Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I am beyond tired. This weekend went by really quick and luckily I had the hangover to prove it. One moment that stood out above the rest was the Hall of Fame induction of my favorite baseball player Rickey Henderson. I loved watching Rickey play baseball, his long lead off of first base, his dramatic batting stance, the way he would snatch a fly ball out of the sky. He made it look fun and easy. Sadly Rickey was always misunderstood in my opinion, when you are that great at baseball sometimes the media doesn't know what to do and that was the case of Rickey Henderson. He has been waiting to be inducted all his life as if it was destined and it was great for him to speak eloquently about his career and take his place at the table. A baseball Hall of Famer. I still got your baseball card Rickey!

Here are your highlights:

Bill Kristol might be the worst person in the world, Lying is the Republican Game!

Certifiably insane = Sarah Palin honestly I can't even watch her anymore, it is not funny it is frightening

Schumer aka Flash Gordon, Wall Street will always find a way of lying, cheating and stealing your money while ruining the market, Regulation Please

A message to the Blue Dog Democrats from HeadzUp to Paul Krugman or as Bob Cesca puts it War vs. Healthcare

What is happening in the journalistic world is they have always felt elite and connected, a higher power in the scope of teh news. What the reality is now is the internet offered a forum for educated people to research and fact check and opine just like them. It didn't change the standards of journalism, it didn't threaten their business plan. The journos just whined because someone else could write and say stuff that they don't agree with or actually questioned their integrity. If anything the internets should have made them better, instead they just cry and threaten to charge for linkage.


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