Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I was not lost! I was taking a day off, actually I was on a super secret ninja mission to meet up with my best buddy and help my lady move. It was great to catch up with an old friend who I hadn't seen since Thanksgiving (when I threw 7 touchdown passes in the annual Turkey Bowl) talk politics, marriage and life. We enjoyed a decent lunch at Goose Island Chicago shared many a brew and the poof he was off to the land of shamrocks once again. So in honor of my friend I give you METALLL on Thursday.

Here are your highlights:

What did I miss apparently? Star Wars custom dolls being auctioned off. Doh.

Bi-partisan gestures...I can think of a few I wouldn't use sparringly

Arizona doesn't have one stupid Senator, they have two, Jon Kyl wants to unstimulus his own state because it might be working...?

Judy Chu CONGRESSWOMAN!!! I have posted about her in the past and this is a big win for Judy, couldn't be happier for her

In honor of Atrios, blogger ethics panel!

Wasteful spending, wasteful spending all we hear about is wasteful spending, but it is not wasteful spending when it is Pew Pew useless airplanes

So can some please explain to me "profit" JP Morgan gets bailed out...and now they somehow have profits....WHEN DO I GET MY TAX DOLLARS BACK YOU FUGGS and and and it is interesting that they have profit with the bottom line is still Foreclosures are at a record high

Chuck Todd gets PWN'D by Glenn Greenwald, thoroughly and utterly PWN'D, I have always found the moment Todd got the reporter gig for the WH he turned into a major insider wanker type, maybe that is who he always was, but man this beating by Greenwald is priceless


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