Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I'm so glad it's Tuesday. I hate Monday at work now. I literally stare at a computer all day while still on my feet. It's not ideal. I'm not much of an "office hours" guy, hence the retail career path. On Monday's though it's scheduling and office day in the booze world; it's something I can do without. Today is a day off, time to work out and then write.

Here are your highlights:

It's refreshing having a Commander in Chief who is not eager to jump into war -- for no good reason

The Boston investigation gets wider

CNN to release a morning show, "New Day"

Bonddad Blog for the win! Take that austerity asshats!

Ok, the deficit is not the problem, can we start creating jobs now?!

Heartwarming story of the week, an athlete chooses bone marrow donation over his career