Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Exciting fight this weekend. Hopefully I'll get off work on time to catch it. Donaire has cemented himself as the best Filipino fighter on the planet. Sorry Pac-Man, you're still in my heart, but this young kid is strong, fast, has better boxing skills and isn't past his prime. Nonito Donaire has to ice Rigondeaux to make a big statement.

Here are your highlights:

Gun Bill passes first Senate test

The Republicans take Obama's budget, their own proposals and shove it back in the president's face. When will these guys get punished for their dishonesty?

Rand Paul at Howard University, not good for the ole "minority outreach" thing

Well, if all else fails, blame Zombies

Huge recall for car air bags, Toyota and Honda. Be safe people!