Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Thursday

It's Thursday that means we have a new American Idol and it's... it's Kris Allen? Guess America still hates the "flamboyant", I smell a Clay Aiken retread. I didn't watch much of this year because it really came down to Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert for me and once I heard Kris Allen was in the final it was over in my mind. America votes for the "more likable" guy. But you know what was cool? Adam Lambert singing Queen! You could see the guitar legend Brian May drooling over the Freddy Mercury-esque vocal runs. It was rocktastic. Regardless both will have decent careers and the pie on the face of my local paper for running story after story of Adam is rather funny. Both guys have promising careers, there is always room for another Jason Mraz and America needs a Freddy Mercury. Wow. Did I really just dedicate that much analysis to American Idol?

Here are your highlights:

Bomb plot thwarted in New York, can't have terrorists in our prisons, send them to Gitmo! Fear the brown people.

Movie Posters recreated with Legos = Awesome

Remind me what was Michael Vick in jail for? Especially when we give tevee time to more vicious and unapologetic criminals...

Rush Limbaugh likes the butt

Asians in the military making the news, the Trials of Ehren Watada

The headphones of America

They are against Harold Koh because he didn't like the faux war covered by their faux news using torture to connect the dots. My nemesis says so.

Obama is not like Bush!

Enjoy your Thursday, Chow!

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