Monday, November 9, 2009

Joseph Cao feels the Racism, that didn't take long...


Representative Joseph Cao is a freshman Republican who won 49.6 percent of the vote against a corrupt incumbent in a district that’s 64% black and has a median income of $25,000. I think it should come as no surprise that someone in that situation might want to break with the GOP leadership now and then. For example, he voted for the health care reform bill last night. For his trouble, he’s being treated to some interesting tweets:

RT @RightBloggerPat: @AnhJosephCao You Bastard piece of shit fuck! GO BACK TO Saigon, South Vietnam where you fucking BELONG GOOK! #TCOT

There’s also a whole bunch of folks who’ve decided that it’d be hilarious to start referring to Rep. Cao as “Mao” because, you see, they’re both responsible for the deaths of millions Asians. Also this.

I think the conservative movement is going to continue to struggle in a decreasingly white American.

It comes as no surprise. The Right Wing Extreme (Updated) has never hidden its white supremacist ideology, heck Pat Buchanan goes on MSNBC daily in honor of the white Chrisitian male, but the loss of the Asian vote is going to be devastating to the Republican Party. You can only alienate a people for so long before us younger and driven Asian-Americans stand up and voice our opposition, we don't take this kind of racism lightly.

Cao as Yglesis points out is from a district that is 64% black and includes the city of New Orleans. Cao did what was best for his constituency not his party. With hate speech coming down on him you have to give him his due credit. But if you have to wonder why Republicans might not be popular to his constituents and why they might need health care coverage...just ask Kanye West...

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Paddy K said...

You sure make some broad-brush statements, buddy, but "The Right has never hidden its white-supremacist ideology" is one of your "broad-brushiest".

Coming from someone who mocks the fact that all lefties are accused of being socialists or commies, I'd expect better.

You can be on the right and not be a white supremacist.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Nothing the Right and by Right, I mean the the fringe that they are (not Conservatives), have really never hidden their immigrants are evil, white power and classism. It is a fact of their history. The policies they support, their rhetoric and their language.

So I will amend my broadest brush and say the Right WING.


Paddy K said...

Better. Hey, it's your blog, but the thing is in a two-party system, language is necessarily vague (big tent) while the ideologies you identify are quite specific. Repubs are right of center, Dems are left of center; can't do anything about that. But there are of course varying degrees.

It really comes down to audience. Are you preaching to the converted in this blog or are you trying to win more people over to your way of thinking? If it's the latter, then less inflammatory language would be better, IMHO.

Let's not forget that the Left (and Democrats, being the more "left" party) have slavery, secession, the Indian Wars (and the Native American genocide), Vietnam and 1960's left-wing terrorism in THEIR history...

I'm not trying to excuse right-wing extremism and/or white supremacists, but labeling it -- inadvertently or not -- as a de facto part of their history isn't fair when both parties and both sides of center have serious skeletons in their closets.