Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday - Thumb Edition

So yesterday was my day off. My time to prep for Thanksgiving and get a ton of stuff done and I did. I got my shopping out of the way. Purchased flowers to brighten up the place for my lady. Then came dinner prep...I was rockin out carrots, celery, then came the potatoes...I don't own a mandoline, but I wanted the circular look for my potatoes. I've done this before with some great success. And after about 15 or so I was halfway done, then a potato got away and I sliced my thumb instead. Bad. Real bad. I'll spare you the details, but I had to use about four paper towels and tape, so that I could call my lady to help me out. When she arrived she helped me re-wrap the wound, then we had to decide, to go to the hospital or to not go to the hospital?

Since moving to California, I've been without health insurance. Neither one of my employers provides health insurance for the amount of hours I work, roughly 24 hrs per job. I don't make enough currently to afford coverage, however we assessed the wound and the impending bills and decided I should go to the hospital. We went to UCLA and it was fantastic. Everyone was amazing, helpful and calming. I did slice part of my nail and most of the tip of my thumb, so I required about four to six stitches (good thing I went). I explained I didn't have health insurance at the end and the nurse helped greatly, describing how to set up a payment plan in a couple of weeks. Oh, and that if I didn't keep up with payments that it would hurt my credit lovely.

I cannot express to you the initial shock of seeing what I had done to myself. I was then pissed because I've been trained in the kitchen and should know better, but this stuff happens. And that's the worst part, it was an accident. I shouldn't have to worry about going to the hospital because I don't have insurance. I shouldn't have to face the possibility of mountains of debt because I made a mistake thousands will make this Thanksgiving. No one should.

When Congress debated the Affordable Health Care Act part of me knew it wouldn't go far enough. Now, being in my current predicament, almost one less thumb, I see that even clearer. Single-payer isn't just the best way for our country, it's the humane way. As Americans we shouldn't accept anything less. Many people, almost 14 million, might not be as lucky as to simply slice their thumb.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

P.S. It's amazing how useless you become without the use of the thumb on your dominant hand.

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