Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Back in full effect homies, so what did I miss? Anything? Not a whole lot? I will tell you one thing the world looks different when you go to Washington D.C. No wonder so many lawmakers seem out of touch about this Recession...D.C. is gorgeous, full of life and the leaves are purrrrty. They are like a base heads dream, staring out those fall leaves would make anyone distracted for hours. Wait....what was I talking about? Oh well this weekend is already around the corner which means rented DVD's for the lady and I, how about Star Trek and Up!

Here are your highlights:

Those insurance companies members of Congress stick up for...not such good guys

Obama thinks the death penalty is fitting for KSM, how disappointing, I would like to see KSM's face when given a life sentence and has to wait and wait and wait and wait for his God to save him

A Jobs bills seems like common sense, that everyone can agree upon in both the House and the Senate...HOOVERS! Although I would like all the newborn Deficit and Debt hawks to explain a couple of things...oh I forgot Defense spending isn't REAL spending


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