Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Today is the day I go home which is going to be KICK ASS (see how I did that). Washington D.C., The Real Virginia and then hopefully Baltimore and the REDSKINS GAME!! I don't care if we might be the worst team in the NFL currently sliding into the worst season in team history. Nothing beats the stadium and the beginning feeling and rush before a Redskins game. It is truly awesome. Don't forget folks this weekend is also the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto (reminder Cotto walks around at like 200 Manny is 145 after a full meal at Denny's with pie!) fight which I am guessing will be achin' to a classic fight from the glory days. The lady and I are pumped for our little getaway and best of all, the first flight we are rolling in First Class. You know I will be ordering a ton of bubbly and asking for extra pillows, even if it is only an hour and half flights. That's how the lady and I roll bitchessss!

Here are your highlights:

The Media Fail on Ft. Hood, the female hero wasn't the one who took down Hasan after all, still brave act on her part, made a cool story....but it wasn't the the truth

Jolly Banksters, 40% increase in bonuses, what a joke

GOP abortion insurance, so after all their huffing and puffing and the Stupak amendment the GOP had it covered themselves. Well of course how else will C street cover up their mistresses sinning? Michael Steele always the populist huckleberry put an end to it today...

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