Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Huh? of the Day- Health Care Lies on Faux News

Did this man even read these books he so easily uses as schmear for his right wing agenda?

What those books reflect is more a Bush/Cheney Administration:

Warrantless Wiretaps
Using false information to mislead the public into war
Class warfare
Airport Codes for Terror levels
Attempt to use military to detain citizens
Shooting your friends in the face on a hunting trip...ok maybe not the last one

Every time one of these douche nuggets throw out these titles it shows their complete lack of understanding of what they read. And to argue against his point we don't have "health freedoms", most people don't get more than two choices from their employers if they do have insurance and everything else is pay schemed out by insurers. Oh and there is that number of almost 46 million who don't even get the "luxury" of health care.

Definitely the Huh? of the Day.

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The Minority Militant said...

I see you've done an overhaul. It looks much better.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Thanks, I am trying. I needed more RAGE, think I got that now.