Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

(h/t Paddy K)

Thursday? Already? Man, these days are blurring. The lady and I are less than two months away from our big day and the planning is now down to the gritty details. I'm making song lists for the dj, figuring out tuxes and itineraries for the day. I'm waiting for a suit to get transferred in, so I can be fitted. It's all crunch time, go time...and I'm pumped. In other news, I'm resigning with my agent this weekend, contracts and all. Good things to come. Good things.

Here are your highlights:

U.S rethinking Chen Guangcheng's wish to stay in China, official says

Ashton Kutcher is a complete idiot. Also too, NOT funny.

Junior Seau, football great, found dead by apparent suicide. TNC calls it quits with the NFL. Modern day gladiators.

No, you don't understand the unemployed or the recession one bit Lance Roberts, wanksta

And for a laugh, Worst X-Men tattoo ever


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