have been disappointing. The Bears are the most recent to be added to that list, they finally got a QB which was supposedly the key, but what it did was unveil a ton of problems. A terrible O-line, an aging defense and a lack of a #1 go to receiver (Hester has improved, but he isn't a #1) with the rest of the crew being without the right experience to be competitive. All in all I would like to turn off the tube when the Bears play, they are now just as heartbreaking to watch as my Redskins