Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Man what a long weekend. The move of my darlin' happened to go smoothly. Probably the easiest move without movers I have done plus I looked super ripped in my tight tee shirt. HULK SMASH....moving. The weather has been great and last night we enjoyed the locale of her new residence. It is interesting to people watch on the streets of Chicago. You see a grown man stumbling drunk while holding a teddy bear. You see 20 something Hills wannabes slurring their pizza order. You see lovers sip margaritas on a Sunday night. You see loud, crazy, whack jobs and polite, quiet and civil beings. The city itself becomes more and more alive once you put them all on the same street.

Here are your highlights:

Walter Cronkite RIP, and what they won't say about him on the teevee

As I have said from the beginning of this blog, Defense Spending is still spending and it needs to be addressed as such. Time to trim the fat.

Rep. Kirk is going to run for Senate in Illinois, let's hope Bush Jr. LOSES, but please Dems come up with a viable candidate and not some lackey or retread

RIGHT WING XTREME because it is all fun and games in the gubbament

Health care is getting lossed in the mix. Somewhere the word TAXES jumps into the play and everyone poops on logic. Why do people cheer on failure I have no clue, but again HOORAY FOR 46 Million uninsured!


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