Monday, April 27, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Hot Rod Circuit

Boy, I miss this band. Of all the bands I tried to create on my own, most of them were trying desperately to sound just like Hot Rod Circuit. We failed miserably. Hot Rod Circuit from their inception was based on southern riffs with a post-hardcore mentality. It led to some great early records and a final LP that encapsulated all their ventures in between. I am a vocal enthusiats and Andy Jackson's delivery is like none other. He has a distinct way of being a complete train wreck while almost hitting all of his notes. On this song he revisited one of the successes of their earliest release; simple lyrics with an amazing hook. "As typical as it may, you've never seen likes of a boy like me!" I sing this at least once a week. Thank you Hot Rod Circuit you gave my high school and college years a soundtrack and my move to Chicago a thematic welcome. Enjoy.


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