Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Motion City Soundrack - "Disappear"

Motion City Soundtrack | MySpace Music Videos

Thursday already? Above is the latest music video from Motion City Soundtrack who have kind of gone from this poppy, quirky band to a nice replacement for my Harvey Danger nostalgia. If that makes sense. So phew, been hecka busy at work and working on various design projects. Last night the lady and I got some Tex-Mex and today I am hurrrrrting. Maybe cuz I had one too many cervezas, but hey who can blame me? I love two things in this world my lady and my booze. That's how I roll, speaking of roll...

Here are your highlights:

Did I mention Pacquiao won his 7th title in his 7th weight class? One of the greatest of all time!

Michael Scott Chicago school board president was found dead Monday. The coroner seemed quick to rule it a suicide, the cops aren't so sure.

The Governor-elect of Virginia still real classy, pulls the equivalent of "I have black friends"

Why am I so late on this hilarity? F U Penguin!

A call for change, Timmy and Larry have got to GO! With unemployment still in holy crap territory, health care reform and job creation should be the two biggest priorities and Timmy and Larry haven't been helping one stinkin bit coddling Wall St and their gambling ways


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