Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Going back to D.C.!! I am heading home tomorrow night for the first time in a year. It will be odd because my family in the past year as relocated and dispersed. As they said in Garden State, I am going back to the "idea of home." The lady and I are excited as we have plans to see her family, my family and the Redskins play the Broncos...although the last one will be more for the experience of the stadium then the competitive nature of the game. No matter what it is time to go home and rock the DC are the eff out, I ask are you ready?!!

Here are your highlights:

Lou Dobbs Quits CNN, have fun on Fox

Here is a question we are all starting to ponder, what are we doing there?

ACORN is going to SUE THE GOV'T, Populism 101 make sure the screaming witch burners have a point before jumping on and passing overreaching legislation

Stream the latest from ArmsBendBack (h/t Lambgoat)

The Dems smelled some coffee, Jobs Summit

Kevin Drum on Reforming the has been increasingly clear egos will always trump the logic of current procedural problems. The "holds" nonsense, however needs to limited by time restrictions of some sorts, Obama to this day does not have all his appointees through the process. Neither party should stall the necessary staffing of various departments on ideology alone.


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