Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sen. Joe Lieberman begins Ft. Hood Investigation

The Senate Homeland Security has begun its hearings regarding the Ft. Hood shootings. Led by the noble and "with us on everything, but the war" Senator Joe Lieberman. If this isn't a waste of time, I don't know what is.


Wary of anti-Muslim backlash, Lieberman said the Senate committee will carry out its investigation "with respect for the thousands of Muslim-Americans who are serving in the American military with honor and the millions of other patriotic, law-abiding Muslims who live in our country."
But, he added, "we do no favor to all our fellow Americans who are Muslim by ignoring real evidence that a small number of their community have, in fact, become violent Islamists and extremists."

Well if that is the logic, then we might as well start investigating for Christians, Atheists, Jewish extremists as well in the military, since a "small number of their community" happen to exist. Heck everyone who has ever had any religion at any time should be investigated and profiled because "we don't trust those people." Tell me again how this bonehead is heading a committee? It's weird when any other soldier went postal, Joe wasn't there calling for an investigation, wonder why? It is this type of waste of time that leads to dangerous rhetoric and nativism.

The Pentagon is already investigating this as it should be, it's just Joe wants to do his own special investigation so that he can get to the bottom of these brown people and their extremism. And he won't be satisfied till he can deny the ability to serve to readied and willing soldiers with an inkling of an Muslim background.

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