Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Tuesday what are you good for? Well actually...with the Turkey Day upon us, Tuesday is more like Thursday for me which rocks the eff out! I am all about the stuffing on Turkey day, heck Cosi has this mean Turkey Day Sammy that I have already noshed down three times this season (don't judge). I have a real craving for a burger too, man I ate breakfast this morning maybe it's cuz I have been juicing my pecs so much I need more caloric intake. Probably right. Anyway I am looking forward to spending time with the lady and her family. Relaxing and watching the Packers vs. Lions, so other than that...the lyrics for this amazing song by Chuck Ragan, formerly of Hot Water Music, can be found here.

Here are your highlights:

Light Reading, all the disingenuous "the bill is 2000 pages" from the Republican party is embarrassing

As if Gary, IN wasn't having enough of a hard time, Casinos filing for bankruptcy

Lou Dobbs please run for President, 2012 will be called "How the Latino vote was lost forever"

Oh how funny, Pikachu ski mask

Obama is going to reveal his Afghanistan plan next week. Most are reporting a troop surge around 34,000 with a clear exit strategy. How will we pay for this is of concern? But I wait to read the strategy in its entirety. No matter what it won't be popular from either side of the aisle


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