Friday, March 22, 2019

Ch ch Changes

I think this place needs a makeover or I might archive the whole thing. I post thoughts to Twitter mostly these days and haven't had any time to maintain this space with long-form writing as intended. The political world right now is a total shit show. Trump is a disaster. The Dems have an NFL roster running for president. Climate Change is going to crush the planet and we're busy yelling at each other while getting nothing done. And I keep getting this eery feeling a recession is headed our way...woohoo!

In personal news, we just added another addition to the Chow family, a little girl, and I got Dad life to hone in on...two is a welcomed challenge. Any advice for two kid life, let me know!

That's all I got right now. Gotta sit and think on it some more.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message


Desert Son said...


It's been too long since I stopped by to see what you've written and how you fare, and even this a year gone from when you last posted it. I have been struggling with some personal medical issues and life stuff, and I've never been particularly skilled at "The Internet." For myself, I hope you don't archive this place, but that's just me without a Twitter account, and the decision must remain your own, especially in the wake of a new child.

Thus: Congratulations! All best wishes to you and yours for the health, grandeur, immensity, hilarity, and stunning proportion that comes with parenthood and the inscrutable power of children on their way to every day of their life. Without children of my own I have no advice for you, save that you love them visibly that they might grow to know the measure of that as a potent factor in the human experience.

Amidst all our days of madness, I hope this finds you and your loved ones well, safe, and delightfully surprised by something beautiful. If you do close this shop, please know that this one random, erratic stranger enjoyed visiting here, with many thanks for your time, effort, voice, and experience.

Still in Chicago . . . of the autumn entertained ambitions to move to Southern California, and then a nucleotide thundered down upon us like vengeance. Still in despair for our nation, and our world, still trying to redefine hope, still trying to remember compassion and amplify it without sacrificing the impulse to reject willful ignorance.

Take care, all the best to your family, with wishes for safety, security, and joy.

Still learning,


Anonymous said...

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Desert Son said...


Just saw the news on your Twitter feed about you and your immediate family testing negative for COVID-19. Great news! So relieved. Also saw that you've moved to Illinois. I hope the move went as smoothly as possible and that this is the start of something good for you and your family.

If I'm ever passing through your part of the state, and it's o.k. with you, and we're not in a damned pandemic, I'd be honored to buy you a drink.

Voted a week ago for Biden and Democrats all down the ballot. Trying, weirdly, not to feel anything just now, but once again, it's great news on your test results. Best to you and yours.

From Chicago, and still learning,


Desert Son said...


Here's a glass raised to Joe and Kamala, to you, to us, to a moment's respite before the work begins anew. Our nation has so many ills. Your voice is one I have returned to during the ongoing effort to reckon with history and make the future a better place. Thank you for your work. All health and hope to you and your family.

Still learning,


Asian-American Pundit said...


Happy New Year! So glad you're still here, I plan on doing more with the Blog this year, just not sure what that looks like yet. Thank you for your kind words, the family is well. We are enjoying Illinois and the girls love the snow.

This year has started out awful for our nation and I fear what the next 12 days bring. Hopefully, the Biden/Harris administration can fix the colossal mess that's been left behind.

Stay safe and take care.


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