Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do you have an Option 5? Getting out of Afghanistan

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The early reports on Afghanistan was that Obama had narrowed it down to 4 options. Apparently those options aren't exactly what the President wants to hear.

Steven Benen:

the more Obama is pushed, the more he's inclined to push back with a stronger resolve.
The Pentagon won't like this. Obama's apparently doing it anyway. Good for him.
The White House call for altered plans coincides with new concerns from Ret. Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, who has put in writing his "reservations about deploying additional troops to the country." Eikenberry knows of what he speaks: he once served as the top American military commander in the country.
During a meeting yesterday, Obama pressed Eikenberry on his concerns. The NYT said the "central focus" of the president's questions was "how long it would take to see results and be able to withdraw." One official added that the president "wants to know where the off-ramps are."

Now the McCain campaign is beggin the president to follow McChrystal's surge of 40,000 troops, but as pointed out last night on Hardball...40,000 troops to do what? 40,000 to go after 100 members of Al-Qaeda. A comprehensive strategy is what is needed after 8 years of dithering. Not a G.I. Joe free for all.

I think this is something all progressives should be rooting for, get our men and women home in a safe and strategic manner. The president needs to realize those on his "war council" are in the business of war. The Pentagon, his advisers and generals all are meant to come up with an idea for a winnable solution to Afghanistan. That is their job, however what if there is nothing to win? What about getting the troops home? Timelines? If the choice he makes doesn't work out, then what? These are the tough questions that need to be answered and I haven't heard much of them being answered.

I for one like Option "Bring them Home." Of course this means Obama lacks manhood and will no longer be manly enough to be Commander in Chief...which is of course is good news for Republicans.

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