Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Here we are and it is Thursday. Time to get on it! If you know what I mean. This weekend I will be visiting Columbus, OH to attend a wedding five years in the making. Can't wait, it will be good to take a short trip and get away. Always nice, plus this weekend's weather forecast is THE STORM! Oh well, Shatner was at it again last night interpretting Sarah Palin's Twitter feed. I must say it is awfully weird how easy it is to understand her when said aloud by Shatner and some bongos.

Here are your highlights:

Governator is terminating and he may get himself terminated

Bobby Jindal wankertastic wankerismicity douche nugget intern talkin, a what the hey, he sucks

You know what porkulus really is....a good thing for people really suffering not all those sob stories we read in teh Times about how rich suburbanites have to cut back

One guy from a small state, out of touch with everything esle around him- blocking health care. That sounds about right Max Baucus

COME ON CUBBIESSSSSS, what a beating they gave the Astros yesterday


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