Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Happy Early Thanksgiving one and all. I will be hanging out as I assume all of you will be too with the ladies family tomorrow so I have to give you my thanks today. I will try...I am thankful for my lady who I will be spending this Thanksgiving with. I am thankful for friends and family (cop out I know). I am thankful for Drinking Liberally which over the past year has been a great outlet for my rage. I am thankful for Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. I am thankful that President Bush is still not in office. I am thankful for white cheddar cheesy poofs. I am thankful for all in the liberal blogosphere who consistently challenge the status quo and give me hope. I am thankful to those I have worked with on various art projects, plays and short films. I am thankful for the music. I am thankful for Chicago. And lastly I am thankful for the booze.

Here are your thank filled highlights:

State Dinner at the White House: It is a breath of fresh air to have a President that embraces the diversity in our world

As an amateur artist I appreciate nature even though I tend to shy away from photography, these landscapes are STUNNING

Serious talks about serious issues, like Climate Change

Every once and awhile I stumble across a comic book that read like a novel or plays out like a movie I always wanted to see. Chew is the latest comic book to consume my nerdom. Once this comic goes into movie production I will be the first person lining up to audition. The story is unique and the art is fantastic


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