Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Womb Raiders - The Fight for the Truth Behind Obama's Birth
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Holy hangover Wednesday Batman! The Birther debate made it to Facebook yesterday and well I have had it. Let's just say definitely some early morning RAGE!!!! I won't go further out of respect for a friend, but MAN THE RAGE IS BUMBLING LIKE HULK SMASHATHON! Even for a hungover dude, Frank can high kick a can off the Great Wall if you know what I mean. I digress, good times all around at Drinking Liberally. One thing that is great is when people share their personal stories about health care and you realize in 2009 the time is now.

Here are your highlights:

High Frequency Trading more from those awesome guys on Wall Street, but now with cool new ROBOTS!

Weird, weird and weirdest ever, 2-D Relationships in Japan

Glenn Beck is insane like bat shit crazy insane totally off the rocker insane, but Rupert Murdoch needs to step in

Microsoft and Yahoo, do we now call them Microahoo?

Exclusive from Think Progress, who is ruining the health care debate?

Taking on the Politico- personally I stopped reading their site mid way through the election, the forums, the missed references, the "card check" nonsense. You can't be nonpartisan and use terms and polls from the GOP talking heads over and over again

If you know me then you know how much I can't stand Michelle Malkin apparently she has scribbled enough and scrapped enough internet sorcery to write a new book. The book is about the culture of corruption surrounding the Obamas and especially an evil attack on the First Lady. It is ugly and the beginning of the Clintonesque attacks, the lies will come in full force ladies and gentlemen and thanks to Faux News they get an audience willing to sap up all its schmear with extra butter. The fact checking will be certainly fun on this one


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