Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Sorry for the late Dunkin, work has been silly busy. Last night Conan O'Brian had William Shatner on to dissect the nonsense that was Sarah Palin's farewell address. It was poetry and who better to read it the the Captain himself! It was brilliant stuff as to be expected. Tonight is Drinking Liberally, so if you get a chance stop by teh Sheffield's and check out my sweet ninja gear.

Here are your highlights:

Daddy China tells us to save money and spend wisely

Health Care Reform in the simplest terms, if it happens YOU WIN, insurance industries can no longer be the scum sucking evil they are or else and the CBO debunks a wicked GOP talking point

Max Baucus will go down in history as the man who single-handley was paid off by the health insurance mobsters

Funniest thing I saw yesterday It so happens they are nuts, Wing Nuts and they failed, PERIOD

John Stewart most trust news source gets Bill Kristol in wanker mode

It used to be called "Scabbing"- the Trib and the Red Eye ran an article yesterday about young interns, Drifty dissects the reality of the situation. And it gets worse, the big bonus junkies continue to try to justify their lies, deceit and money schemes, while businesses are flailing



Paddy K said...

While I enjoyed watching Jon Stewart get Bill Kristol to admit that the Government can run a public health care plan, I (and my wife) would have some issues with the assertion that it is "the best" or "better" than other health care options.

If you are dying of a gunshot wound, you want an Army medic, but there are a million mundane problems that the Army's public system is not so good at handling, at least not in my experience.

Then again, I don't trust doctors. I'm also a bitter, nit-picky veteran, so... I need a beer. Fug it.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Haha yes, I would chalk up your response to needing a pint.

Me, I will continue my crusade for just letting everyone have a shot at health care and lowering premiums on health insurance while controlling the mob insurance companies from screwing over the little guy!