Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

If you haven't noticed I have a new hardcore banner on top. Not sure if I am going to tweak it a little more, but it need more RAGE and one ninja, since I am only one man. Thanks to my newly acquired ninja design skills, my banner looks just like it should Asian, pundity and awesome. In other news, comedy is rocking out this summer with great shows popping up everywhere! Tonight is CHUC and I am highlighting an amazing comedian Beth Stelling who will be gracing the stage over at the Beat Kitchen. She is a must see in the Chicago comedy scene and her dry wit and personal stories are already gaining fame. She happens to be a lovely friend and is always a joy to watch! Expect to see her on Comedy Central soon.

Here are your highlights:

It is called Right Wing Xtreme for a reason and Mike Castle meet your base

Obama had a conference call with bloggers, YES those little, pesky, non-influential, uneducated, conspiracy theoried, activist bloggers. Those people!

Get me this bed I can't sleep.......dude this bed is monumentally awesome AWESOME BED

If you are black get out of your house! This story made me sad in so many ways, Race in the Post-Obama world.

PORK SPENDING PORKULUS BILLS, ah crap facts gain, ruins all the conservative ho hum about the stimulus

Illinois Democratic Party is going after Mark Kirk already. It is good to call this spade a spade. Teh Dems have the majority and need the seat vacated by Obama to get their agenda through. Elections matter. Mark Kirk is a warhawk, lackey of President Bush and he shouldn't even compete in Illinois.


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