Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

(probably one of the funniest bits on the daily show in a while)

Phew. It is here. Wonder how many times I have written that? This weekend is moving weekend. My lady is relocating to a nice place closer to the Lake, so we will be exhausted by weeks end no doubt. Last night was long and cruel as I was at work four extra hours toiling on the old Photoshop. Ridick, but hey cool creativity never hurts and I got some super secret ninja metal stuff out of the way. ROCK ON. Well if we don't chat today, have a great weekend!

Here are your highlights:

Paul Krugman states "What is good for Goldman Sachs is bad for everyone else."

Health Care flow charts, Reality vs. the GOP, Go ahead and tax the Richie Riches of America, WE WANT HEALTH CARE!

Edumacation in Texas means downplaying civil rights and more Jebus

Charlie Brown will haunt my nightmares for weeks

Chicago my great shi..I mean city, sets the precedent homophobia justifies brutal murder, probably one of the most awful rulings period.

All the morality in the world leads you to adultery

I bring you METAL, ever heard of a circle pit, let's make one, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 STEP!

Meet the November Nine

More Glenn Greewald PWN'D Chuck Todd of MSNBC and it is all on audio

And on one last note I am not surprised at all that the teevee inspired "Cheney Culper Ring" was implemented in the CIA. These foolish 9-11 dot commers decided it was time for America to be the America in their heads without reason or sense of law. An investigation needs to happen not just for our own good, but so this is never repeated again. The trolls of the Village are well connected and continually groom stupidity with the cry of TAXES and FREEDOM. There is nothing modern and or great about it, investigate please Atty General you are our only hope.


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