Monday, November 9, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a effin weekend!!?!! Health Care Reform went to vote on the House floor and passed. History was made and a worthy shout out to Rep. Joseph Cao (LA) for bucking his "Party of No" and voting for the passage of the bill. Cao hasn't even backed down from his vote noting his district's need for reform and his party's despicable behavior throughout the year. I for one watched both the great MMA fights on CBS and the debate on the floor (what a punch by Fedor). I told my friends you could have played a mean drinking game watching the debates, every time a Republican mentioned "gubbament takeover" and "bankrupting our children" take a drink. No wonder I woke up the next morning hungover...time for the Senate to get some balls, consequences for the ConservaDems, we got a long week ahead of us boys and girls HEALTH CARE REFORM 2009!

Here are your highlights:

Ft. Hood shooter is alive and awake, more questions than answers, speaking of which more Joe Lieberdouche, jumping the Level to Code "fear the brown people"

The fight for Cheese Chocolate

We need jobs, jobs, jobs and Stimulus is the only thing that will get us there

Nerddddssssssss UNITE!!! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

King Newt Gingrich thinks the Founding Fathers wouldn't like Obama this is of course groundbreaking...slamheadondesk

The local sports teams this year have been disappointing. The Bears are the most recent to be added to that list, they finally got a QB which was supposedly the key, but what it did was unveil a ton of problems. A terrible O-line, an aging defense and a lack of a #1 go to receiver (Hester has improved, but he isn't a #1) with the rest of the crew being without the right experience to be competitive. All in all I would like to turn off the tube when the Bears play, they are now just as heartbreaking to watch as my Redskins


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