Monday, July 27, 2009

Ssshhh Facts Are Bad: Bush Administration hid Global Warming Photos

From ThinkProgress:

The Obama administration has “released more than a thousand intelligence images of Arctic ice,” following a declassification request by the National Academy of Sciences. These high-resolution spy photos of rapid sea ice loss off the northern coast of Alaska, kept classified by the Bush administration, show “the devastating impact of global warming in the Arctic”


This is the real politics of corruption. It is clear now more than ever, not only was the Bush Administration fisting America, yes I used that graphic of a term, they wanted to ram us so deep in a pile of lies the Earth be damned. Where are you Global Warming deniers now? This is full proof and the point was shrouded in a cover up by the Bushies and the Dicks. Do these fuggs have any morality? I bet they would sold kidneys on the black market, spread Swine Flu and started wars for profit...wait that last one they did do.


Frank grabs all the cubicles in his office and makes a circle and begins to step hardcore style.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you science, you can't suppress it just because you don't like it. There is bad governing, there is corruption and then this is pure unadulterated evil. I wonder what the argument will be against Global Climate Change now....

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