Monday, May 7, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I had to work all fact working the next couple of days till Wednesday. My baby sister graduates college on Friday, so my dad is coming into town and we plan on having a jolly ole time. It's kind of hard to grasp. My baby sister nine years my younger is graduating college, I'm old, but we couldn't be prouder of her. She made USC seems easy and that's quite a feat. On Friday we drink a glass to my sister!

Here are your highlights:

Al Qaeda post video of captured American

Is the administration finally moving in the right direction of marriage equality?

Boxing Mailbag, Mayweather v Cotto fans react. The old adage "styles make fights" reigns again! Can't wait to watch the replay!

Meanwhile, in the Bond Market

Yup, John Boehner is terrible at his job

Maybe we should try a new policy that doesn't include giving "rich assholes" free money


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