Friday, July 31, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Phew. We made it. Another Friday another ridiculous spin on the news and the health care debate. I survived on pocket change and this weekend I get to enjoy the marriage of two of my dear friends, while of course drinking too much and dancing to songs I hate. A little bit of what I do is music. I have and always have been involved in the indie punk rock scene of my old stomping grounds and recently some of my favorite bands have released or begun the steps to rocking out new tunes, so here is a new one from Rx Bandits, Thrice and a high school musical performance of Forgive Durden's Razia' Shadow (talk about some talented singers). It will be keeping me company all day.

Here are your highlights:

the Blue Dogs are hired hounds for the health insurance companies

Cash for Clunkers the money is already gone, geez la weez talk about porkulus...NOT!

Illinois has a long history of pay for play politics and jockeying for position by Redistricting Illinois, it needs to be corrected

Right Wing Legislators in Florida have well gone batty, abosulutely bat shit crazy, but it is not a surprise because as the polls show the South are made up of Birthers....HEAD TO DESK UGGHHHHHHHH!


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