Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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The above is John Stewart giving the truth about the entire Birther nonsense. It is also fun to note that a comedian and a show on Comedy Central is the most trusted news source. That's right a comedian, how bad is our main stream media, that bad. Or maybe the younger generation is tired of the bullshizz and knows Faux News when they see it. Regardless, comedians have influence because we have microphones and for those who try to dismiss us, well you get lambasted on the Daily Show and sliced up to look like the fool you are, it is great stuff. On a personal note, the lady is finishing her move and I am strapped for cash. So this weekend I am eating Wheat Thins and drinking a large bottle of Don Peri bitchez.

Here are your highlights:

Glenn Beck brings guns to movies, I think I just pooped my pants

Xtreme Nutjob rollerskates down a rollercoaster

Driftglass is by far my favorite blogger on the internets, he has recently decided to explain a Little Light Housekeeping. Read through please.

The Party of No continues its chase to oblivion, why do these guys even speak anymore, you can just switch in and out all of the out of touch middle-aged men, and then get a talk box that says "No" over and over

Major corruption in NJ, Rabbis and Mayors OH MY! I honestly blame the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their newly signed on season 2. And yes I will watch it. And yes I know they are all fake. And yes it doesn't matter, the show is like sour patch kids, might be intially awful, but at the end of the movie they are all gone. I like the show, suck it.


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