Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guns Major Pew Pew and Phew

To say we dodged a bullet with Thune's Amendment not passing is an understatement. Here was the premise, guy buys gun where his state has concealed weapons a-okayed. Guy decides to go to another state with concealed weapons laws and well he gets to keep the gun concealed applying his own state's laws. Get it?

What THE FUGGGG??!!!!

Alright that's it, Frank kicks over a trashcan and begins throwing the trash can feverishly. Bang, slam, bash. Frank grits his teeth and says FUUGGGGGG!!!

Who and what stupid moron from wherever I don't care, would think this is a good idea. WELL IT WENT TO VOTE PEOPLE AND 58 OF OUR SENATORS said "Yup sounds like a good idear." Are you kidding me, do we really have 58 Senators who think just hopping and skipping over state lines with an AK-47 is hunky dory. WHAT THE FUGGG??!!! I now have come to the conclusion our Senate is full of gun toting douche nuggets or pocket princes for the NRA one or the other this is ridiculous. State laws matter. Gun control matters. This amendment which almost passed would have every hootin and hollerin wing nut skipping about with a gun in pocket sipping on moonshine and huffin glue! HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT?!

Frank takes the trash can and throws it out the fuggin window. Breathe shot of Patron and continue.

I get that we have a Second Amendment, but we also have a ton of safeguard laws in different states that protect citizens(Joe No Gun if you will) from criminals, wing nuts, bunka heads and over zealous hunters.

Mayor Blooomberg stated this:

This legislation is impractical for communities and police departments across this country and tramples on states rights. Under current law in most states, if you have certain misdemeanor convictions, are an alcohol abuser, or haven’t completed a gun safety training program, you cannot carry a concealed weapon. This bill would effectively erase those rules. We can’t destroy the common sense safeguards states across the country have put in place. There has been no hearing on this Amendment, which has been tacked onto a defense appropriations bill. Laws should not be passed this way, and I am proud to stand with 450 mayors to try and put a stop to it.

Now that is logic and boy it is a relief to read, but why oh why did 58 Senators, STATE SENATORS miss the boat on this one....probably because they loved Charlton Heston so so much.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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