Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Annie, We Got Guns!

Freedom Works has an awesome post; I mean the best post I have ever read by a blogger. Why? Because they are talking about Real-Americans getting guns. You see, Real-Americans go to Wal-Mart to buy guns and talk about ammunition tendencies of other Real-Americans. Real-Americans of course are people who actively take up arms like the Constitution states even guns that they don’t need but have fun toting like Real-Americans James Adkisson or Dannie Roy Baker.

But why are so many people buying guns? Well as I posted before fear of Obama. Yep they are fearful of their rights to carry guns and ammunition they need to further the protection of their own paranoia. Apparently they don’t read.

See this is a Founding Father’s idea of gun. Pew Pew

This is a fuggin abomination.

See the difference. (if you do awesome you pass go and collect my undying loyalty if not probably because you have to even supe-up a fuggin bow and arrow, really? To kill a deer? Are you at all seeing the irony in manly men going after a helpless deer with a fuggin abomination? Didn’t think so)

It has come to Frank’s attention that among the Village I have a deeper concern, insane PEOPLE WHO ARE WUSSES (or overcompensating for umm lacking in the package area)!!! Yeah I am calling you out. I can catch bullets with my teeth. Ninja swords are cool. Guns not cool. Self-defense is fine. Building your home and family into a mini-militia is insane. Who brags about getting their daughter gun lessons? Shooting ranges for birthday parties?

It sounds awful familiar…it is a gateway drug.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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