Friday, November 20, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Aw Friday, how I love thee. So last night I finally was able to see the latest Star Trek and to be honest...IT ROCKED!! Nerdgasm! I knew J.J. Abrams was a visionary, but he truly created a film for those new and old lovers of Star Trek. Visually the movie was stunning. The acting was pretty damn good and the effects were dynamite. I am gushing, I am pushing up my spectacles and pulling up my knee socks. Definitely worth the watch. Ok breathe Frank. Cool. In other news Thanksgiving is coming up and this year I am spending it with the lady and her family. So should I bring the dim sum and give them a taste of a Chinese Thanksgiving or what? Maybe some red envelopes as my grandpa used to bring me every holiday...probably best just bringing the wine.

Here are your highlights:

Oddly enough a year later, we are still exploring the myth of bipartisan John McCain, even though he only cares about John McCain

Dana Perino appointed by Obama? This his a double headslamondesk

"You know what I hate combo animals" hilarity ensues

Dear God this sports season sucks for my teams, What is going on with Bayern Munich?

The Majority is Misguided on our economy and the Recession continues...and the Dems blame Obama and Timmy, but not themselves? All this wankery is quite frustrating. We avoid the next great Depression, by perhaps learning the lessons from the great Depression. Deficit hawks were wrong back then and they are wrong right now and it will cost lower and middle class families dearly if we don't get jobs and real financial reform. It also might just cost Obama a second term if he goes down the Hoover road.

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