Thursday, April 4, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It's Thursday already? I've have a mild week. Work, training new people, running the store and well trying to get my agent to work for me. I'll be switching representation in May no matter what happens this month. I'm writing and hopefully I will be able to share new projects in the summer. Yes, you will finally get to see me in action. And by action I mean zero parkour and zero martial arts. I'm a ninja, I don't show off like that!

Here are your highlights:

Conn. passes gun control law

White supremacists suspected in Colorado killing 

I believe our children are the future, take their lunches away if they can't pay...wait what?!

Initial jobs claims explained

Arrested Development returns on May 26th

"Chink's" sign comes down, local outrage is just as stupid and racist as you would expect

New James Blake song